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Well I have officially started on version 3 of my map entitled "wn_brickyard3". I used the ZHLT files and wrote up the wn_brickyard3.bat file and such like always and began the process. I have been on LeftThread 90% for about 15 minutes now and doesn't seem to be wanting to progress anymore (the little _ is still blinking) is this normal?
I do not have the "Clip" texture or the ability to go to properties on a brush. The only thing I get when I right click and select properties is "Visual Group" and that is all.
I copied my friends config file and I did not make a copy of the original. Is there a way to revert to old settings?
im sorry, i actually read somewhere else in the forum what to do. my bad.
I compiled my map using that ZHLT and it worked, however, once i get into CS, I get a "Fatal Error" and it says that it can't find my texture file. Where am I supposed to put it so it will find it?
I am putting the larger map on hold for a moment and working on a map that will be killer for gun game. However, I have come to an issue that I never really thought about. Stairs are nice, but they take up too much space. How do you make a ladder?
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This is what I see everytime I connect. I tested my speed and it said 2.5megabits per second
Yeah well I am having worse luck. I was getting 100fps but the graphics of the game was terrible. I changed my settings around trying to boost the graphics (my friend sent me a copy of his config file) and my fps dropped to about 50 and it looked terrible still. I tweaked my graphics settings (in Windows) and now I can't connect to a game or if I do it shows Loss and Choke. Wtf. My friend's computer is not even remotely as good as mine (and mine is not awesome). When I don't connect it gets stuck on "IN: .42kb/s" which makes no sense because I was just downloading on bit torrent at 120 kb/s-400kb/s. Here are my specs. Maybe someone can help me too

CPU: AMD 64 X2 3800+
RAM: 3 GB DDR2 800
VC: HIS ATI X1650Pro
AC: X-Fi Xtreme Music
HDD: 2x Seagate 500Gb SATAII
Windows XP Pro

(not too shabby I thought)

now you are going to laugh but I am connected wirelessly to a Netgear cable modem/router (no one else is on) and I have a USB 2.0 SMC EZ Connect Wireless Adapter. Is that the problem?
Ok, so I am slowly progressing in one of my buildings, trying to give it texture, but it looks so cheesy. You know, like some doofus just made it (yeah, I know, you don't have to comment on that). I tried taking digipix of textures I like and they don't look that great and all the "details" I am putting in just look more stupid. Any suggestions?

<img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">

Yes, I realize that the purple half-life texture is on there, but I don't have an exterior building texture yet.
yes, that makes more sense. and is much easier
Aha! Now I know what to do. Its amazing what you can do with a little button. I wish the tutorial I read had this in it. Ok, no more annoying stuff from me on "How do you do...."

From now on it should just be update pictures
I noticed the different shapes, but I am still having an issue with this. I am trying to make very small shapes and the smallest I seem to be able to get down to is a 64x64 block (or other various shaped brushes) or a flat variation of this AND they seem to only want to stick to the sides of the grid in the top, front, side views.

This is a picture of a building similar to what I am trying to build, its not the exact building, but close enough so you can get the idea.
<img src="" border="0" alt="Not What I'm Doing, But A Good Example">

I understand that it is a game, and I will not be able to replicate the building to my desires, but I want to make a level that is pleasing to the eye and challenging to the mind.

I want to make things like posters, toilet stalls, columns, overhangs, signs ect.
I am sure by now, you are getting quite sick of me. I have a few more questions. My friend is setting up a server and I am trying to make this map be one of the first maps on the server (all custom maps)

1. When texturing, is it possible (and if yes, how) to make different sides of the brush to have a different texture? (i.e. Inside/Outside wall)

2. Since you have supplied much help already (and I have a feeling I will be requiring more, would you (the site) be opposed to me puting a "poster" for this site in the map?
Thank you, that was helpful. I have made the basic skeleton for a small fraction of the mall and it seems to be doing wellI understand that you need a wad file in order to have textures in the game. How do you make you're own textures and thus make your own wad files? Or is there someone who is interested in making specific textures for me?

<img src="" border="0" alt="The Mall - Phase 1">
I am currently working on a big project for a CounterStrike 6.1 map. If you would believe it, I am making a replica of a local mall here. The mall has towers for snipers and plenty of locations for handgun or knife combat. Its a one story mall with large towers on the ends, a large parking lot with plants and trees. Now this is a large project and I am looking for some help on it as well as having a few questions.

1. How many blocks (zoomed in as far as i go) it the right height for a doorway without ducking and how many blocks is high enough if you are ducking to be hidden?

2. I am new to Hammer but I have mapped for WolfET before. How do you apply the textures to the brushes? I can't seem to get them to stay or even appear.

3. Is any one interested in helping out on this project. I am going to need people to make brushes for objects and people who know about CS scripting (because I just make the visual stuff and I hate coding) I have a map of the buildings and pictures of the complex. I also would like some people to test it and for some people to throw ideas off of