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Nice, I'm working on writing my own Ray Tracer so I can actually understand the math behind it. :D

I like the ones superjer has more, I tried to figure out how to get a sphere on to of every stack, to no avail. :( That would be sweet!

If the blocks had texture it would look a million times more amazing, and some optimization would be nice!

Anyways back to work for me.
So do you think I could get some of the code for the other images?
EdAn said:

I say unless it's off the first damn page of posts it's not a zombie/grave digger. :p

Anyways, I would just like the source. :(

I guess I'll just spend a lot of time editing his code!
Is there any way we could get the source for some of the other renders you did? Such as the one with a sphere on top of every stack of blocks.

I would like the renders to be a bit more predictable, and I liked the ones you posted. :)