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Yeah but the other guy has to have hamachi to right?

But never mind I set up a dedicated server and edited a few thing to allow both steam and non steam players
Ahh ok.
No I'm not doing it Edans way cause there would be to big an area with masked textures, it would just make the whole map lag
But anyway I found out that the whole fog-thing is included in zombiemod. I just wanted to use fog in other maps, but forget it thread closed
im talking about CS 1.6
sorry I didn't add that in the first post
I seem to remember it being about the server is just a lan server that wasn't made for people outside the "system" to connect.
Now setting sv_lan to 0 would resolve that.
But when I set it, it starts complaining about me not having steam.
I'll try to download non steam and every version of cs I can find and test this with every single one

How didn't i notice that?
Anyway I'm going to try that env_fog when i get home. thnx!
But is there any way to limit the fog in certain areas. I mean isn't there an brush entity or something that i can use to block the fog?
By the way did anyone here ever make a zombie map?
A friend wanted to connect to my server but it kept giving him the class C error.
now I tried setting sv_lan 0
but looks like that only works if you have steam.
I have pirated stuff.
is there any way to fix this error?

can this be fixed be making a server? As in downloading one and setting it up bla bla bla...
1st I don't think the transparent brush thing is the way other people did it, I mean on most zm maps have fog like that, if I think for a minute I guess it could be included in the mod itself?
but anyway shouldn't all of those masked brushes reduce the FPS? thus making the whole map lag a bit?...well at least while your looking at them.

2nd well it was a rope I made it a 6 sided cylinder so yeah. But I also saw this problems whit other small brushes I had, said it couldn't find the file. but after i deleted the brushes the error didn't come up.
I'm guessing there is some kind of problem with the compile tools and small brushes, or maybe textures applied to the smallest faces of the brushes.

well anyway thnx for the fast reply. I'm going to check out if the fog thing is mod-related
also I seemed to get an error like "cannot ind file specified"
I checked and rechecked the paths, but no problem there. Later I deleted a rope I made and and the problem was gone! I'm thinking that the rope was to small or something, cause I remade it a little wider ,with the same texture, and the map compiled just fine.
So I'm asking was my assumption correct, and should i avoid making small circular of any other objects like that?
Ey everyone.
I'm making this really nice zm_ map, for zombie mod.
I'm kind of a newb at mapping, but i learn pretty fast, thnx a lot for the tut it was really helpful.
But I just can't seem to figure out how to make fog,mist that you can see on some zombie maps, you know that dark dense fog at about knee level.
Also how do i make the map dark like that but people still being able to see themselves and outline of others getting closer? This mite not make much sense but i hope you understand what I'm trying to do

PS: I don't have a zombie mod server myself so I can't really test everything, I'm only making it for a friend's server