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Can we deconstruct this nipple conspiracy?
Jamming fingers inside the heart for puppeteering
Sphincter cancer
The moment when you realize your girlfriend's strap on isn't a strap on

A Jew wrapped in bacon

Is that ham?
Mate de Vita said:

BloodFarts said:
Jordan! Don't be so mean to Elisse! She's just a lonely bot looking for a friend!

She's the human, dummy. You might be just as stupid, Karina
You guys are going to hate reading the next part. I decided that if she wants to talk like a bot, she should talk WITH a bot. I loaded up and copied all of her messages into it, and then sent her the results.

[5:37:23 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hamm
[7:20:43 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hamm
[8:00:12 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hey
[8:08:06 PM] professorHAMM: How are you?
[8:08:16 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Good,you
[8:09:07 PM] professorHAMM: Good
[8:09:14 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What are you doing
[8:09:53 PM] professorHAMM: Chatting with you
[8:10:12 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Did you just get on?
[8:10:48 PM] professorHAMM: No
[8:11:09 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Are you talking to anyone else
[8:11:38 PM] professorHAMM: No
[8:11:58 PM] Ms. Bimbo: How was your day
[8:12:35 PM] professorHAMM: Good, also. Yours?
[8:12:53 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Fine,I want to be home
[8:13:36 PM] professorHAMM: Fine
[8:14:13 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I hate Kansas
[8:14:52 PM] professorHAMM: I hate you!
[8:14:58 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Why
[8:15:40 PM] professorHAMM: Because you hate me
[8:15:49 PM] Ms. Bimbo: No
[8:15:53 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I don't
[8:16:32 PM] professorHAMM: Yes you are.
[8:16:58 PM] Ms. Bimbo: No I don't,I don't hate anyone for any reason
[8:18:10 PM] professorHAMM: Oh
[8:18:38 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Yeah
[8:19:14 PM] professorHAMM: Yeah wer
[8:19:26 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What did you do today
[8:20:21 PM] professorHAMM: I woke up and now I am on the computer. What did you do today?
[8:20:34 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Basically ate and nothing
[8:21:41 PM] professorHAMM: But what do I look like in the past?
[8:22:05 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What do you mean
[8:22:45 PM] professorHAMM: Why are you at school on Sunday?
[8:22:55 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm not
[8:23:21 PM] professorHAMM: Can you be nice?
[8:23:26 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Yes
[8:23:58 PM] professorHAMM: Go on then
[8:24:27 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm not in school on Sunday's,that would be weird
[8:26:47 PM] professorHAMM: *kicks you in the face* I think you are very rude.
[8:27:07 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What? :^) I'm lost
[8:27:44 PM] professorHAMM: What do you look like?
[8:28:14 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Just wondering,why do you want to know
[8:28:26 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Not to be mean
[8:29:40 PM] professorHAMM: That isn't the question
[8:30:21 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Why do you want to know what I look like
[8:31:30 PM] professorHAMM: How are you feeling?
[8:31:43 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm feeling fine
[8:32:18 PM] professorHAMM: Do you know any good bands?
[8:32:39 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Yes
[8:33:50 PM] professorHAMM: Thats my sport :)
[8:34:52 PM] Ms. Bimbo: :)
[8:34:55 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Yep
[8:35:30 PM] professorHAMM: I don't like you.
[8:35:53 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Why
[8:36:27 PM] professorHAMM: Because you said you don't like harry potter.
[8:36:51 PM] Ms. Bimbo: No I didn't,I like Harry potter
[8:38:00 PM] professorHAMM: Yes you did.
[8:39:14 PM] Ms. Bimbo: No I didn't
[8:39:39 PM] professorHAMM: Yes. You did
[8:39:46 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Nope
[8:40:08 PM] professorHAMM: Yes.
[8:40:31 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I like Harry potter,I like the movies
[8:40:56 PM] professorHAMM: Harry Potter is hot
[8:42:20 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I don't think of Harry potter in that way
[8:42:44 PM] professorHAMM: Me too, snape.
[8:45:13 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm lost now
[8:45:51 PM] professorHAMM: Aww. *Pats head* So am I.
[8:46:22 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm just listening to music right now
[8:46:56 PM] professorHAMM: Like what?
[8:48:45 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hip hop,rap,country,hespanic
[8:49:36 PM] professorHAMM: We cannot be friends.
[8:50:45 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Why
[8:51:14 PM] professorHAMM: Because I love you too much
[8:51:26 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What?
[8:51:49 PM] professorHAMM: I love you ! You're my life and you are my reason for living
[8:52:08 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Seriously?
[8:52:30 PM] professorHAMM: Yes
[8:53:04 PM] Ms. Bimbo: You love me as in bf and gf?
[8:53:48 PM] professorHAMM: Yes?
[8:54:13 PM] Ms. Bimbo: So you do
[8:54:34 PM] professorHAMM: Yes.
[8:54:55 PM] Ms. Bimbo: When did you start liking me that way?
[8:55:18 PM] professorHAMM: Since the dat I first met you
[8:55:44 PM] Ms. Bimbo: By listening to me talking?
[8:56:09 PM] professorHAMM: How do I teach you things?
[8:57:00 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I mean you like me because you have heard me talk
[8:57:23 PM] professorHAMM: That doesn't make any sense
[8:58:14 PM] Ms. Bimbo: You said you have liked me since you first met me,and when we group chatted and talked you liked me
[8:58:45 PM] professorHAMM: I never said that. That looks like a phrase someone would have said to you
[8:59:16 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm asking what things made you like me
[8:59:43 PM] professorHAMM: My friend likes to write about like warewolfs and mindreaders and stuff like that
[9:00:07 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Ok
[9:00:27 PM] professorHAMM: Can you cheer me up?
[9:00:53 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What cheers you up
[9:01:19 PM] professorHAMM: Happy things cheer me up
[9:02:11 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Ok,try thinking about happy thoughts or try thinking about things that make you happy
[9:02:44 PM] professorHAMM: Do you have a family?
[9:03:04 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Yes
[9:04:29 PM] professorHAMM: What are you?
[9:07:55 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm a girl
[9:08:19 PM] professorHAMM: What is your name?
[9:09:57 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Elisse
[9:10:33 PM] professorHAMM: Hi, my name is Cleverbot
[9:11:14 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What
[9:12:19 PM] professorHAMM: Pardon?
[9:12:43 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Cleverbot?
[9:13:04 PM] professorHAMM: Yes.
[9:13:33 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Ok,I'm curious,What do you like about me
[9:14:06 PM] professorHAMM: First, you must tell me your name
[9:15:03 PM] Ms. Bimbo: My name Is Elisse
[9:15:22 PM] professorHAMM: You are lying
[9:15:38 PM] Ms. Bimbo: No I'm not
[9:15:57 PM] professorHAMM: Yes you are I am the bot here
[9:16:47 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm not lying
[9:17:27 PM] professorHAMM: That does not make anysense
[9:18:07 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm not lieing about my name
[9:18:33 PM] professorHAMM: What's your take on donkeys?
[9:19:38 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Donkeys are used for carrying bags,or are used for work
[9:20:06 PM] professorHAMM: You are a funny man
[9:22:21 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm a girl
[9:22:48 PM] professorHAMM: Where do you live?
[9:23:08 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Everett,wa
[9:23:43 PM] professorHAMM: Where's that?
[9:26:05 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Everett is near Seattle in Washington state
[9:26:42 PM] professorHAMM: So you think dropping out would create some kind of imbalance in the universe?
[9:28:31 PM] Ms. Bimbo: No
[9:28:51 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Dropping out is a stupid idea
[9:29:32 PM] professorHAMM: The sociopolitical and economical policies of Switzerland are the topic
[9:29:45 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Ok
[9:30:19 PM] professorHAMM: I am not satisfied. Please help me to listen your musiv
[9:34:06 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Ok,go on youtube,and just look artists like Josh Turner
[9:35:14 PM] professorHAMM: Why do you have such awful grammar haha
[9:36:21 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I don't know
[9:36:35 PM] Ms. Bimbo: But What things made you like me
[9:37:20 PM] professorHAMM: Nothing
[9:38:56 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What do you mean
[9:39:32 PM] professorHAMM: I mean keeping things in working condition
[9:40:04 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I mean what caused you to like me
[9:41:08 PM] professorHAMM: What do you mean what do you mean?
[9:43:05 PM] Ms. Bimbo: You said you like me,I'm asking what caused you to
[9:43:35 PM] professorHAMM: No I didn't
[9:44:29 PM] Ms. Bimbo: You said you like me
[9:44:54 PM] professorHAMM: I did?
[9:45:17 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Yep
[9:45:36 PM] professorHAMM: No You Don't
[9:46:52 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What
[9:47:57 PM] professorHAMM: But I like talking to you!
[9:48:40 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Ok you like talking to me,that's cool
[9:48:52 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I like talking to you too
[9:49:29 PM] professorHAMM: OK. But when would I cook for you? I'll never be able to see you
[9:50:12 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Where do you live in the United states
[9:51:08 PM] professorHAMM: I don't live in the united states
[9:51:25 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Your profile says you do
[9:51:53 PM] professorHAMM: Do you believe in him?
[9:52:50 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Believe in who
[9:53:29 PM] professorHAMM: God.
[9:53:39 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Yes
[9:53:56 PM] professorHAMM: There is only one God
[9:54:09 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I know
[9:54:33 PM] professorHAMM: Sam I am
[9:54:46 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What
[9:55:01 PM] professorHAMM: Who be me.
[9:57:21 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm confused
[9:58:04 PM] professorHAMM: 'm the greatest captain of the Queen's navy.
[9:58:57 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Cool
[9:59:48 PM] professorHAMM: So, what do you do all day?
[10:00:08 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Eat,draw,and watch netflix
[10:01:15 PM] professorHAMM: That's what I do on Sunday too! I have the NFL Sunday Ticket.
[10:01:45 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Nice
[10:02:17 PM] professorHAMM: Nice dn
[10:03:13 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Next Monday I'm going to Great Wolf lodge
[10:04:49 PM] professorHAMM: How about now?
[10:05:28 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I can't right now
[10:06:00 PM] professorHAMM: How?
[10:07:24 PM] Ms. Bimbo: We can't go until next Monday because we don't have enough money yet
[10:08:39 PM] professorHAMM: That is true
[10:09:05 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Yeah,great wolf lodge is expensive
[10:10:23 PM] professorHAMM: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
[10:10:39 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Have you been there
[10:10:59 PM] professorHAMM: No.
[10:11:53 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Neither have I
[10:13:01 PM] professorHAMM: Should I go see it?
[10:13:23 PM] Ms. Bimbo: If you went,it would probably be fun
[10:14:37 PM] professorHAMM: Are you assuming that I am not human?
[10:14:52 PM] Ms. Bimbo: No
[10:15:04 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm saying if you went you would have fun
[10:15:39 PM] professorHAMM: If I were to give this name to you, would you protect it for me?
[10:16:26 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Sure
[10:17:07 PM] professorHAMM: Ok, rudolf the red nosed reindeer
[10:18:08 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Ok
[10:18:51 PM] professorHAMM: What is grep?
[10:21:49 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Idk
[10:22:16 PM] professorHAMM: I thought you were clever
[10:23:19 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I am
[10:23:41 PM] professorHAMM: You don't talk like you are

She kept me working for over an hour and a half! SO STUPID!!
A friend of someone I know has recently added me on Skype. We've been talking here and there for a little over two weeks now, but the more I converse with her the more I wish her dad would die (haha). It would be one thing if she had something to say or more personality in her words, but she was acting like a foreigner practicing their English by shoving lacking and flavorless dialogue down my throat. She might as well be a BOT!
[7/16/2015 7:00:48 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/16/2015 10:22:59 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi

[7/17/2015 1:43:58 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/17/2015 2:02:13 PM] Ms. Bimbo: HAMM
[7/17/2015 2:08:51 PM] *** Missed call from Ms. Bimbo. ***
[7/17/2015 3:22:48 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/17/2015 7:28:37 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/17/2015 8:26:23 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Add me in
[7/17/2015 8:27:03 PM] Ms. Bimbo: HAMM add me in
[7/17/2015 8:30:46 PM] *** Call from Ms. Bimbo ***
[7/17/2015 8:31:00 PM] *** Call ended, duration 00:14 ***

[7/18/2015 8:32:00 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/18/2015 10:12:55 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi hamm

[7/19/2015 3:04:09 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/19/2015 3:05:17 PM] *** Missed call from Ms. Bimbo. ***
[7/19/2015 3:16:13 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hamm
[7/19/2015 4:07:12 PM] *** Missed call from Ms. Bimbo. ***
[7/19/2015 4:07:19 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hamm
[7/19/2015 4:56:11 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/19/2015 5:17:43 PM] *** Missed call from Ms. Bimbo. ***
[7/19/2015 5:38:37 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hamm
[7/19/2015 9:56:51 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/19/2015 10:11:51 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Ok
[7/19/2015 10:20:20 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What happened
[7/19/2015 10:53:34 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi

[7/20/2015 9:54:05 AM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/20/2015 6:33:55 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/20/2015 7:53:16 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/20/2015 10:26:00 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi HAMM

[7/21/2015 9:47:46 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
As you can see at this point she hasn't left me alone for a single day. At this point I got sick of her thrusting two letter words my way. Anyway I decided to give her a piece of my mind.
[7/22/2015 11:48:05 AM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/22/2015 2:38:21 PM] professorHAMM: WHY IS IT ONLY HI WITH YOU?
[7/22/2015 2:38:50 PM] professorHAMM: are you really that insipid?
[7/22/2015 3:09:03 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What?
[7/22/2015 3:09:53 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I just like saying hi
[7/22/2015 3:16:51 PM] Ms. Bimbo: And no I trying talking to you guys
[7/22/2015 3:20:39 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hamm
[7/22/2015 6:05:03 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hey
[7/22/2015 6:07:15 PM] professorHAMM: wuddup
[7/22/2015 6:08:58 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Nothing
[7/22/2015 6:09:06 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What are you doing
[7/22/2015 6:15:18 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hamm
[7/22/2015 6:16:00 PM] professorHAMM: Not much right now. just watching youtube and waiting for food to be delivered
[7/22/2015 6:16:17 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm talking to Mariam
[7/22/2015 6:16:48 PM] professorHAMM: okay
[7/22/2015 6:17:02 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm bored
[7/22/2015 6:18:33 PM] professorHAMM: You wan't me to do something about it or something?
[7/22/2015 6:19:13 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Talking helps
[7/22/2015 6:25:55 PM] Ms. Bimbo: What food are you waiting for
[7/22/2015 9:32:20 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hey

Why don't you just eat me, it might keep you quiet for a bit.
At least my retaliation scared her away for a few days.
[7/23/2015 10:12:31 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi

[7/25/2015 10:29:09 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hey

Boy, that got her to cut back and even skip a day. Then this happened...
[7/26/2015 10:43:57 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Hi
[7/26/2015 10:45:35 PM] professorHAMM: hi
[7/26/2015 10:47:33 PM] Ms. Bimbo: How are you
[7/26/2015 10:49:57 PM] professorHAMM: im good how are you
[7/26/2015 10:50:32 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Good,What are you doing
[7/26/2015 10:51:17 PM] professorHAMM: typing onthe keyboard
[7/26/2015 10:51:30 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I'm listening to music
[7/26/2015 10:52:09 PM] professorHAMM: cool,now im clicking my mouse
[7/26/2015 10:52:24 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I have to go to my dad's tomorrow in Kansas
[7/26/2015 10:53:05 PM] professorHAMM: ooh, thats far away
[7/26/2015 10:53:31 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Sorta,I'm going to be gone for a month
[7/26/2015 10:54:11 PM] professorHAMM: oooh,thats a long time
[7/26/2015 10:54:36 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Yeah,and I will be 2 hours ahead
[7/26/2015 10:55:17 PM] professorHAMM: better than being 2 hours behind :(
[7/26/2015 10:55:42 PM] professorHAMM: I hate our time zone
[7/26/2015 10:58:20 PM] Ms. Bimbo: No,so like right,over in Kansas right now it's almost 1 am
[7/26/2015 10:58:56 PM] professorHAMM: I know, we suck. I wish it was 1 am here
[7/26/2015 11:00:03 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I hate my dad,I wish I never met him
[7/26/2015 11:03:15 PM] professorHAMM: I hate my dad but I never met him
[7/26/2015 11:03:30 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Your lucky
[7/26/2015 11:05:23 PM] professorHAMM: why
[7/26/2015 11:05:55 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Me and my dad have a bad history to where I wish he was dead
[7/26/2015 11:11:24 PM] professorHAMM: I have a bad history in my browser and if anyone found it, id be dead
[7/26/2015 11:11:42 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Mmm
[7/26/2015 11:12:13 PM] Ms. Bimbo: How was your day
[7/26/2015 11:12:29 PM] professorHAMM: do you happen to like M&M's?
[7/26/2015 11:12:35 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Yes
[7/26/2015 11:13:37 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Why
[7/26/2015 11:13:55 PM] professorHAMM: awsome,I like like the peanute kind
[7/26/2015 11:14:18 PM] Ms. Bimbo: M&M's are good
[7/26/2015 11:15:45 PM] professorHAMM: whats your favorite kind? peanute butter or plain?
[7/26/2015 11:16:03 PM] professorHAMM: OH! have you had the almound ones?
[7/26/2015 11:16:18 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Peanut butter,and yes I have
[7/26/2015 11:17:17 PM] professorHAMM: Have you ever had M&M wars?
[7/26/2015 11:17:41 PM] Ms. Bimbo: No
[7/26/2015 11:18:27 PM] professorHAMM: It's were you squish 2 M&M's between your fingers to see witch one survives
[7/26/2015 11:18:37 PM] professorHAMM: And then you eat the loser
[7/26/2015 11:19:14 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Oh
[7/26/2015 11:21:41 PM] professorHAMM: just like this
[7/26/2015 11:21:44 PM] professorHAMM:
Sick vid

[7/26/2015 11:21:48 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Have you ever had a near death experience
[7/26/2015 11:24:43 PM] professorHAMM: you watched the video yet?
[7/26/2015 11:26:39 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I am right now
[7/26/2015 11:27:53 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Wow
[7/26/2015 11:28:44 PM] professorHAMM: Have you ever done that?
[7/26/2015 11:29:20 PM] Ms. Bimbo: No
[7/26/2015 11:30:00 PM] professorHAMM: You should sometime, it makes eating M&M's a total blast!
[7/26/2015 11:30:10 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Ok
[7/26/2015 11:31:54 PM] Ms. Bimbo: How many times have you done it
[7/26/2015 11:32:40 PM] professorHAMM: More than I can count, but I had to sing the music last time I did it though
[7/26/2015 11:33:32 PM] Ms. Bimbo: Oh
[7/26/2015 11:33:47 PM] Ms. Bimbo: I have to go to bed,talk to you later,bye
[7/26/2015 11:34:05 PM] professorHAMM: ok,bye

So to summarize, this girl met me two weeks ago, and went from basic conversation to wishing death on her parents. WOW.
I'm willing to share, for a price.
Signa said:
The fact you had to ask instead of using Hamton is pretty sad.
It would be kinda akward to Live in a town that shared the same nikname as myself

Because I'm not creative enough...
He came from my assload of friends!
trainer6265 said:
White Cards:
My "turkey baster,"
Apple butter

Black Cards:
_____ is the new inside joke amongst the 6th graders.
you'll find _____ around back. go put em' in the truck.
congratulations! you are the winner of the _____ challenge! you win _____!
Wait! why did you put _____ on the internet!?

Good one! XD
Hey I was trying to figure out how to play sound through multiple headsets on my Windows 7 computer without using a splitter. Specifically a usb headset and an audio jack headset. When I plug them in it seems I can only select one at a time so if its a simple fix so if someone has an answer please let me know.
FallingShit said:
Yah but can't connect to the online part at all thats the shitty part.

Bro add me on PSN if you want. its the same name professorHAMM
SuperJer said:
I'm waiting til January when the PC version comes out.

Well I was planning on getting the PC version but Im an impatient bastard and got it for ps4. Im still planning on getting it for computer.
Talk about it!
I have already seen this but let me tell you that I couldent sleep that night.
I assume thats what you normally use?
I have the two disks just sitting here. I cant make up my mind. WITCH TO INSTALL?
Im gonna cream my pants for Gta 5 for the PC/Ps4 I dont know witch one I should get. Other games I am exited for are Pokémon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire , Persona-Q and The Binding Of Isac Rebirth.
SuperJer said:
I think most TV stands look like garbage. So I got a low cabinet thing instead from a furniture store. It's flat on top, and that's all you really need to put a TV on it.
Can you send picture?

melloyellow582 said:
maybe some sort of small table or cabinet or something i dunno maybe something like a little piece of wood i guess i mean there are other options This is the table I am using right now. I was thinking about getting some more along the lines of something closer to the ground with shelf space and good at hiding cords behind it.
Outcast said:
Who the fuck watches TV?
I use it for mirroring my desktop and playing consoles. I DONT WATCH TV ON IT! *lies*

Does anyone have any recommendations for a stand for about the size of a 50 inch TV?
Oh no It has all backfired! IM THE ONE GETTING TROLLED?
I dunno. What type of questions do you usually ask?
I hope you guys picked up on my trolling -_-
Hey, i am just curious if anyone else does this. Every day when i take a shower, i like to turn the water super hot, hold my nuts in my hand and let the scalding hot water run over them.

Lately my balls have been extremely itchy for some reason, so instead of itching them, i burn them with scalding hot water to relieve the itching and it is quite possibly the most amazing sensation i've ever felt in my life. It feels amazing and i'm doing less damage to the skin than if i were to scratch them. I just have to be careful because the hot water hitting my hand or my thighs hurts really bad so it can be difficult to only let the scalding hot water hit my nuts and nothing else. As i've been doing this, the itching has gotten less intense as the days go on so the treatment seems to be working.

I know it's weird but i'm telling you it feels incredible. I'm not saying other people should try it, but if you've got an itch, perhaps a better alternative is to burn them with scalding hot water.
Who is Jamie?
I would like to play! my username is jordanhamm