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7. Is it possible to make a trigger_multiple at the door that will cause the door to slam shut on the person?

5. So anyone knows how to make a box float on water?

Thanx alot for your help so far.
By floating i mean like a box or crate floating in water, not sinking into the water.

6. How do you make a sliding door?

7. How do you make a sliding door that will snap shut and kill the person thats walking in between? (eg. something like the mousetrap in de_rats)
1. How do you make the round end if a player reaches a certain point? And make the rest of the players die too. (eg. in zm_boatescape)

2. How do you make wind that pushes players?

3. How do you make a wall that can only be seen through one side? (eg. you can see through the wall on the left side, but on the right side it appears to be a solid wall)

4. Who can show me how to create a vehicle properly? I want to know the positions of the stop1 and stop2.(eg. is stop 1 at the front of the vehicle, or behind?)

5. Is it possible to create a floating box?