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hello again...
I reinstalld the program and more func_wall by it self.
Tnx everyone, tnx alot !!

Tnx K-D for solving the original problem
fedex _ said:
WHY DONT U JUST SELECT UR TEXTURE and then make a new wall and leave it like that dont do anything, dont tie it to an entity or anything like that. just make a new wall where u want and just select the texture u want

hope this helps

well my best helper/friend, what u say is precisly the way i do it. I just create a wall/box , add some texture...thats it...and the one has become a func_wall..........i don
well right now i not sure of anything, but if someone tells me that i should make the block just a " world brush " and not " func_wall" , then i must ask again, what do i do wrong ?
My blocks allways turnsupp to be " func_wall "....i
hmm...i haven
must have missed something...but whenever i make a block it automaticly becomes a func_wall.....what to do then ??
How do i make it just a " word brush " ?
so if i don
"Don't use this too much in a map since the brush has to be turned into func_wall which doesn't block VIS... "

?? What ??
Hmmm...bad misstake made by me, c
Hi killerduck

The map is made by myself and it
hello again

I wonder if it is possible to switch between 2 types of textures in a game/map. Let
Truck you think that
Is there any reason to chose sky texture instead of Null when you build those part of the map that wont be seen by a player ?
Hi !

I was thinking if it helps to have a very fast and powerful computer to make u
i think u can fix it with the texture tool, somthing about checking a little box that says " align to face or world "
i don
Hi it
I think i remeber that hammer had a maximum limit of 7 wadpacks active...right ?
is there a maximum of the size (Mb) in theese wad-packs, can i have a wad-pack containing let
Hi !