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Ive been trying to make a nightime map, But if i use an light_enviroment It lights the whole map up, And if i dont use an light_enviroment, You cant see anything, I see flags like Dark or something but they dont actually work for me.

Sky Cycle
Gotta go to work ill explain this later
They are the same exact thing just a different look, For example, And aaa_trigger sign for me looks like a bunch of HL symbols, And for another person depending on which texture Hammer decides to use appears as T for trigger, SO dont worry about how they look they have the SAME exact effect.
This happens when you dont even configure it for your map, Right click on <mapname>.bat and click EDIT. This should open a text document. Copy and paste this into it:

With Steam
[code:1]@echo off
hlcsg <mapname>
hlbsp <mapname>
hlvis <mapname>
hlrad <mapname>
copy <mapname>.bsp "C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<STEAM ACCOUNT>\counter strike\cstrike\maps"[/code:1]

Be sure to fill in <mapname> with the name of your .map file, And <STEAM ACCOUNT> with the name of your account.
I was gonna ask SuperJer if I could do that, But I suck at map making and i dont know all of the textures for McDiddys although they look like they were made with paint
Im trying to make a map with vehicles like in air_fight maps (if you have ever heard of them). Anyways, I made a flat brush and transformed it into a func_vehicle Then i made a brush and put it on the func_vehicle and transformed it into a func_vehicle_controls, I named the vehicle and targeted it with the func_vehicle_controls, So I go into my map to test if it works, And when I use the vehicle it starts and disappears.

And another question.

Im using cstrike.wad and halflife.wad and 12 other CZ wads, And yet i cant find see through glass. Do I have to do something to make it see through? I have a lot of glass textures glass_bright glass_med, That sort of thing but again none are see through like the truck in cs_assault has see through glass.
Well I have 5 maps the one with the "Shotgun Hole" is just one of the ones that has this problem, BTW the weaponstripping, and player_equips are all triggered by func_buttons with "Touch Activates" flags. So there is really no way to help this problem im guessing.
Its a gameserver. But anyways, Thanks. Im just going to rename my textures to match the ones in materials.txt
Ever since ive gotten that problem it says ALL of my entities have NO volume and have the AAA_TRIGGER texture.
----- BEGIN hlbsp -----
Command line: hlbsp de_warehouse_b1

Current hlbsp Settings
Name | Setting | Default
threads [ 1 ] [ Varies ]
verbose [ off ] [ off ]
log [ on ] [ on ]
developer [ 0 ] [ 0 ]
chart [ off ] [ off ]
estimate [ off ] [ off ]
max texture memory [ 4194304 ] [ 4194304 ]
priority [ Normal ] [ Normal ]

noclip [ off ] [ off ]
nofill [ off ] [ off ]
null tex. stripping [ on ] [ on ]
notjunc [ off ] [ off ]
subdivide size [ 240 ] [ 240 ] (Min 64) (Max 512)
max node size [ 1024 ] [ 1024 ] (Min 64) (Max 4096)

BSP generation successful, writing portal file 'de_warehouse_b1.prt'
Error: RankForContents: bad contents -8

----- END hlbsp -----

-Ive figured out the problem but something much worse is happening now.

hlcsg: Error: Entity 32, Brush 0, Side 1: plane with no normal

hlcsg: Error: Entity 32, Brush 0, Side 1: has a coplanar plane at (-465, -128, 208), texture AAATRIGGER

hlcsg: Error: Entity 32, Brush 0, Side 3: has a coplanar plane at (-465, -96, 208), texture AAATRIGGER

hlcsg: Error: Entity 32, Brush 0, Side 4: plane with no normal

hlcsg: Error: Entity 32, Brush 0, Side 4: has a coplanar plane at (-465, -96, 382), texture AAATRIGGER


What is even more odd is that none of these have AAA_TRIGGER texture AND, Entity 32 does not exist.
My server has a materials.txt .
I have created a surf map. And it completely strips you of every weapon (including knife) So I do not need a game_playerequip (or whatever its called) And, say I just finished a round and i still have my gun, Next round it is stripped but I wont be able to pick up any unused guns, But when I drop the weapon before the round ends im able to pick up unused guns like normal. Im not always going to be in my map to tell people that they have to drop their guns before the round ends.

Same thing has also had with my fy_winter map, I would have a "Shotgun Hole" and when you go down you must pass through a barrier, In the barrier I have in this order:

1. game_playerequip (gives a Knife )
2. player_weaponstrip (To get rid of any guns that the user might have)
3. game_playerequip (gives a Shotgun)

And same thing when the player exits, So they dont bring weapons into the Shotgun Hole, Or leave with the weapons in the Shotgun Hole, But even with game_playerequip It will still not allow me to pick up and unused guns.
I have a problem something like this, Once the weapons are stripped the next round, If you try to pick up a gun off the ground, It wont let you unless it is used (like someone picked it up then dropped it) Is there a solution to this? Or..
So your saying I can name my player_weaponstrip game_playerspawn and it will activate every time a player spawns/respawns ?
Ive noticed many Half-Life type entities so im guessing you should be able to.
Shouldnt my server have one too
For Multi_manager, I see the flag multithread but no target parameter
Well couldnt i just add a line N <snowname> to the file without harming it?
>.> Thats my idea
Ive had problems with weaponstrips before and it only works on the first time you spawn, I have a little fix for this (Havent tested it, takes too long for my map to compile) Anyways. I was thinking that you can make a brush that covers the exit to player spawns and make it into a func_button then create a weaponstrip entity and name in playerstrip. (You can put this anywhere on the map) Be sure the func_button doesnt block the exit to spawn (You could make it a part of the flooring) Alt-Enter the func_button and go to flags, Check Dont Move and Touch Activates Then go back to general and target it to Playerstrip, So when players spawn and wall out the exit they get their weapons taken away

Im not sure if this will work But if it does its a good solution to the weapon strip problem ive had and other people have had.
No dont hide the extensions you need them. So uncheck that box so you can see the extensions, When you do that start a new notepad document and rename it <mapname>.bat, It will ask you if you want to change extension click yes and it will turn into an MSDOS prompt, Then right click the file and go to Edit once you have done that type the info in superjer's mapping tutorial it looks something like this:

[code:1]@echo off
hlcsg <mapname>
hlbsp <mapname>
hlvis <mapname>
hlrad <mapname>
copy <mapname>.bsp "C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<Steam Account>\condition zero\czero\maps"[/code:1]

Be sure to save your file as a .map and put it in the same file as your compiler. Also be sure to fill in <mapname> with the name of your map and <Steam Account> with your Steam account name.
I made my own WAD file and i loaded it on my FTP server along with my map, But it wont download to the users computer so they get a fatal error and get logged out of CS because they dont have the wad for my map.

--I figured out how to do it. But I have 4 more questions:

*How do i put multiple textures in a .WAD file? I use HLTag converter, And im wondering if you need a totally different program or something.

*How can you make it so you can see through the bars in a ladder. Like in maps like cs_assault, ect you can see through the bars in the ladder, Can you teach me how to do this?

*Doors, I made a rotating door and i put an origin texture on it, So i go to compile my map and: Origin brush is invalid in the map or something.

*I have a snow texture on the ground of my map, How do i make it so when you walk on it, It makes the snow sound..
Sorry i just want to tie into this because i made my own WAD file and i loaded it on my FTP server along with my map, But it wont download to the users computer so they get a fatal error and get logged out of CS because they dont have the wad for my map.
You can make the box bigger, Just make sure it doesnt trigger max patches, People used hammer to make maps like surf_ski, It IS possible to make a map. Make sure you make your map as high as you can because surf maps do need a lot of room but hammer can manage it. Try making the map a little bigger at 1 time and seeing if it compiles right, my map is 2 big boxes, and i get max patches after a 3rd box, I cant paste it because im too lazy And I noticed you arent using much height , That may also be a reason there isnt enough room.
Did you save the file as a .bat ? If you dont get file extensions Tools/Folder Options/ View / Uncheck Hide file extensions for known file types. If you have this checked and you tried it you would just have a text document named <mapname>.bat.txt make sure the file transforms, Put the information in and open the bat file and it compiles your map.
You should have plenty of room in your map, My map is 3 really big rooms, And i know you can fit atleast 5 surf slopes inside of them. Just make sure your box is big enough and make sure you dont have any LEAKS
I tried making a flat func_door and making it angle up, Its controlled by a func_button. When I "use" it, It doesnt go all the way up, It just like.. Stops after like 2 feet. Can you explain the way to make lifts controlled by a func_button? - (func_switch whatever.)
I dont see a target parameter on any of these entities you are talking about .
I need to know how to make walls, Of course with the "use" of a switch make a wall rise.. Or move.. At least

And make gravity change in an area when applied to a switch too

1 more thing

How can i make it so the next round people spawn with nothing, I mean when they first enter the game they are stripped (i made it like that) But it wont take away their weapons the very next round
I get the same problem after i die, I can only use console to talk or execute any commands like talking or chatting, But it all comes back at respawn so..
I cant figure out how to make it so, When a player "uses" a button they teleport to another area, I see plenty of ents regarding teleporting but i dont know how to use them