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Superjer, wherever j00 are, HALP!

Use your subliminal communications to guide me to enlightenment!
Damn, it posted twice.

I gotta stop hitting the refresh button.

Oh, and...



I just got done with my new build, I booted it up, installed Windows, and then went to install my mobo drivers, and

dun dun dun...


It reads as follows:



Preparing to dump physical memory kthx

And all this time I'm like

This happens constantly. It happens mainly when I'm trying to log on. I've logged on in Safe Mode and recovered to a previous time, and then re-installed my motherboard drivers, but I get the same thing!

Here are my specs:

MSI P7N Diamond NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI Chipset
Intel Core 2 Quad (Q6600) w/ stock cooling fan
PNY Verto GeForce 9600 GT
4 G's of Kingston Hyper X RAM (1066)
Lite-On LiteScribe DVD Drive
Westeren Digital Caviar 500Gb Hard Drive
Windows XP Homie edition

Any halp?
Dawg, I'm a member of good ol' SP!

No one goes there anymoar, we flock here naow,
Yeah, I'm well aware of the card.

My dad is thinking of ordering it sometime this week.

Is this a good choice?

Also, when I get the new card, will the BIOS detect it automatically and turn off the intel one, or will I have to do it myself?

Dual core (2.20 GHz!)

Giant Monitor (19", imo it's big.)



My gfx is like an intel GMA 3100, and all games close within five minutes of playing.

Does anybody know any fixes?

I want to atleast play my games for now until we upgrade the card to like an 8800 GT.




I lovez it!

Although, what happened to being able to change your sig and avatar?
I feel so honered to be at the top of the poll!!!!111one

Now all we need is 'Who makes the best sweetbread?'

Or 'What am I thinking about right now?'
liek no. I demand not.
I was actually talking about the drink but k.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

<img src="">

oo, is that a coke? MINE!

I don't know how to check if my mothaberd is compatible with some of the processors and GFX cards.

w33t! $200 in savings, prolly getting $300 for b-day. That should put me in a good spot for stuff on!
I'll check it out.

Is it at least 3.00GHz?
I hope it stays in budget, that way, I can consider my dad to let me spend my money this way.

He'll probably say no, though.
I gotta desktop.
I have another computer in my house, and I want....DUN DUN DUN...2 Gaming rigs.

Now, this computer I use for all my homework (who does that stuff anymore?) But, after homework, I wanna be able to play games, incase the new computer's taken up.

Now, I plan on getting TF2, so I want to make sure my computer can handle it, but I'm unsure of what my motherboard can handle, and I don't know how to check what it can. Also, I don't know what I need to get. (Power Supply? Motherboard?)

Requirments for TF2:

Pentium 4 processor (3.0GHz, or better), 1GB RAM, DirectX
I laffed.
"molkman" said:
No, nevermind doesn't really exist. Only in our minds. We always thought it was there, but it never was! (Like cheese)

ooooh, mom, how could you?!
Watch, superjer takes this long only to produce a movie that is a close up of a jar of mayo for an hour.

Wut were we talking about? Global Warming or something? I honestly lost track after we started counting + members...
How do you run that thing?

I tried fuggering it out but I ain't know how.
Peeps from SPP raid it all the time being black guys with black clothes and black afros and block the pool shouting 'PEWLZ CLOSED CUZ OF AIDS AND PHAIL' and then them peeps are all leik 'MOVE PLZ'

I making a map similar to awp_snowSkeet (loads of fun, btw)

and I want doors to open once the freeze time is up. How the fuck do I do that?
"jrkookid" said:
i didnt even looked at ur avatar so i thoguht u were shigidy lol


I'll call it: AWP WHORE!
On my lappy dog, I set D3D for CS to Optimal performance, and I'll get some lag spikes around 15 fps, randomly.

I'm downloading one of those drivers from that omega drivers site thing.

My lappy dog specs:

Intel Pentium M Processor 2.00

ATI Mobility RADEON X600

2 Gee's of RAM
"Supreme Edge" said:
nah i meant shigidy i didn't even know you had one...

Gimme the resources, I'll help you with it if you want.
There was a sniper game?

Roofs' a lil' high.
"mrsticks" said:
we are all gunna bust superjer's ballz for a mc diddys 4 if he makes a cliffhanger ending. superjer, its in your hands. besides, if there is nomc diddys 4, we need a game. GZ!

oh yah totally.

Did you check to make sure you have the emulator to play H2?

It happened to me before, and I got the emulator and it worked.

I was saying that to myself the entire time. All of the articles are like that.

I have the feeling that they think they're great.
I want to include more than one wad, do I seperate them with commas or what?
I wanna make a volumetric light effect in my map out of a func_illusionary, and the yellow texture from halflife.wad.

What settings should I use?
My friend and I use our 360 Controllers for our controllers when we play stepMania, but I don't know about a mouse....
The completed one is pretty good, it's just that everytning happens way to fast.

Good job though. I'm still working on mine...
Who's superjer?

And why is he so super?
I was just running hlcsq twice

wurd to my brotha.

you can be in the ghetta.

Who still runs Windows 95.
don't tie clip brushes to origins.
Maybe he be goin to one of dem schools dat gots da roomies that you be sleepin in, yo.
Hentai- gud.

Let us converse.

It says in hlbsp that it can't load de_Warhouse.p0 when compiling.

Could it be that I was covering faces with NULL that you couldn't see to speed up compiling?
What does that skip texture do?
Does anyone know where to get like a nodraw texture for non-Source hammer?

I use it in my source maps and apply it to faces you don't see, to speed up compiling and prevent lag...
it's my effin' computer, nigg.

I'M DOOMED WITH LAG (on my laptop)

"Supreme Edge" said:
"jrkookid" said:
"echidna3" said:
"general_zim" said:
This is a post.

you are very irritating

wut does your posts even mean?

This is a qoute.
So is this:
How's it goin'?
Did I show you this already?
Pretty sure I did.
Lemme double check
So lemme show it to you again.
Hold on.
one sec.

This is on my laptop, BTW, not my new ultra nigra cool gaming rig.

I just wiped my C:\ drive completely clean and I STILL LAG.


Map>Check for Problems.
Go to Map>Go to bursh number or whatever it says and type in the brush numbers the .err file gives you.

Next time, you COULD search the forums first.

But, I usually think that the brush exploded, or you got a leak.

Yeah, one of those two.

El' Nigre.
It's a collection of clips put together into this!!

I found some of these clips in my flash folder and decided to put them into an animation. Hope you like it.


so are you. this is a post.
What do you THINK global warming smells like?
I get bored. And when I get bored. I do either:

A. Laugh at others misfortunes.
B. Play CS
C. Lag
D. Abuse teeny bopper girls over the internet.
E. ????
F. Profit!

or, I animate. Luckily, today I chose to animate.

So, my message to you: BAM! HERPES.

And with the authority vested in me by the power of the state of nebraska, I shall make coffee with diligant little deviants who like to drink others misforutne while sitting in boxes.

More to cum. (lol get it!!1one?11oneQuestion?1one CUM??!!1one)
This is a post.

I like it the way it is.
cue superjer entry.
This is the original image:

to raise his post count.
not really.

I have visual basic 05.
I've decided I want to take up C++ coding.

I've seen a lot of stuff about it. And people saying 'It's extremely hard!' or 'It's so easy I can do it with my eyes tied behind my back.'

I just want to learn some basics. I'm not planning on making games or anything complex, I just wanna get basics down and then I'll buy some books and stuff.

So, any suggestions? Or anyone can mentor me?
In Hammer, go to Map>Load Pointfile

Load the pointfile of the map (I use the .pts file), and look for where the thick red line leaves the map. It'll give you a general location of where you're leak is.

In the future, to prevent leaks, use big grid sizes, and only use small grid sizes for details.

And also, make sure you're lights aren't in the solids. You should be able to see the 'lightbulb' fully.

And also make sure you're info_player_starts or info_player_deathmatches' aren't in the ground as well. I usually place them above the ground, but not by much. Just so they fall a little when they spawn.

Hope that helped.


invisible text woo!

...that was sarcasm.

Cuz somebody physically challenged (such as blindness, or lack of hand eye cordination) can pull off a simple black and white job.

wait for it....

I got this when I was trying to load my source map.
How do I continue to loop a sound?

I have a ocean wave ambience sound and I want it to keep playing, so I un-checked is NOT looped, but when I play the map it doesn't even loop.

And, I want to attach a door rotating to a func_train so it moves with it, I tried grouping it but it didn't work. How do I do this?

So do ya'll like it?

(I'm favoring that annoyed smilie today.)
uh huh.

What I meant by violin was....ugh...neva mind. umg.
Good thing I didn't read this.
I'm putting models in from my garrysmod/addons folder to my map in source.

It's in a folder called "GHModels 2"

What would my filepath look like? garrysmod/addons/GHModels 2/Model.mdl?
hlcsg -wadinclude cstrike firstmap

There you go. didn't have to start another firetruck....

if we didn't answer yet, it's because we haven't figured it out yet.
New sig and avatahr.

Yes, it is ME who is playing the violin.

liek, c/c?1one
Well, you don't have to put [/rant] if you're not ranting...

which, my friends, is called.......


Molkman, the link provided is dead.

Seems anything linking to adobe's site will just make you download CS3.

And I can't.
My dad won't let my get my own domain.

Geocities offers that package, but he won't get it.

The site is just for putting the maps where people can get them. The forums are used more.
Kay, this time I won't recruit, but you CAN check out my site.

We do need more members, so if you happen to join, WUMG!!!1one

Currently I think the only member is fr3ak_boi...
you forgot [/rant]

Talk about stuff that pisses you (or your signifigant other) off!

I'll begin.

I hate little kids who hide under the shelves of paper towels in grocery stores and try to scare you by going "Rawr!!11one" smiling, laughing, going "Rawr rawr rawr!" then running off, and the parents just stand there, oblivious to their little douchildren. [/rant]
Rap = major fail.

Everybody in my school has to listen it and has to be ghetto or else you're not cool.

And they talk all "Dat wuz hot"

[/rant] I'm making a rant thread. Sticky it.
Nope. The sites linked too have agreements with the ESA.
Does anyone know where I can GET the mario kart 64 ROM file?

I believe you can get models of skeleton parts....
Or a disco club. Smack in the middle of the map. Or the secret tunnel leads to it.

Have a zombie DJ!
I don't have melee. I wish I did, though.

Too bad the ESA protected rom files Like Mario Kart and stuff. Unless....*hint* *hint*

But as far as ideas go I can't help you there...
Open the .err file with notepad.
Frist, get Project64k

Then unzip to any folder you would like.

Then get the Super Smash Bros rom, from..I dunno, and unzip to the folder where your project64 is.

Now, open project64k.exe and if you get this message:

Go to control panel, Apperance and Themes, Display, Settings tab, and change you're color to 16 bit.

Now, re-open project64k.exe: if it has Super Smash Bros and it says compatible, you're fine. It might look like this:

I'll rape anybody in SSB. Lag set aside.
I didn't see that.

All of the sites that came up for me where either stupid clothes stores or website hosting
Got it to work!

Thanks a lot.

On some, the go to error wouldn't work, So I ran through my list of entities and whatever ones didn't show up, I deleted.
Does anyone know where you can still get a Flash 8 trail?

I'm not using CS3 because my trial ran out, and I can't re-download.
Nope. It's still there.

Thanks again.
Sorry I'm posting so many damn firetrucks, but

When I go to place a clip brush, when I compile the map, I have to delete the clip brush to make the compiling work....

Do I have to tie a clip brush to an entity?
Yeah, but this is all:

And I do go to error, but it doesn't do nuttin.

Want me to send you the map file?
Let's not and say we did.

Now the map won't even compile:

hlbsp: Error: Empty Solid Entity
Description: A solid entity in the map (func_wall for example) has no brushes.
Howto Fix: If using Worldcraft, do a check for problems and fix any occurences of 'Empty solid'

I checked but all of them are assigned to something.....
Yeah, in my fy_crashZone.bat file, I forgot to put

copy file fy_crashZone.bsp

I'm making this map right here:

I think it's that helicopter taking the hlvis so long. I could be wrong though.

And it's the leafThread thing that takes long.
Wow. Just wow.

I left my computer on all night, and it's only at 70 percent.

It's the LeafThread thing by the way.

Why would it be taking so long?
My hlvis has been sitting at 40 percent for an hour now.

Why is it taking so long?
I've downloaded custom sounds to use for my map,

and I have a question, is there a certain folder I have to put them in for the ambient_generic to work?

And also, how I start, and stop the same sound? With a AAATRIGGER Brush?

I go to compile my map from zhlt, and the little bitch spits out this message:

----- END hlrad -----

Could not find the file specified.

.....why did you spam an old thread?

and why wasn't this thread locked?

could be.

I prefer plain ol' plx, just flesh. (no bone. Get's in the way of the flavor.)
supes, Pee Emm me if you wants me to help in MD3.

haha, I tried it, and it closed as soon as I set it to "Realtime".

Well, I'm fine with a little slow framerate, but at least it's not 1 fps!

Thanks again, supes.
Spyware free too?

I'll try it.

Also, changing the priority helped a bit. There's no more lag spikes, just a little slow framerate, but it's very smooth, and I can actaully work and enjoy RCT3 now.

(what would happen if I set the priority to "realtime"?)
Well, I'm using Windows Defender, because I don't feel like making someone drive down three towns over to a circuit city to buy one.

And, I shall try that AboveNormal thing. I didn't thing of that!

1. Does not get hot.
2. Check and check. I even scanned my registry for problems, un-installed, and re-installed.
3. I'm trying to enjoy RCT3 with no lag.
4. Who uses safe mode anymore?
5. Requirments:


Pentium 3 733 MHz or faster (Pentium 4 1.3 GHz recommended) I have a Pentium M 2.00 GHZ

128 MB RAM, 256 MB RAM for XP (256 MB, or 384 MB for XP recommended) I've got 2GB.

600 MB free space Not sure how much I got
Well, I'll have about 1 minute of no lag in RCT3, then, a 2 minute lag spike, another 1 minute of no lag, then maybe around 3 minutes of lag aain.

Even with everything set down to High Performance.

Could it be that I'm running on a notebook?
I can helps!!!

I got more expierience since MM.
...I'm serious. I'm pissed off.


Let's have a big counter-attack partie!!!

I'll get the beer.
Good news: Got 2 1 GB kingston notebook memory chips.

Bad news: Still lag.

You're right...

I did. I know it wasn't automated. SOMEONE wrote it.

So, I hope the little douche got the message.

I got a message today.


Microsoft <> wrote:

Hello! Hackers discovered new bugs on Windows XP versions. Now, your computer is very vulnerable to this attacks,

that`s why Microsoft Corporation relased a new patch to protect your sistem!

If you do not install this patch, the hackers can attack your computer, break into your sistem and steal passwords

or secret informations. In USA over 11,000,000 computers were attacked! Those computers didn`t have installed

protection patch!

Please download the patch and install it on your computer now!

Follow one of next links to download the patch:

DOWNLOAD PATCH: => http: //jmaustin. com/patch. exe

DOWNLOAD PATCH: => http: //v31827.1blu. de/phpmyadmin/patch. exe


Thank you!

.....Seriously. It chock full of errors, and grammatical errors too. Plus, you can tell it's a virus download message.


So, I respond with this:


nice try.


go die.

Reasons why I don't believe it:

1. Poor spelling and Grammar

2. Hackers discovered these things? That makes me suspicious to begin with.

My god.
Superjer has too much free time.

I wish my garage was like that.
Too much crack.

This shoulda been on cops. I wanted to see it.
This happened to me once, just make the entities aren't jammed in a solid.
Looks like global warming.
this game = major win.

except I don't feel like downloading it. I saw the video.

joke phailed awhile ago.
Thanks a lot!

My Dad and I are still looking over some parts at, so we won't be building just yet, but thanks for the quick and dirty guide! (trademark sign)
corn jizz + corn sister = physical de-formed babycorn.

or the yellow "jizz" might just be the fact that he...ah...excreted the color out of himself.

in other words, pushed to hard.
He didn't say he was going to ban me, he just said, make it so the next time someone repeats my incredibly un-intelligent mistake, ban them.

Hopefully SuperJer has the BanHammer ready.

How I missed this is beyond me.
well I don't really use Steam much anymorez so thanks for the help once again.


My dad and I are building our new computer.

Know any good guides online?
Steam, RCT3, SoulSeek, ITunes, and AIM.
so upgrading to 2GB of memory with a 256MB Graphics Card will improve the performance a bit?

maybe it's corn juice.

...wait, corn juice?
Question: Will upgrading my 1GB memory to 2GB in the timeframe until I buy a computer speed things up for awhile?
I look like air.

I'd like to be a short person with big-protruding shoulders who is dressed in general fatiques, who talks in fragments.

EDIT: Oh! Who also still runs window's 95.


uh...great job.
Thanks again, supes.
So, I should just use the setup you recomended and build it?

I'll have to figure something out.

I may just buy the second one I linked.
Yeah, I talked to my dad about that.

We may even go with the setup supes showed me.

It's just, I've (or my dad, for that matter) have never built our own computer, and I imagine it's not hard?
Thanks again.

I'm fucking tired of fucking lag.

....I mean beep.

Good thing I never spend my money because I could buy it right now. I have the money!

and, how is this?

very good deal! Look at that price! But I'm not sure about the hardware, so tell me if that's a good deal...
Item# N82E16814143071 is removed from shopping cart due to quantity limitation/insufficient stock. Some combo items might be affected by this.


what item did that happen to be?


How does this sound?

iBUYPOWER Gamer-Fire Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 1GB DDR2 250GB Dual ATI Radeon X1950GT Windows Vista Home Premium - Retail

Audio: Realtek ALC883 7.1 Channel Surround Sound
Cache Per Processor: 2 x 512KB L2 Cache
Ethernet: Built-in GB Ethernet LAN
Graphics: 2x ATI Radeon X1950GT 256MB Graphics -- running Crossfire Mode
Hard Drive: 250GB SATA
Memory: 1GB DDR2 800
Optical Drive 1: 18X DL DVD+/-RW Drive
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+(2.3GHz)
Processor Main Features: 64 bit Dual Core Processor
Recommended Usage: Gaming
I need a new computer.

I want one that will run games really cool like and not lag.

BUT it has to be sorta cheap. Not breaking over $1,300

HP comes to mind. How does this setup sound...

HP Pavilion Slimline s3000y series

Genuine Windows Vista
I haven't been on for awhile, and I probably missed a lot. But....there is still hope! (for a bit)

Anywho, or how, I recently got Garry's mod, and thought to myself, "what the hell? If the guy who made 'concerned' could make a full length-series comic about hl2 with a funny twist, why can't I, but about CS:S?"

So here's my first strip. If you want moar then go there.

AFK #1
I blame the schools

and i also blame the cheese that's been sitting in the fridge for the past week.

gotta love that magical odor.
does anyone know any file hosting sites that support .bat files?

no questions, just gimme any you may know. All of the ones of tried so far don't do .bat files.
So I expieremented with some of the ropes, and i want to know...

if i make it breakable, how would I be able to make it shut off the lights to the room it's connected to?

Here's the pic:

The entity selected is the move_rope, and the other one is the keyframe_rope. The rope is connected to the house, and is set to breakable.
I've already opened up the Hammer in SDK and made a new config for CS:S, but I go to the pull-down menu to select CS:S, and it doesn't.

I can't believe it's this complicated. I've refreshed and reset my configurations 7 times already with no outcome.
No matter how much I try I can't get SDK to work for CS:S.

What should I do?
I tried that and put my models into the Valve Hammer Editor folder, and when I try to load the map it says "[filepath/modelname.mdl] not found"

my filepath being like "C:/Program Files/Valve Hammer Editor", where do I place the models?
...and my CS FGD has nothing to do so (i think...)

so can anyone tell me what to use if I want to put a model in a CZ map?
how do you run this?!

This looks insane. Good work, superjer, or your correct name to address you by...


this or that?
but I like my arms. Fine. Agreed.
Where can I update mine? From the direct x diagnostic box?
chuck norris

hawt buttsecksing OR buttsecksing hawt
I like the hawt buttsecks in this one
still lagging...what else can I do?

I'm sure that I do NOT want to reformat, because I don't have the time to save the important stuff on disks.
I highly doubt this guy is mentally retarded.
I'm postive on all that.
I have this exact same problem on my other forums, just the bots keep coming from different IPs.
I have an ATI MOBILITY RADEON X600 with a total memory of 256.0 MB processer? Intel Pentium M processor with 2.00 ghz

my memory is around 1024 mb....

and I have about no clue what so ever about my ram specs.

....that when I deleted practiclly EVERY single file and program that my family doesn't use on this computer, it still lags?

I cannot believe it! I pretty much deleted a total of 156,000 mb off my computer in 3 days, and it still lags.

I just installed Half-Life 2, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platnium, and Flight Simulator Deluxe after I deleted those old programs and files.

yay! He used MY preloader!!!

Oh boy I'm so happy!

oh the flash....yes. very good. good sense of humor that guy has.
ooo! yay.
they're invading!!!!

why!? why!?
alright I'll try it.
I don't know, nor care. But It'd be great if I can get my mouse working again so you don't have to hear me complain.
I went on the computer this moring but my mouse wasn't working, and I put fresh batteries in it last night. So I opened the mouse up and there was this sticky.....stuff in the battery compartment. So I grabbed my other mouse I have (it's wireless, just like the one that isn't working) and I plugged it in (it has a USB device that picks up the signals of the mouse movements) but that one didn't work. So now I'm stuck using this very gay touchpad...

can anybody help me?
I'm in 7th grade and I play guitar at school dances for the recognition.
I hate those bots. They kept signing up on my first forum, so I eventually got tired of it and shut the board down until I feel like opening it back up.
I hope Mcdiddy's 3 is worth the wait.
just delete those brushes and you'll be fine.
coloring books?

Don't forget the coloring books!
superjer, don't you mean:

if the police ask, you didn't get it from my forum!


if I ask, you didn't get it from me

or wait......
Those you could just sxtract from your computer....but then again, some people may not own Half Life 1......

I'll make a huge thing of sounds from Half Life downloadable later, k?
Last time I checked he was making it a boat.
my family could afford, I'm just wanting to know if It'd be good for me.

You could consider my skill level at around average, not terrible.
and I was thinking, what kind of electric guitar should I get?

I just mastered acoustic, and I've been looking around.

I was thinking a long the lines of a fender stratocaster, know, I'm not completely sure.
where's the part with the chain guns?

I refuse to watch any more until they throw in a chain gun!
Google. my friends. Google.

I take NO liabilty in calling you my "friend", just in case you intend to sue.
I like rum.
Well, I saved, then it loaded part of the saved map, with a lot of holes in it.
I was working on this big project for my site, and my computer was slowing up. So I saved, and restarted. Now, when I turned the computer back on, my hammer was wiped out. I had to re-configure everything and hammer loaded the same map, but the map loaded wasn't the one with all my progress, it loaded the map when I had started the whole thing, with one room....and a lot of holes...

Does anybody have an idea about what happened?
*shakes fist*

I was close. I hope.
Make your button, select it, press F8 to convert it to a symbol, click "button", go into actions, and put this.

on (release) {

framenumber being your frame number.
Don't use func_doors.

Your supposed to use func_trains, but they're pretty difficult to understand. Just stick to using ladders and stairs and gain some hammer expierence before moving on.
When I attempt to compile my next...big full map I get this:

hlbsp: Error: Line 202 is incomplete (did you place a " inside an entity string?)

I've looked at all of my entities but I don't know of any that would have such an obstruction...
didn't he beat the laundry with a cotten baseball bat?
ok...whatever works out better.

infodecal is my answer! I tested it in a map and the white stuff didn't show up, and it rendered the blood red!!!!

good think I locked my doors....and windows....and I've got attack dogs. And I stay up all night.


So that's why I'm so tired all the time.
...and then you type in whatever you want.
aahh, I'll try it.
did you download that map?

For some reason I want to play it.....
you might not have any info_player_starts or info_playerdeathmatch's or whatever. Without these people can't choose teams. Be sure you have them, and that they're INSIDE your map.


Mmkay, now how would I get this grunt (isn't he handsome) to be at the controls of this func_tank?

Because I noticed in half-life that whenever there is a turret, usually a grunt is by it, and when you kill him, the turret isn't active anymore.
Using monster_generic for a scene or a regular monster_whatever.

I'm doing this scene for Half Life SP where theres a parked ospery (monster_furniter, using scripted_sequence to set it's sequence) and I want two or three grunts to run away from the ospery, and enter a building, but I don't know how to get them to run into the building, and I don't think I should use monster_hgrunt because then they'd probably stop and shoot at the player, ruining the scene...

Please A.S.A.P! I have school tommorow and it cuts down map making time...
I got limited edition mcdiddy's 1 backgrounds I while kekekeke.
Did you make your own .wad file and used it in hammer, because your supposed to put this in the batch file.

Take out


And replace with

hlcsg -wadinclude wadfile mapname

Wadfile being whatever the .wad file is called, and mapname being your mapname.
How many faces does have?
I think it would work better if you might have actually spelled out test, instead of using a letter. Maybe that's causing it I don't know. But next time, use a longer map name.
ctrl+shift+G , type in the number of the brush, go to it, delete it.
Is there a way you can make a verticie?

I mean, I have no idea how to make merge the verticies to make the truck-looking thing.

Look in the log, and see what it's nagging about. I've had this problem plenty of times.
I'll see if that works. Thanks again.
I think it may be my pathfile but whenever I put in ambient generic in there with a file path leading to a folder in my documents (I have a folder full of sounds), and I try to play my map, it gets to "Verifing Resources" and stops.

What file path should it be leading to? A URL? My valve\sounds\whatever folder?
OK, well I've finished a little test map for Half Life Single Player, and I want to know where to put the compiled .bsp file....

I'm testing on a version of Half Life that isn't installed under steam, so my filepath right now is C:\Sierra\Half-Life\valve\

And then to access my map from the game, don't I put in the console

"map mapname" without qoutes, mapname being my mapname?
I wonder how happy your gonna be when you're a 1337 graduate.
I currently have 4 stars. Would you like some shigidy?

But you have to tell me your credit. I don't like giving loans to poor people. It's middle class or my ass.
would the actual sprite render red? Or would I have to color that in myself?
well, it's the same. The white stuff is still there, even though I did func_illusanary or whatever with RenderMode = Solid FX Amount = 255. (in the game)

I'm making a HL1 map for single player and this part here has dead bodies strewn about. But how would I render the blood red and get rid of the white?

I got the following info from planet half life...

First you must enable the developer's console via the advanced options in keyboard settings. To get to the keyboard settings click "Options" in the in-game menu, then "Keyboard" and finally click the "Advanced" button. Check the "Enable Developers Console" option and hit save.

But the thing is, there is no "Enable Developers Console" option.....

I WANNA CHEAT! It's my weekend and I want to play HL all weekend and cheat in it and what not.
it is there, and it is set to 1.
still nothing.
alright I'll try.
I did what molkman said and exited steam, and restarted, but it's still left hand alignment.

And superjer......yeah.
Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to acknowledge that.
OK, well I made my turret, and I when I played it in my map. Here's everything that was fuckd up with it:

1. When I used the turret, it just started rotating all the way around to face me.
2. When I fired, the bullets didn't come out of the barrel, they came from the origin brush on the right.
3. There's no sound, even though I targeted it at a ambient_generic
I wanna make a map for opposing force or something, but I don't know how to confiure it. I just installed old opposing forces, not from steam though.
My weapon alignment is left handed for some reason, and I suck left handed, so I tried switching it to right handed in the options menu and I hit apply, but it didn't change it. It's still left hand aligment.....

Command line: hlvis aim_crashZone
Error: Portal file 'aim_crashZone.prt' does not exist, cannot vis the map

I've had this problem before but I forget what caused it....
press ctrl + shift + G and type in the brush number, see what the search leads to, delete, and compile again. If it gives you another brush, repeat.
D_SCAlloc: bad cache width -13640

he's got a point you know....I think.
alright. After school I will.

Damn education propoganda.....
"superjer" said:
Name your doors door1 and door2.

Create a multimanager and name it round_start.

In the multimanager, turn off SmartEdit and add two keys (key -> value):

door1 -> 10
door2 -> 30

That's it. round_start is a game event that cstrike itself triggers every round.

The only problem with this is if the round ends in less than 30 seconds, door2 could open on the next round.

I want to do something like that but an explosion at the beginning of the round, right when it loads.......non damageable of course, considering I'm placing it in a area where the terrorists spawn.
I don't really know. I'm using these decals:

I just want the white stuff not to show up......
I love these things.
um, do you know how the decals.wad file has all the textures with the white around them?

I want to make an area look all scorched, but I want to get rid of the white stuff around the texture.

alright. I'll try it.

Would the only reason to reduce it's priority becuase it's sucking up all your CPU?
omg omg omg omg omg help!!!!11one
I heard somewhere that if you go into windows task manager (ctrl + alt + delete) and go to the processes tab, you can right click on Steam.exe and then click on Set Priority and then belowNormal.......will this crash Steam or not? I really want to reduce lag......
alright. Beautiful.
I wanna know cause I'm making this hawt map with a bunker and I want to put a turret in there.....

Well....heres where I used env_shooter just tell me what it does so I know to keep it or not.

I made it so when the user presses the use key on the black handle, it's a func_button targeted at turret, the env_shooter.
wow. Nice sigs.

<_< ........................ >_> ....................... DISNEY!!!!!
I wonder what he's going to call that thing....
That's cause I deleted half of it. I just put all my used game shortcuts in one folder, most used programs in another folder, and then the four icons on front.
Well, could this be solved by doing a func_wall and setting it to Render Mode > Solid and FX Amount 255?

Also, what func_illusinary would i do if I want it to be able to shoot through it and the blue stuff still invisible?

What brand might I ask? Ooop, I did.
tingly might be what it makes you feel, it just makes me fapurbate.
func_illusinary (spelling?)
Well, when I do this.......and play the game......the brush isn't solid. You're able to walk right through it.
This is what my desktop looks like, not that anybody cares.


It's fapurbative! fap fap fap
Uh, how would I make a lever like this rotate?

well, instead of having to click everything, you can just use

] to increase and [ to decrease.
We could do it as a big map project.

Everyone pitches in a little part and we connect for a big map omg!!

well once he can open the file he can maybe give us what's inside that thing so we can help...
ok, so a door sliding to the right has it's angle set to 0?

And one sliding to the left is 180?
does it involve origins? And I've tied a brush to an entity and selected func_door but I don't see how I'd set the direction.....
I know there's a way to do it, but I couldn't find it

You don't really need AlienWare. It is so much cheaper if you buy cheap parts, dip them in dog shit, put it in shitty plastic casing and sell it to your nieghbor

Then again that would be impossible to sell it to your neighbor if you're living in the middle of no where.
I call pre order!
damn. Gotta edit that.

Well in that case it was a big waste of time to check to make sure my textures weren't jammed into one another on my maps.....
You know how same textures have that blue stuff in them that's supposed to be invisble? (The textures with } in front of the name)

In my game when ever I have a texture like that, it isn't invisible, it's black....
I dunno. I'm happy with my computer now.
French Toast!
OK everyone, I've made a tutorial on SPP on Hammer and stuff.

This is on how to make doors, ladders, the like. And for all the noobs out there, it has a....<_<.....a....>_>......LINK TO ZHLT.WAD!!!!11ONEONEELEVEN!!11 so now you don't have to complain!!!

Here it is

right click on the .err file, and click open.

It's going to say "Windows cannot open the file"

Choose from the list below what says "Choose a program from a list"

Check that, and a list should open. Just look for "Notepad" and hit ok or whatever.

I heard of some company called "AlienWare" or whatever. They're computers sound awesome.

Not to mention the fact they cost around $1000. Yeah I'm totally asking for one of those this christmas!
Well, the only place I used iframe is on the archive page. That's a layer on the homepage there. The only reason I used iframe on the archive page is because I can't get the links in the archive to open in a new window.

I'm satsified with my layout though. My other one was a bit pants.
haha nice.
There you go.

It isn't all bad, you can always back your files on savefile or something, then again, not the most reliable.

and screw dell, I have a sony viao. Look at av for refrence.
I also back my shit up. My desk in my room is filled with all my disks, including half my hard-drive from '04.

My parents refuse to buy me a jump-drive.
Well I've finished a nice little project de_waterway.

This took me a good week to make, and 5 extra days testing and improving it.

Click for download!

Just click on the link, go to the nav bar, click on "Staff Maps", click meh banner, and there you go. It's on that page.
already made a thread like this bud.

de_lake sounds good. What's the plan for each? Do you have one?
The real problem is, everybody has gotten so damn used to IM and 1337 speak.

If you spell correctly, you win at the internets.
alright thanks.

Heres the homepage if you wanna check it out:

where'd you get the trees?
Do you think when I get the site back up, hopefully today, you could submit at least one of your maps? My friend and I have already bookmarked a few maps we were going to put up, and the only map we're going to submit next is the GWSOD Arena, which will be our site map we play tournaments on.

Just tell me now so I can reserve some space. Plenty of people from SPP are begging me to put the site back up so they can submit.
alright thanks again.
Alright, I've been doing some changes to my GWSOD CS site, and I've decided I want to put a tutorial on how to do various stuff in hammer there.

I've written and documented various tutorials I made like ladders, doors, the like, but I would like to know if I could have your permission to either put your tutorial on how to make maps in hammer on my site or link to it.

I don't want to piss you off if you discover it and know that you never gave me permission you know?
I'd suggest you do.
you need to download zhlt.

would anthrax notebooks be possible?

I made the screen shake with AS.
wow! nice map!

But I can't help you sorry.
Exactly why I demand the release of school supplies!

These can range from exploding pencils and anthrax notebooks.
awesome. Nice effects.
I'm serious. You guys are the best.

In fact, I got in trouble today in school because I started craking up about this post one of youz made. You make me laugh so bad. My friend Tom wants to sign up here, then I was telling him about you guys and he got pretty damn scared. He said you'd ban him right away...

But I'm glad I'm part of these forums.

oooooooooh alright gotcha. Thanks again.

BUT, when I play my map, the lift doesn't show up, and when I press the elevator buttons, it crashes CZ and says something about SV_sartVolume = 2500......
So you just place one path_corner at the top, and one at the bottom, and aim them at each other by setting the angles? And I don't see a flag like "Deactivates train" all I see is

"Wait retrigge"
"Fire Once"

That's the only thing I didn't understand.
like this superjer?

Would I do the same at the bottom, to?
alright. Thanks.
so I place origin textures at all my corners? heh heh...
hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 44, Side 4: has a coplanar plane at (536, -309, -170), texture PIPE_WALL4_3

hlcsg: Error: brush with coplanar faces
Description: The map has a problem which must be fixed
Howto Fix: Check the file ZHLTProblems.html for a detailed explanation of this problem

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (536,-10000,-8762)-(10000,10000,10000)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (536,-10000,-8762)-(10000,10000,10000)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (536,-10000,-8762)-(10000,10000,10000)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-8798)-(10016,10016,10036)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-8798)-(10016,10016,10036)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-8798)-(10016,10016,10036)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (504,-10032,-8794)-(10032,10032,10032)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (504,-10032,-8794)-(10032,10032,10032)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (504,-10032,-8794)-(10032,10032,10032)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-8780)-(10016,10016,10018)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-8780)-(10016,10016,10018)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 46: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-8780)-(10016,10016,10018)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 47, Side 5: has a coplanar plane at (536, -324, -148), texture PIPE_WALL4_3

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55, Side 3: plane with no normal

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55, Side 4: plane with no normal

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55, Side 4: has a coplanar plane at (536, -278, -165), texture PIPE_WALL4_3

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55, Side 6: has a coplanar plane at (536, -288, -171), texture PIPE_WALL4_3

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10202,-10000,-171)-(10000,7296,7137)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10202,-10000,-171)-(10000,7296,7137)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10202,-10000,-171)-(10000,7296,7137)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10218,-10016,-207)-(10016,7312,7173)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10218,-10016,-207)-(10016,7312,7173)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10218,-10016,-207)-(10016,7312,7173)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10234,-10032,-203)-(10032,7328,7169)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10234,-10032,-203)-(10032,7328,7169)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10234,-10032,-203)-(10032,7328,7169)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10218,-10016,-189)-(10016,7312,7155)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10218,-10016,-189)-(10016,7312,7155)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 55: outside world(+/-4096): (-10218,-10016,-189)-(10016,7312,7155)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 58, Side 5: has a coplanar plane at (536, -273, -153), texture PIPE_WALL4_3

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61, Side 2: plane with no normal

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61, Side 4: has a coplanar plane at (502, -289, -126), texture PIPE_WALL4_3

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61, Side 5: has a coplanar plane at (536, -286, -127), texture PIPE_WALL4_3

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10000,-10000,-7278)-(10000,6865,-126)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10000,-10000,-7278)-(10000,6865,-126)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10000,-10000,-7278)-(10000,6865,-126)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10016,-10016,-7314)-(10016,6881,-90)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10016,-10016,-7314)-(10016,6881,-90)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10016,-10016,-7314)-(10016,6881,-90)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10032,-10032,-7310)-(10032,6897,-94)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10032,-10032,-7310)-(10032,6897,-94)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10032,-10032,-7310)-(10032,6897,-94)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10016,-10016,-7296)-(10016,6881,-108)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10016,-10016,-7296)-(10016,6881,-108)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 61: outside world(+/-4096): (-10016,-10016,-7296)-(10016,6881,-108)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65, Side 6: has a coplanar plane at (536, -307, -126), texture PIPE_WALL4_3

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (536,-10000,-10000)-(10000,10000,-132)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (536,-10000,-10000)-(10000,10000,-132)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (536,-10000,-10000)-(10000,10000,-132)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-10036)-(10016,10016,-96)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-10036)-(10016,10016,-96)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-10036)-(10016,10016,-96)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (504,-10032,-10032)-(10032,10032,-100)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (504,-10032,-10032)-(10032,10032,-100)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (504,-10032,-10032)-(10032,10032,-100)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-10018)-(10016,10016,-114)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-10018)-(10016,10016,-114)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 65: outside world(+/-4096): (520,-10016,-10018)-(10016,10016,-114)

Three words. W....T....F. This happened to me on my last map I tried to make too. This is a map where I asked you superjer how to make an!
would you just do func_train, and set the angle to 90?

Heres a screen of my shaft....

I just want so when you press the button, it activates the lift, so if you press it at the top, it'll go down, and when the press the button at the bottom, it'll go up....
lmao nice!
thanks. I took that screenshot earlier and I thought I coulda faded it out, but the image size got to me and if I would've faded the crosshair, it was going to be basically the whole image gone.

Thanks guys. I can make sigs for you if you want.
cool!!! Thanks. Another would you make an elevator / lift?
Well, I've gotten it to load, but now it just runs really slow. Is it my computer?

My sister downloads all kinds of itunes and music and shit....that might be causing my machine box to run slow....any suggestions?
yep. c&c?
Like the ones in zhlt, I want to make it so it renders a night do I do it?
In this map I've used 1 light with a effect, 2 spotlights, and the rest just plain old lights.
I've started a new map, I've compiled it, no leaks.

The thing is, it literally flys through the compiling, but when it gets to buildFaceLights or whatever, it starts to slow down and take a bit longer.....then towards when it's supposed to say "Compile was succesful" or whatever, it does just replaces everything with this "Warning: too many lights on a face"

So, I have to copy and paste the .bsp file in the steamApps/condition zero/czero/maps/

Then, when I play the map, it loads, and it acts as though theres a leak. No shadows being cast, and everything it does when there's a leak.

aaaahh! Thank you so much!
How do I get it so if I rotate an object, the texture stays on it?

Heres a screen: My Crates don't really look like crates do they?

How do you make it so the entire crate texture fits on it and doesn't change no matter how you move it? My doors never look like doors because my textures are always cut off, and when I move, and rotate objects, the texture moves! How do I get the textures to fit on my object?
where can you find those entities?! I want to use a rain one on one of my maps for cs......
well, it never said leak pointfile generated.....

Well, I went in to take this one light entity out, now it says theres a leak/
This time, it's loading my map, it and freezes up. And this is a small map! It's not even big!

It has no leaks, and it took forever to compile. I've been waiting for the thing to compile to play it, and then it freezes up when it's loading.

What's up?
oh. Well, I would say use more frames if your doing a fbf, or just tween it.
it's ok. Just try to use a little more frames so it isn't so choppy. What I did was I put all my ct's on their own seperate layers, along with their guns. Even ask superjer.
In sound recorder, is there any way to increase the max time (60 secs) of recording?
damn my computer doesn't have the "stero mix" thing...
oh. Found it.
For GFCscape, would it be in cstrike>sounds>weapons?

or cstrike>sounds>player?

I can't find it
good point.
I'm gonna go to one of those things one day and be the only 13 year old hardcore dancing.

Scroll down when you get to the page.
oh, because it's saying that my leak is located near there....

Warning: === LEAK in hull 0 ===
Entity func_door_rotating @ ( 153,1344, 286)
A LEAK is a hole in the map, where the inside of it is exposed to the
(unwanted) outside region. The entity listed in the error is just a helpful
indication of where the beginning of the leak pointfile starts, so the
beginning of the line can be quickly found and traced to until reaching the
outside. Unless this entity is accidentally on the outside of the map, it
probably should not be deleted. Some complex rotating objects entities need
their origins outside the map. To deal with these, just enclose the origin
brush with a solid world brush

Leak pointfile generated
I agree.
damn I didn't even see that!!!

Um, can origin textures be put into walls like this?

superjer! Please look at that map for me I can't see anything else that would be causing a leak!
Ya' know what would be good to see?

Superjer eating/swearing at his computer.

It has come to my attention that all the grindcore/heavy metal bands have issued a rule that you must dance like that. That is all.
Please note: We take no responsability for what will happen when you continue to install. The kevlar vest is $5.00 extra.
than you should email him.
Thank you elenkos. It's been a tough time here on the ground, aswell.

My men have ran out of ammo for the frog catapualts, so now we're rellying of the backup durability of the kitten cannons. All is well here. We've suffered no casualities here, and hopefully none throughout the lasting of the war, knock on wood. Damn, there is no wood available! What do I pay you men for?!



This is generalzim staying on
I'd say google it, but, google doesn't always return good sites. Mostly porn.

I'd try to find the author's email, and send him a request to download it.

If you're going to use it in a flash movie, you have to get his permission to download and use it

so that's how you do see-through.

I'm not a noob mapper anymore!
yes. They're security is so poor, I grabbed the revolving door and walked off.

I did get some peciluar looks from the Abercrombie guys, though.

Those sick, sick bastards
it looks awesome, supejer. I can't wait to see it!
*pulls revolver from holister*

he asked, cash or credit?

And no, I'm not Zarathustra's hitman. I work alone, and I pay myself.
yes. That's pretty much the only way to do it.
I still get this leak...

Can you help me out by looking superjer?

I pm'd you the link....

THAT'S how I find leaks.....

No shit huh. Well, thanks again.
Well, I do that, and this is what I see:

How is this supposed to help?
the one superjer gave us has pr0n on the top.
I'll get to work now and see what's wrong.
I think so....

I wanna bowl with the gangstas!
This is hilarious!!!!

Click here for da hilarious-ness!
well sorry.
well, the only thing that's jammed into a wall are my origins......

My player_start and player_deathmatches are directly sitting on the ground...

Want me to link the map to you?
well, it says my player_deathmatch entities are causing the leaks....what are they doing to cause this?
I'll be playing and the game is running fine, then I start to lag.

I press tab and my latency is way up. How do I prevent this?!

*This happens on all my maps
w00t! Multitasking!
I want the Mcdiddy's 2 script! I just want to read it over and over again...please?
Well you should've told me before I released this giant jar of fruitflies into the ultra-bat-trap-2000-inator
w00t! It works. Thanks.
I'm doing a warehouse typey map....
So, just go to and create an account (just fill in the forms)

Then, after you've created your account, click on the link that says : Projects & Files. Create a project, and upload the .fla file.
just use savefile. Then link it to here.

But only do this if your still having the problem...
My dad sneezes twice like that too, sometimes three times....

Heck, I was sitting in class today and I sneezed, but my heart didn't resume beating for two minutes.

I was one minute away from complete death....
well, describe it a tad more. But, check your frames to see if you made extra frames where you didn't move anything.

Or just post the .fla for me to check....
....every time we sneeze. That's wierd.

"Did you get those files ye....aAAACHOO!!!!!"

"Oh snap! You just died!"

"OK. I'm back. I just expierenced heaven for 0.1 seconds"

But, yes I know, your not really dead. After your heart stops (which it does stop when you sneeze, only for 0.1th of a second) for three minutes, then your dead.
Are you stupid?! You don't even have to ask that! Boom Headshot!!!!

Life or death?
there is no text mode.

Don't ask why I bumped an old firetruck. Just don't.
How do I make a door that slides up?

Also, how do you make water? I'm making a de_dam project and I wanna know....
so, if I make a button_target with it's target as CabinLight, the name of my light, do I check start on? But how do I know if it'll while playing the game if someones presses it turn the lights off?
yeah my preloader's work alot better on photobucket cause they actually preload.....

but thanks. That AS was hell....
well, i'm making another map. It's a large map called storageYard

Should it be de, cs, or just plain ol' deathmatch?

Heres a screen.

It's gonna have two buildings with sniper towers and spawn points inside.

It's also gonna have huge steel crates stacked up all over the place...

So? de, cs, or deathmatch?

sup-er-jer! sup-er-jer!

Here comes jeremy on a clothes line but his name's not jeremy it's super-jer! Superjer!
Is there a way you can set the master of a button to a light to change it's settings?
I've just finished my cs_factory. It's a box factory. I'm just fixing it up and it'll be available for download on my site soon.

Anyway 'nuff spamming back on topic!
I wish I was an admin...or a mod. Oh well.

Choose the follwoing you wish were banned:

pointy or me?
Nice find. thanks fir the link.
just ban him on the spot. Right now.
I know why superjer is superjer

His name is jeremy, thus, superjer
good thing you guys got here. I was running out of ideas.

Arrgh matey

High School or Star Fleet Acadamy?
Yeah I used a prefab, the cleaning cart, and I don't want it to be do I remove the func-pushable?
I dunno. I'm gonna ask supes if we're going t owar with anybody else and I'll start training people.

Speaking of super, where is he? He hasn't been on in awhile..
well, you gotta go through bastard bootcamp so you can learn to insult.

I wasn't on this forum when these guys went to war with, but I looked through it and they did a pretty damn good job.

I don't know if superjer is planning to go to war with anyone else, but if so, I'm recruiting!!!
don't you mean "aye"?

if so, aye
number 5

cats or cat?
I would've banned him by now.
I posted one in mcdiddy's flash playkit forum. Search for it.
I've got an idea!


Hmm? I'll go ahead and start it out.
plasma, bitch.

Lag, or shitty computer?
well, I've finished it. Go ahead and get it now!
that's what I said to em'. I think he stopped afterwards.

Another n00b saved.
oh omg sorry. Damn ball.

tits ftw.

uh, lemme see,

Loaded Handgun or no ammo?
superjer? Anybody?
you do know that's condisered spam?

Keep it up and you might get banned. I would'nt want to see that happen.

spam or gay pr0n

nazi's or insurgents?
MA15+ omg?

Uh, crap, running out of ideas....uh...lemme see...

Me or me?
In this firetruck, explain why you chose your username here on

I chose mine cause I damn felt like it.
winamp I suppose

This Website or This Website?
mac 10

o.o or O.o?
I'm trying to test my de_restuaurant map I've been talking about but when I select terrorists it displays the "learing map, analyzing hiding spots etc." bar. But it freezes up on analyzing hiding spots.

Any idea what's going on?!
It's almost finished, surprisingly. I work fast, and my stuff turns out pretty good...

Heres a screen:

You know how in de_mcdiddy's how the cash register can open if you press use while facing them?

How do I do that?
the admins have the privalege of changing your title. Just pm aaron and tell him what you want it to be, but, he always does something different than what you tell him. But I'm happy with mine.
Physical Anthropology


spork or fork?
yeah i know. But did you enjoy it? It was a test....
put this in your mapname.bat file
(mapname is whatever you called it)

hlcsg -wadinclude cstrike mapname

Include this, but take out the


from the rest of your code. It should look like this:

@echo off
hlcsg -wadinclude cstrike mapname
hlbsp mapname
hlvis mapname
hlrad mapname
copy mapname.bsp "where ever your compiling the map too"
"C:\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 10 -dev +sv_cheats 1 +map mapname
I'll make this thread so people who want to make maps can come for ideas.

Anyway, heres my latest project, de_restuaruant:

You guys can get it first when it comes out for condition zero at my map portal:
wow omg
auf verdirsahaen zukerses!

(good bye, suckers!)
wow omg
Uh, how do I save them in .wad? I don't see .wad in the drop-down menu when I select export....

oh. I didn't even see that...
thanks elenkos. It's my first week outta boot camp. Lucky I was carrying those sporks. You shouldn't travel without sporks. Never.
Get GCFScape and look in your cs folder

But if you got steam, open the Counter-Strike.gcf file, look in cstrike>sounds and choose your designated folder. (ex. player, weapons, stuff like that)

OMG i'm helpful!
I know what you mean supes. On my website it slowed down the framerate of my mcdiddy's.

So I just cheated and linked it to the page you put it on
Alex, cause I have no idea who any of them are.

Mo' Fo' Nub Nub or pwn3t?
This is about the same map

Here is my poilceStation.bat:

@echo off
hlcsg -wadinclude zhlt police station
hlbsp policeStation
hlvis policeStation
hlrad policeStation
copy policeStation.bsp "C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\general_zim\condition zero\czero\maps\"
"C:\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 10 -dev +sv_cheats 1 +map policeStation

I get this .err file.

hlbsp: Error: Can't open policeStation.p0

I remember having this problem before, but what do I do to fix it?
Uh, I made a map called police station (with a short name of de_police) and when I go to play my game on condition zero it says Missing frame 0 of +3~Lab_CRT2
thanks again, supes.

Mcdiddy's 1 or Mcdiddy's 2?
He used 20, so did I.
there are in the scenes window.
How do you make .wad files with your own textures?
I've finished that site I was talking to you about.

Here it is.

Be sure to submit a map if you want!!!
I did that stuff, heres what I get:

hlcsg: Error: Entity 1 has no visible brushes

hlcsg: Error: No visibile brushes
Description: All brushes are CLIP or ORIGIN (at least one must be normal/visible)
Howto Fix: self explanitory

Uhh, how do I know what entity 1 is? All my entities are is info_player_deathmatch, info_player_start, light_envoirment (for the "outside" spawn zones) and light.
Yeah, when I exported my map called "Lab" to c:\zhlt

I got this error message in my Lab.bat file

hlbsp: Error: Can't open Lab.p0

Whatsup with it?

Heres the stuff in my lap.bat file.

@echo off
hlcsg -wadinclude zhlt Lab
hlcsg Lab
hlbsp Lab
hlvis Lab
hlrad Lab
copy Lab.bsp "C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\general_zim\counter-strike\cstrike\maps"
"C:\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 10 -dev +sv_cheats 1 +map Lab

This is general_zim with an important news flash update

Iraqi Insurgents are attacking DangerJer stadium!!!

The iraqis poured into the stadium, spraying down innocent elderly people. They seemed to be a division of the least-succesful branch of the iraqi insurgency, IIAAEP (Iraqi Insurgents Against American Elderly People)

But lucky, the marines where there to solve the problem. Here is the video taken by our camera in the town outside dangerjer stadium.

Please, if you have any elderly people you care about with you, please lock them in the icebox in the basement.

That is all.
..."The New Cancer"

Thanks for your help, supes. With it, I was able to create my very first map, Tower.

Please read the credits to see what it is about!!!

Thanks a lot superjer, I love map-making!!!!

(do I just put the .bsp file in a zip?)
How am I using clip wrong?

And do I place doors on each side of a wall?
Uh, I did all the steps and it says the system could not find the file specified when I open my tower.bat file (tower is the name of my map)

What I did:

I made my map and saved it as "tower"
I went into my C:\zhlt\ folder
I made a new text document called "tower.bat"
I put this in it
@echo off
hlcsg tower
hlbsp tower
hlvis tower
hlrad tower
copy tower.bsp "C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\general_zim\counter-strike\cstrike\maps"
"C:\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 10 -dev +sv_cheats 1 +map tower

Then I opened my tower.bat file and got that error message.

And then the tower.err file said this:

hlcsg: Error: Entity 7 has no visible brushes

hlcsg: Error: No visibile brushes
Description: All brushes are CLIP or ORIGIN (at least one must be normal/visible)
Howto Fix: self explanitory

In my ladder I couldn't find the texture called AAATRIGGER, so I put another clip on that the problem? If so, where do I find the AAATRIGGER texture?

wow....uh....hmmm...I can't see any huge pieces....

I'm gonna start A brand new map, see how I come out.

How much longer are you going to be on?

Is that teal line the edge of the map?

whoa. I compiled it and I got this message in my err file

[code:1]hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 9: outside world(+/-4096): (-4112,-4112,603)-(4112,4112,676)

hlcsg: Error: brush outside world
Description: The map has a problem which must be fixed
Howto Fix: Check the file ZHLTProblems.html for a detailed explanation of this problem

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 9: outside world(+/-4096): (-4112,-4112,603)-(4112,4112,676)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 9: outside world(+/-4096): (-4128,-4128,607)-(4128,4128,672)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 9: outside world(+/-4096): (-4128,-4128,607)-(4128,4128,672)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 9: outside world(+/-4096): (-4112,-4112,621)-(4112,4112,658)

hlcsg: Error: Entity 0, Brush 9: outside world(+/-4096): (-4112,-4112,621)-(4112,4112,658)


What's wrong?
and also, how do you make doors?

huh? What I did was make a block, and then stretch it to dimensions. Heres a screen

Also, will this be leak-free? (after I close all the walls) The blue is a "sky", just another block, put on top of everything...
haha, thanks again. I'll keep posting screens so you know how it looks.

Also, when you make a wall, do you have to add anything like an enity or whatever to make it so you can't shoot through it? Or is it automatic?

Wow, making maps is pretty easy. I'm making a map with no rooms, just like a map with alley ways and boxes for cover. Say, does this look like a staircase? Because It looks awfully too do I disable snapping?

How does my map look for a first-timer?

How do I use GCFScape to find .wad files?
I dunno. I've been thinking about it...

What's involved in making a map?

Like, do you have to make textures yourself or something? And how do you make an outside area?

Cuz I think I'm going to make a new site "GWSOD Strike" With forums and the like, and I wants it to have maps....

Thanks for any help I suppose....

It would also be nice if superjer joined my Counter Strike forums. But first I gotta tackle a few maps to put on this new site. (when I start the project)
yes, they represent zim anteana. And yes, zim rules. No question about it.

But I don't really like that picture. I used it for my myspace, but then I changed it...
alright, alright. I luv ya.

*does barrel roll?*

I am 13 just to let you guys know. Yes, I look ten. But I'm not. Live with it.

and aaron I luv ya too?
Thanks for putting my mcdiddy's up!!!!

I luv ya.
New Production!!!!

Not that anyone cares, but I'm making a stick figure counter strike movie for my site. I'll be posting a new thread on my site about my progress, so if you wish to keep updated and really want to see it, please visit this thread and check back daily.

And as all of you found out, I use it very well
It probably is your resolution, because I've had my computer set at the wrong resolution, and it didn't show the text, and then I put the right resolution in, the text showed up.

I dunno if thats your problem but it was mine.
happy birthday whats-your-name. If I cared, I would have said your name, Hunni-Bunni

Oh shit I care!!!!
o rly?
Should I make another mcdiddy's animation? I was thinking of doing it in the map cs_747.....i dunno.

heres my other mcdiddy's.....'s.swf

or if you want to see it on my site (framerate may be slow!!!)

w00t! Nintendo wii's gonna be awesome

Not to mention Madden 07 for 360. The graphics are outstanding.
Thanks again to supes for helping out.
How do I install maps? (any counter strike version)
supes check PM's
well, the third pimpmobile broke down, and Midas is fixing it up.

Just the Midas Touch
what can be better than two pimpmobiles battleing down the street?

It's done. I'm giving the fla to supes so he can do the voices!

It's called, Mcdiddy's Martigras.

It has a car chase too!

so, uh, supes PM me for the fla please. I'll give you the stuff, be sure to look at the script scene (delete it after your done)
The reason I'm calling it mcdiddy's 2 is because it's the continuing to my first mcdiddy's animation. But yes, I have a title, I was just calling it mcdidddy's 2 because it's my second one....sorry.

But I might change it to that supes, I like that title....
Hey everybody! Let's have a guess

Who is going to win in my Mcdiddy's 2?


hmm? hmm?
thanks. I hope you guys will like it, I'm taking my time to make sure each scene looks good.
*sigh* ANOTHER update

yes, It is almost finished. Due to my school schedule, and the fact that I'm 13 and I get dragged everywhere is leading to my slow, either I can finish it today or tommorow, I dunno. But Thank God It's Friday!


I will not release it on the day I finish. I have to give supes the script and the fla so he can work. Or I can. Whatever.

for more details, see this thread on my forum, it's where I am most of the time.
didn't have enough money, sorry.
yes it is good.
After school today, my dad took me to circuit city. I grabbed CS 1.6 behind his back, and payed for it with my own money. My dad was pissed when he saw the game laying at the checkout counter and me paying for it...But i got it!

God, I ain't doing voices. I suck!!! I'll leave supes to that job. But, uh. Supes check your pee ems. I have a list of sounds I need. Some I didn't include in my email to you.
w00t! 23 scenes and going!
already took care of the color. I made the chief gay by making his walls pink

but it's almost done.

I'm making incredible progress. I halfway done.

Hey supes, I'm going to radioshack pretty soon, so I might get a microphone so I can do some voices too.

But uh, yep. It should be done soon. I like it so far and I hope you guys will!

Keep checking in!
thanks. Hey, when are you getting those backgrounds to meh?
I actually think I'll get 1.6. I want to start playing online....

But of course, I'll probably suck.....
isn't CS source the one with good graphics?

I'm just looking for one that is enjoyable.....but I get CS source is good...

You can buy it online, can't you?
I'm buying CS and I want to make sure I buy the best version. I really want to play online...
My forums are done. Please sign up!

the first 3 to sign up are mods!
just go to and register one. it's free. That's what I'm doing for my new forums.
I knew I was missing something....and the sky. Great advice. Well, I was a leetle too busy doing some of the animation that I just did the the coloring (yes, I love greyscale)

The scene I'm working on now is the witch, a very hard scene to get ideas for. And I just made a little short after school today, because I just take a little time to warm up before I continue a practice.

(click on mcdiddy's short)

I was fooling around so I could get used to flash after 7 hours without it.
thanks! You could sign up if you want, we need more moderators....
"luke" said:
it cool

who you talkin' to?
link still ain't workin.
damn supes, thats some script....
ok. I have made good progress with my backgrounds. I'll post em' and tell me what you think. This flash contains only the bg's i've made now. I'm going to do a lot more, cause it's going to be a long movie. Lucky you.

*note photobucket stretches the flash out, so those aren't the actual sizes.

I look forward to finishing this project and hearing all of your comments!
you know whats wierd? After all those years he's dodged crocs, and then he gets killed by a stingray.
well that sucks.
already did
that is the queerist thing I've ever seen

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go vomit for awhile....
I made a site too, if anyone wantas to join for the forums.
I could make it for ya, heres an example of my coding

Just gimme a list of what the features amd the levels and I'll get to work.

I could make it like CS, you'd be able to shoot the guys and crap.

Tell me what you think...
I'll finish the movie first, then I'll give you the .fla so you can come up with stuff, I can't write scripts. I have no ideas.


I'm making really good progress. It should be done soon. Please post supes so I know your checking in!
cool site.
I would if my damn connection didn't suck....
well, hopefully I don't turn out like him...he wasn't liked...was he?
I find setting up a server and stuff is too complicated. I really wanted to play online when I bought 1.6, but then, I had to set-up and stuff. So now, CS is sitting behind old magazines on my shelf. Wow, I'm surprised I still know where it is.
oh. wow, the maps looks cool!
did you change it today? Cause I'm redownloading it if thats the case!

and btw

I'm very influenced by your style of animating. I find it very smooth. I hope you'll be impressed with my next piece!
no prob.
awesome! I'm working on another one right now, so I'll perfect it and it'll look good.

And you'd realy do voices? What would I have to do, just give you a script or something of the plot and lines?
"superjer" said:

There is more McDiddy's coming, just not in the form of a movie.
More on this later...

I will be releasing version 2 of the Playkit soon, there are a lot of things left out of the current version I know. It was a bit of a rush job.

Version 2 will contain as much good stuff as I can possibly cram in there.

Yes. I know. Late post. But I just have to say THAT'S AWESOME!

What stuff might it contain?
Band: My Bitter End
Song: Dirt Helmet, and The Renovation

Heres their myspace. All their songs are good.
"superjer" said:
Aye, the link is bad. But it LOOKS interesting...

yes it does. I need it.
Goes in a empty keyframe actions at the beginning of your movie.
Ready = false;
mouseClicked = true
_root.createTextField("percent", 2, Stage.width/4, (Stage.height/3)+50, 300, 100);

function MakeBox() {
_root.createEmptyMovieClip("loadBox", 4);
loadBox.lineStyle(5, 0x000000, 100);
loadBox.moveTo(Stage.width/4, (Stage.height/3)+120);
loadBox.lineTo((Stage.width/4)+300, (Stage.height/3)+120);
loadBox.lineTo((Stage.width/4)+300, (Stage.height/3)+140);
loadBox.lineTo(Stage.width/4, (Stage.height/3)+140);
loadBox.lineTo(Stage.width/4, (Stage.height/3)+120);
function MakeLoadBar() {
_root.createEmptyMovieClip("loadBar", 3);
loadBar.lineStyle(20, 0xf99f99, 100);
loadBar.moveTo((Stage.width/4)+8, ((Stage.height/3)+120)+10);
loadBar.lineTo((Stage.width/4)+(percentage*2.9), ((Stage.height/3)+120)+10);
function MakeText(textValue) {
_root.createTextField("loading", 1, Stage.width/4, Stage.height/3, 300, 100);
textFormat = new TextFormat();
textFormat.size = "50";
_root.loading.text = textValue;

function onEnterFrame() {
_root.percent.text = percentage+"%";
percentage = (_root.getBytesLoaded()/_root.getBytesTotal())*100;
if (_root.percent.text == "100%" && Ready == false) {
MakeText("Click To Play");
Ready = true;
} else if (Ready == false) {
function onMouseDown() {
if (Ready == true && mouseClicked == true) {
mouseClicked = false
Thanks! It was my first and I'm glad you found it funny.

Do you think I could do mcdiddy's 3 with you?


"Mcdiddy's 3, attack of micheal jackson"

And the terrorists get micheal jackson to attack everybody, that would be pretty funny, don't you think? But I think you should do the backgrounds....
which file do I open with crafty? the nav or bsp?
that's cool.
"superjer" said:
There's a half-naked man in my living room holding my wife and his hair is blowing in the wind.


Turn off the fan that is blowing his hair. Then taunt him on his small muscles.
I still need a few sounds though, so see my firetruck "CS Sounds: More details inside" or something.

And don't flame me, it's my first Mcdiddy's animation. And I didn't tween it!
wow! Too bad I don't have a counter strike server. I have no clue how to do that crap, so I just walk around maps on LAN game. But superjer, could you maybe post screens of de_mcdiddy's? I would like to see what it looks like...
lol. OK. I suppose your right. Was he annoying?
link ain't workin.
that's freaky....
I am making my own version of mcdiddy's, and I have to say it looks pretty good so far. Just all I need are a few sounds:

1. Counter-terrorists and terrorists win sound
2. hostage down sound
3. voice commands
4. Reloading

No, unfortanutly I do not have counter-strike on this computer, so I can't get to them in the program files.

Any sites or listings appreciated!
I was browsing the users and I saw hampie.....who was he? His posts made him look stupid....
How about unlimited ammo for a short period of time?

And if your doing it in flash, I can help with coding. I've completed 14 games so far, and I'm working on another today.