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You can make your own with wally or Easy Wad Maker, I imported a few things.
I was wondering if anyone had any tutorials about making a elevator?
I was wondering where to find the Function textures like for the ladders and doors.
Djuice27 said:
You can use wally to combine all of your Wads into 1.

Killer-Duck said:
Ughhh... stop hijacking other peoples threads!

Do a check for problems in Hammer(Alt+P) and see if your map has any problems if not look for errors in the compile-log.

I did that, I got, "No errors found" This is really frustrating.
Killer-Duck said:
Try to manually start the map instead: Start up CS, press "New Game" and choose your map in the map-list.

That's what I did, I have the same problem like him. I am stuck at starting Local Game Server. It does not work too, I started it manually and clicked on new game. Still same stand still.