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I am not child or idiot. And thats not funny.

Map is not too big. So if i add maze, i need to bigger map. I want new ideas. My friend says to me "find jail_ncc". It have good games. Are you know a map like that?
the_cloud_system said:
bhop - fall off you die.
4 corners - ct randomly picks a corner from a square and the t on that corner dies.

just a few.

Thank you. Maybe i will add bhop.

armenia said:
Dear onurmert06,

I would try to help you, but since you're turkish, I won't.

I dont care what you say.I hope that you didnt open this account for saying that. No matter what you say :)
Hi people. I want to add new games to my jb map. But i have no idea. I want something new. My map contains pool,kz,football,basketball,mini golf,little race,commando,shoot room, true-false,target game, breakable chairs, run after area, jump rope, quiz area, color game, law court, single or couple game. It is a little map like rehab. I want add new games. If some one have good game i will add his/her name to credits. Map for Cs 1.6.

Edit : I have an other question. I want to learn make button with when presing it shows random number from 1 to 6. It can be with use changetarget but i dont know how.
Thanks for reply but i want to learn how? How can i setup trigger_multiple like it?
Anybody isnt know? Thanks any way. My first question from jb_mountains. The sec. one from jail_beach maps. Something like monopoly.Thanks again.
First sorry for my bad English.
In the log from Vhe, you can see a texture name after that 3 number. Find it in the map. You used it in very little or very thin place. Find it and make its size 1.00 from Texture menu. Maybe you did used it on a door. (up or down)
First sorry for my bad English :( and i want to say everybody Hi
I am new at there . I am trying to learn Vhe. I want to ask something. I want to add 4 music in my map. I add them with ambient_generic and with button. I start one of them. And i want to start another one with stop first one. How can i do something like stop playing first and play second with one button? When i press third it stop all of playing musics and just starting third.
And my second question. I want to make chance game like dice with just one button. Every pressing show differnt numbers from 1 to 6. I see that on one jail break map and i want to learn how can i do this?
Sorry for my bad English again. But i will learn carefully :)