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ok, i have to go somewhere now, but ill try it later, ill post if somethings wrong
ooh i accidently found a site with the map and where i can download it:

Think eDan! THINK! :P lol
is it sharp?
no no ive put the camera outside the brush and the texture is green, so i realy dont understand where the problem is
but its not a homemade map, but a original cs map.
I got it from a friend with a few 'extra' cs maps, within those was that map. unfortunatly i lost it and can't find this map back. I dont even remember the name of the map because it was 5 years ago
yes yes i did that, so in the top left corner you see a transparant box, right? then you have to place the camera by placing the blue dot en dragging the red line to the brush. It sais that the transparant box in the top left window suppose to get walls, but mine is still transparant
Once i had a map where you had to escort a VIP, but it wasnt oilrig but a snowy map, now when i was on the forums here i found a link to a site that has a screenshot of the map:

it on the top right corner of the page with the terrorist with a pistol and the tank next to him.

Do you know what the name is of the map and where i can download it from?
well first you have to click on the 'block Tool' (shift+B) and drag a bock in the top right window and hit enter, right?
uhm, gimme a sec
Well on the tutorial you have to make that camera thing, with the brush that will turn in 3D when you set the camera correctly but it still doesn't appear!!!