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My man really made a water level. Great work!
SuperJer said:
Bootfist said:

We ban tons of bots that post links.

Just don't only post links to outside websites and you are okay.
Third wave!?
Nipple piercings sets the mood at press conferences.

Change my mind.
holy snapp that keyboard is sex.
Sick vid
Hammer mapping made me age!
thus superjer forums were reborn!
We ride spaceships everywhere why would we need to rent a car anymore?
well i'm better than when i started that's for sure :o
We all kinda lurk.
Nailed it
xstacie got a car from that divorce.
it's good i bought a fight stick.

it is great but only of you got the money :>
if he does i got the button ready.
welcome and good luck man.
I just spent $60 for the game and another $60 for a arcade pad.

Who else has played this game?
it's a party now.
SuperJer said:
Looks like you should lower your price.

i just want to sell paperclips at $1.50 a piece though.

not even close
SuperJer said:

Excellent ending.

challenge accepted.
it's like an external dash cam!
whats going on guys?
going to name my child Emaileth duh
it's fine. :>
i have a .sldprt file that has all the parts i need to edit the part but i can't open it because i have an older verson of SW.

i can open it and see what it looks like but i can't edit it :<

i'm getting the dick on my internet still.
any of you guys own SW that could convert a file for me so i can open it?

i got a older version and i can't open newer versions :<
We come here still.

SuperJer said:
You could just punch it.

You could just punch it.
these are really good tho
beat the devil out of it.
NatureJay said:
Oh no, it seems that I am better than both of you but still probably not as good as some other people who will post theirs later.

looks like somebody got a little bob ross in them.
Holding your ass below the water till the bubbles stop

Then God said, “Let there be Holding your ass below the water till the bubbles stop”; and there was Holding your ass below the water till the bubbles stop. And God saw that Holding your ass below the water till the bubbles stop was good.
Happiness: cannibals, shafts, and Holding your ass below the water till the bubbles stop.
But of the tree of knowledge of a polite way to say no and Holding your ass below the water till the bubbles stop you shall not eat, for in the day you eat of it you shall surely die.
... And so my mom asked me, “If all your friends were Holding your ass below the water till the bubbles stop, would you be Holding your ass below the water till the bubbles stop as well?”
After last week’s stunning victory, the wrestler earned his nickname “Holding your ass below the water till the bubbles stop
I went to cut the cake, and to my delight, Holding your ass below the water till the bubbles stop popped out!

What's the mpg?
Mpot(miles per orphan tears)
young as long as i can remember.
Trying to use fish for substance for 29 states.
I'm 21!!!
Sick vid
i finally got over my ladder anxiety and now im kicking ass and getting ass kicked in gold
this thread kills me.
"just don't peak him"

Not so special needy children
that's as complicated as a monkey trying to fuck a football
I only fondle behind my desk
Practically hanging on by my nose
It's its own mode and you can play it on any expansion
I have been going to community college learning 3D CAD to get a mediocre job but In the meantime I'm a security officer at an airport. So yeah it's been a while guys.

I should put this in a general truck..
I bought sc2 LOTV to see how the story ends, anybody else buy it?

Also coop mode is probably the only thing that will motivate me to play more than 30 minutes without feeling like I'm total shit at the game.
I think they throttled my upload for a month after I practically FaceTimed for a month straight. It's all gravy now though.
my internet upload quits every so often so i can't stream :c
i like it.
is why i suck at this job.


gay poetry.
after halloween horse mask?
holy shit i was annoying.
i also agree.

nice keybord.

nice camera also.

10/10 megapixls
how to reskin weapons

if you want to make new weps you might have to learn to make a mod for 1.6
only make the skin.
could not do.
shower lasted 7 mins long this time.
Outcast said:
John benett said:

i stand in the shower and only scratch my balls with my loofa for the first 6 mins of my shower most of the time.
save all your projects.

do the extra 10 miles when making shit and put your accomplishments on your resume.
nvm hail superjer.
aaronjer said:
SJ is a lying whore bitch.

Lets get out of here scoob.
melloyellow582 said:
I'm all about being in.


melloyellow582 said:
NatureJay said:
Not enough gay.

"Hookers in the trunk"
My thesis on relativity
Sick vid
i am a lesbian.
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ.
are you gay?
who pays for things on the internet nowadays?
yeah it is.

i think it was pritty early when the show started too.
Sick vid

also it's really loud.
and bad.
Sick vid
aaronjer said:
Is being Speed Cloud really worth it?

yeah that was kick ass.

aww snap
fuck .gifs D:
fuck i also watched it and nobody i knew watched it.

i should have known to come here first.
hide the slaves, he is back.
aaronjer said:
god i would give up my Ron weasley collection just to touch a real wand.

wow that looks tight.
what a Bro.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: asl
You: >:I
Stranger: k
You: lets get down to dirty busness
Stranger: yea i love getting nasty
You: i mean
Stranger: u got kik?
You: nigga i don't have a smart phone
Stranger: wtf?
You: im broke as fuck
Stranger: mine: danelle3
You: fuck that
You have disconnected.
Sick vid
phoenix_r said:
SRAW said:

i moved.
supes dropen knowledge on this thread.
when did gorden ever have a knife?
Outcast said:
some func_illusionary thingy

make it not that and you got a workin armory.

i think somebody else had that same problem and they tried to make an entire wall look like water with the water brush. crazy leaks ensued.
the_cloud_system said:
so i use download helper as a addon on firefox to download porn from sites'n shit

yesterday i was downloading a lot of things from newgrounds (not porn)

newgrounds doesn't have the right amount of porn for me :c
i still watch porn.

this is relevant.
phoenix_r said:
Outcast said:
Quake 2 is badass.

Hell yeah, plus if you have the game disc it also works as the soundtrack in a cd player!

so did twisted metal :o
Girl let me see dat log
boobs :D
SRAW said:
Total offense cloud, warcraft 2(lol) and the music was extremely cheesy and not very good

Sick vid
can't wait!
i enjoy a good mexican brawl.
phoenix_r said:
Hey, I have a really cool video of nothing in particular!:DDDD

re-download it and put it on your desktop so you won't lose it.

suparjew pls.
internet years don't change.
GOcontra would be awesome.
i'm down.

is it bad that i have it linked to the front page?
Sick vid
what game is this?
is it like halo?
Outcast said:
You can call me Harris.

now kiss
trucking is something that i feel i should say that i am not ok with it.

except when i do it.
then it's fine.

but i do like awesome sound systems.
there is no "standerd" in hammer mapping.

besides lights, spawn points, and buttons.
isint their a steam "cloud" for all the local files?
do those soda machines dispense soda?
phoenix_r said:
Don't worry, Buq, everything's going to be alright.

bob marley ™
did this truck time travel?

is this the 1980s?
i had to right click and open new tabs.

i usually just mouse3 to open tabs.
damn you superjer for making me right click!
stick my dick in all the holes.
i support a Mobile side of this website.

but i do not have a smart phone so i wont be useing it.
well you got enough for everybody here.
end of the world party?
watched smite on twitch.

might as well be a 3ed person shooter >:I
apple has so much cool shit with its cameras.
i love this more than i should.

i love games like this.
sir are you aware your horse is spinning?
but are you listed?
i would guess people made shapes that looked like animals and used Funky_train to groove it up.
you can't.
sprinkles said:
You shouldn't be making anything that's not a square.

is it okay if a make the "a lot of pole" with boxshape not the circle shape???

well its easer on the compile that you don't put to many complex shapes in.
i wish i had the balls to just download whatever a guy links.
post the compile log?
NatureJay said:
Outcast said:
For some reason i always thought NatureJay is a natural bodybuilder ..


damn straight he is.
do not want.
NatureJay said:
Fucking dwarves, man.

your link color is very close to your post color.
kids thought McDiddys was originality from newgrounds?

Sick vid

very professional superjer.

we need a professional ribbons for being professionally professional.

(no sirly tho)

EDIT: look in the comments. forgot to mention that.
my gaydar is going crazy.
SRAW said:
lol sprinkles got pwned. He's still mad cuz... cant think of anything i ever did

this is apparently the 25th time somebody has made an unnamed truck.
lack of a solid wall makes it a huge leak?
after playing Dota for a few games.

i like LoL better.
you must get all the bitches.

all the bitches
Sick vid
did you change the brush at all?
we would like to see the compile log

but you can remake the wall if it makes you feel better.
post the compile log.
rockbomb is just pulling your dick, what he means is try to remake the wall.
SRAW said:
Brandon is a gay name... fedex_ is cool... therefore you're gay.

brandon is the new steve.
nah we can just call you brandon now.
that bra is too small for sraw
i looked on the youtube channel and found most of them but i guess that's not what you are looking for?

superjer said:

I'm looking for the Back to the Future edit with the dog in the Delorean, too, if anyone knows where it is.

Sick vid

Sick vid
NatureJay said:
Yeah, superjer, you obviously can't tell what real side kicks are

first gay dick-tator.

oh my.
when you get bord on the internet.

what do YOU do?
clearly he did not google on how to kill your self.
hot damn!
Rockbomb said:
Yes, ban the Globetrotters pls.
he is not lying though.
is this you sraw?

Sick vid
strangly this reminds me of heavy metal.

makes me want to watch dbz again :c
NatureJay said:
SRAW said:
SpaceBalls would have made a better movie, but they weren't the least bit interested

i always lick jelly off the counter.
Luke, i am a snowflake?
things you will never see a fat kid do.

touch his toes.
leave jelly on the counter.
this video.
i wish i could record hbo without paying for it.

duno why that does that.
your search came up to be...uninformative.

the grandma did.
he needs to stop takeing meth.
SRAW said:
You're gonna spread your urinary tract infection to bitches?

same thing as college.
You can do it with MSpaint like this:
Save your picture as a 256 colour bitmap.
In the Save As Dialogue box, open the Drop Down menu that's next to Save As Type...
and select 256 colour bitmap.

does this help?
i burn my dvds 15 times.
i just got into LoL :C
yeah back when the only thing they showed was trains docking.
math 82 an intro to cinema :I
I'm only taking 2 classes.

classes are expensive as fuck only if you come from out of the county.
i think his dad is the one who has the server.

seeing how his dad is on the server whenever he is :I
can't tell if sarcasm

and sraw i can't get people willing to get to the server.
and the server owner is the kids dad that is the only admin that refused to give admin to me :I
if i had my way i would make that shit a sweet GG server.
more than sraw uses the term noob
its never too late man.
you just rhymed attack with attack.
i am seriously thinking of getting it next month :I
yeah i make some mean commentary.

i stuck around 30 viewers.
i was just livestreaming me playing "the Binding of Isaac" to my facebook fans and they suggested i play both of those games instead :o
crabs aren't bad guys after all.

kinda weird running though them though.
i just got into it because a world of warcraft stranger lured me in.
SRAW said:

why the fuck is every team i'm grouped up with have no balls?
birthday is comeing up soon.

what are you guys gonna give me :D?
my online friends told me about this.

I would buy it but i already have too many addictions.
melloyellow582 said:
phoenix_r said:
So where the fuck is our cheese sandwich?!

oh god i was annoying back then.
you put this in the .bat, right?

@echo off
hlcsg -nowadtextures catpee
hlbsp catpee
hlvis catpee
hlrad catpee
copy catpee.bsp "C:\Steam\SteamApps\\counter-strike\cstrike\maps"
"C:\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 10 -dev +sv_cheats 1 +map catpee
you signature has a shit stain on the right
minigame, fail Bhop, gun game, i have yet to find a server that has reguler maps that is enjoyable.

rather than finding the servers you can just add me as a friend.
SRAW said:
That stupid asian fuck is so annoying

he knew about the double fisting but you lost him at the beer part :(
lol on scouts code.
Sick vid

my mom is playing gw2 beta weekend also...
I put this up on my page.
but everybody is like 12 years old.
Sick vid

I get bord fast
hell yeah
Rockbomb said:
Btw, where you movin' to, Cloudy? Colorado? :D

i'm gonna live in the city. Phoenix

i live in dripping springs, middle of nowhere, the boondocks.
i'm finaly moveing out of my house.

this will be my last
one from my house.

graduating Friday.
moving Sunday.

ahhhhhh feels good to be a gangster.
because i don't have nearly enough weed, or camrah power to do so.
damn, i deleted adobe after effects

just gonna make a few videos for my facebook page
would superjer be mad if i fraps one of his servers? :I
shitty mc shitty pants.
oh btw they be coming out with a new album

Sick vid

i love this
this truck is
i'm moving after high school is over with to phx Arizona.

dropping some mad knowledge.
phoenix_r said:
You tryin' to stop this here party truck, cloudy? WTF wall of text, get that shit right outta town!


so i did a turnable thing with 4 DJ's for my page and i got ALOT of great music, although most of it is dubstep.

but i havent found a song that is bad.

Emeli Sandé - Heaven (Nu Tone Remix)
Emeli Sande - 6:09

Internet Connection (Flux Pavilion Remix)
M.I.A. - 5:06
Vote: 56%·Dat Toaster

3 Fist Style
Datsik - 2:33
Vote: 72%·TheTrueLion

Seconds to Midnight
S.P.Y - 6:03
Vote: 56%·Manthateatspigz

Kung Fu Fighting
Carl Douglas - 3:15
Vote: 94%·Dat Toaster

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - 2:25
Vote: 31%·DeZ420

Propane Nightmares
Pendulum - 5:13
Vote: 31%·TheTrueLion

Justice - 3:55
Vote: 35%·that guy in the back

Pendulum - 4:29
Vote: 65%·TheTrueLion

Nero - 4:12
Vote: 35%·that guy in the back

Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Rmx)
Blue Foundation - 5:20
Vote: 55%·DeZ420

Strobe (Club Edit)
Deadmau5 - 6:21
Vote: 35%·that guy in the back

I Can’t Stop
Flux Pavilion - 5:03
Vote: 80%·stoneroninternet

Raise Your Weapon (Fytch Remix)
Deadmau5 - 5:29
Vote: 85%·Pryvate Pigeon

Plan Your Own Party Kit
Truxton - 2:35
Vote: 35%·Dat Toaster

Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
Nirvana - 4:07
Vote: 35%·that guy in the back

You Only Live Once
The Strokes - 3:07
Vote: 35%·Cassandruh

End of the World (Xilent Remix)
Alex Metric & Charli XCX - 5:38
Vote: 65%·Pryvate Pigeon

Without Me
Eminem - 4:50
Vote: 35%·TheTrueLion

Moist Vagina (Demo)
Nirvana - 1:57
Vote: 75%·that guy in the back
Plan Your Own Party Kit
Truxton - 2:35
Vote: 35%·Dat Toaster

Heart-Shaped Box
Nirvana - 4:39
Vote: 80%·Cassandruh

They Say
Scars On Broadway - 2:46
Vote: 50%·stoneroninternet

Rain (Feat. Sara Kay)
Klaypex - 4:27
Vote: 59%·Photogenic Zeddle
Golden Hardness
Truxton - 3:58
Vote: 36%·Dat Toaster
One Minute
Krewella - 4:15
Vote: 82%·Pryvate Pigeon

When It Started
The Strokes - 2:53
Vote: 36%·Cassandruh

Hotel Room Service
Pitbull - 3:58
Vote: 36%·stoneroninternet
Subvive Free World
Unknown - 5:17
Vote: 73%·Photogenic Zeddle
Golden Hardness
Truxton - 3:58
Vote: 68%·Dat Toaster
Acid Wølfpack
Coyote Kisses - 5:36
Vote: 80%·Pryvate Pigeon

Alter Bridge - 7:58
Vote: 55%·Cassandruh

House Of The Rising Sun
The Animals - 4:31
Vote: 88%·stoneroninternet
Gangster (Trolley Snatcha Remi
Dreadzone - 4:15
Vote: 44%·Photogenic Zeddle

Existence Vip (Original Mix)
Excision - 4:08
Vote: 31%·Dat Toaster
Dirty Talk (RUNVS remix)
Wynter Gordon - 4:00
Vote: 71%·Pryvate Pigeon

This House Is A Circus
Arctic Monkeys - 3:10
Vote: 83%·Cassandruh

Destination Calabria (Radio Edit)
Alex Gaudino - 3:03
Vote: 71%·stoneroninternet

SubVibe - 4:12
Vote: 57%·Photogenic Zeddle

Ginger Pubes
Cookie Monsta - 5:09
Vote: 75%·Dat Toaster
Take the World by Storm
You and What Army - 3:32
Vote: 80%·Pryvate Pigeon

Alpha Centauri (Excision & Datsik Remix)
Noisia - 4:49
Vote: 75%·Jack Katz

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
Cage The Elephant - 2:55
Vote: 64%·stoneroninternet

Screw Up
Subscape - 5:32
Vote: 79%·Photogenic Zeddle

F**king Clownstep
Levela - 5:07
Vote: 79%·Dat Toaster
Showtek - 6:16
Vote: 30%·stoneroninternet
Not Fair - Lily Allen (Oblivion Remix)
Lily Allen - 4:48
Vote: 70%·Pryvate Pigeon

King For A Day
Green Day - 3:13
Vote: 30%·-Adolf
Fall Of The Republic
Arkasia - 4:38
Vote: 58%·Photogenic Zeddle
Se7enSlot vs. DJ Rawwk - 4:42
Vote: 58%·Dat Toaster

Irish Drinking Song
Buck-O-Nine - 1:58
Vote: 70%·stoneroninternet
Into Your Eyes
You and What Army - 3:10
Vote: 80%·Pryvate Pigeon

Doctor P - 3:39
Vote: 100%·Dat Toaster

Whispers (I Hear You)
All That Remains - 3:40
Vote: 79%·Photogenic Zeddle

Ravers Fantasy
Manian - 3:30
Vote: 40%·-Adolf

Self Vs Self (Feat. In Flames)
Pendulum - 4:45
Vote: 70%·stoneroninternet
Dr Wily (2011 VIP) [Promo]
Audio Warfare - 3:36
Vote: 70%·Pryvate Pigeon
Sometimes I Still Miss Her (Se7enSlot Remix)
Charlie P - 3:41
Vote: 60%·Dat Toaster
Scythe of 13
ASK - 4:31
Vote: 75%·Photogenic Zeddle

Short Skirt\/Long Jacket
Cake - 3:24
Vote: 43%·-Adolf

Green Stuff
Mr. Puta - 5:39
Vote: 50%·TheTrueLion
04 - Hardcore Syco
Ganar - 6:14
Vote: 63%·Pryvate Pigeon

Pirate Hooker
Zomboy - 3:40
Vote: 44%·Dat Toaster
Get Out
Subvibe - 3:50
Vote: 81%·Photogenic Zeddle

Barbie Girl
Aqua - 3:16
Vote: 56%·-Adolf

Show Me Your Genitals
Jon Lajoie - 2:32
Vote: 31%·TheTrueLion

Jack Sparrow
The Lonely Island - 3:08
Vote: 50%·HipsterFinn

Stephen Lynch - 4:26
Vote: 33%·Photogenic Zeddle

Dora The Explorer Theme
Dora The Explorer - 0:42
Vote: 33%·HipsterFinn

Natural Selection (Featuring The Black Angels)
U.N.K.L.E. - 4:12
Vote: 28%·that guy in the back

Kyle's Mom Is A Big Fat Bitch
Eric Cartman - 0:48
Vote: 50%·-Adolf

Too Fast
Jon Lajoie - 1:56
Vote: 72%·TheTrueLion

Denis Leary - 4:26
Vote: 50%·Photogenic Zeddle

Men & Women
Bo Burnham - 3:07
Vote: 61%·HipsterFinn

The Bad Touch
Bloodhound Gang - 4:21
Vote: 72%·that guy in the back

Like A Boss
The Lonely Island - 1:46
Vote: 67%·-Adolf
Showtek - 6:16
Vote: 78%·TheTrueLion

Best Of Both Worlds
Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) - 2:54
Vote: 35%·HipsterFinn

Bass Head
Bassnectar - 6:36
Vote: 40%·that guy in the back

First Of The Year (Equinox)
Skrillex - 4:21
Vote: 35%·-Adolf
Sometimes I Still Miss Her - Charlie P (Se7enSlot Remix)
Se7enSlot - 3:40
Vote: 55%·Dat Toaster

United States Of Whatever
Liam Lynch - 1:31
Vote: 80%·TheTrueLion
Pokémon (Dubstep Remix)
Unknown - 3:20
Vote: 85%·HipsterFinn

Nero - 4:42
Vote: 64%·that guy in the back
Unknown - 3:44
Vote: 80%·-Adolf
Unknown - 7:00
Vote: 50%·Dat Toaster

Everyday ((Netsky Remix))
Rusko - 4:12
Vote: 55%·TheTrueLion
Symphony of the Flute
Luke Da Duke - 3:19
Vote: 36%·HipsterFinn

Digital Love
Daft Punk - 4:58
Vote: 38%·that guy in the back

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Daft Punk - 3:43
Vote: 68%·-Adolf
The Quick Brown Fox - 2:30
Vote: 46%·Dat Toaster

Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Rmx)
Blue Foundation - 5:20
Vote: 36%·TheTrueLion

Bass Cannon
Flux Pavilion - 5:10
Vote: 46%·HipsterFinn

DyE - 4:53
Vote: 46%·that guy in the back

Green Day - 3:53
Vote: 33%·-Adolf
The Quick Brown Fox - 2:43
Vote: 54%·Dat Toaster

2Pac - 4:29
Vote: 31%·Photogenic Zeddle

Black & Blue
Seabird - 2:44
Vote: 35%·HipsterFinn

Feel Good Inc.
Gorillaz - 3:41
Vote: 71%·TheTrueLion

Baba O'Riley
The Who - 4:57
Vote: 83%·-Adolf

Got The Life
Korn - 3:48
Vote: 36%·Dat Toaster
Fall Of The Republic
Arkasia - 4:38
Vote: 36%·Photogenic Zeddle

Wanted Dead Or Alive
Bon Jovi - 5:08
Vote: 36%·HipsterFinn

United States Of Whatever
Liam Lynch - 1:31
Vote: 45%·TheTrueLion

Date Rape
Sublime - 3:37
Vote: 77%·-Adolf

Pushin' Forward Back
Temple Of The Dog - 3:44
Vote: 58%·Dat Toaster

No One Knows
Queens Of The Stone Age - 4:38
Vote: 86%·stoneroninternet

I'm Not The One
Sum 41 - 3:34
Vote: 60%·Photogenic Zeddle

Cult Of Personality
Living Colour - 4:54
Vote: 77%·HipsterFinn

Black Magic Woman\/Gypsy Queen
Santana - 5:22
Vote: 61%·TheTrueLion

Swan Dive
(hed) p.e. - 3:34
Vote: 56%·Dat Toaster
Lights (Eyes Remix)
Ellie Goulding - 3:54
Vote: 50%·@TheBleuFairy

The Trooper
Iron Maiden - 4:11
Vote: 67%·Photogenic Zeddle

Switchfoot - 4:20
Vote: 59%·HipsterFinn

We Plants Are Happy Plants
We Plants Are Happy Plants - 6:19
Vote: 60%·Skater0204

Into The Night
Santana - 3:42
Vote: 33%·HipsterFinn

Hollywood Undead - 4:25
Vote: 33%·that guy in the back

Metallica - 6:40
Vote: 33%·TheTrueLion
Forward Go!
(Hed) P.e. - 4:49
Vote: 72%·Dat Toaster

Rejection Role
Soilwork - 3:33
Vote: 33%·stoneroninternet

Rebecca Black - 3:30
Vote: 28%·HipsterFinn

Drug Myself Dumb (Album)
Cerebral Ballzy - 1:19
Vote: 38%·that guy in the back
Rammstein - 4:06
Vote: 81%·TheTrueLion
(Hed) P.e. - 1:16
Vote: 35%·Dat Toaster

Bronx Sniper
Mister Heavenly - 3:39
Vote: 45%·stoneroninternet

Skillet - 3:06
Vote: 56%·HipsterFinn

Am I Demon
Danzig - 4:57
Vote: 67%·Ariol Lage
Te Quiero Puta!
Rammstein - 3:50
Vote: 56%·TheTrueLion

Raining Blood
Slayer - 4:15
Vote: 69%·Dat Toaster

Rob Zombie - 3:40
Vote: 63%·stoneroninternet
Happy Together (Cover)
Flobots - 3:56
Vote: 33%·HipsterFinn

Where Eagles Dare
The Misfits - 2:08
Vote: 61%·Ariol Lage

Ace Of Spades
Motörhead - 2:49
Vote: 81%·TheTrueLion

Entombment Of A Machine
Job For A Cowboy - 4:07
Vote: 36%·Dat Toaster

Rejection Role
Soilwork - 3:33
Vote: 33%·stoneroninternet

Still Fly (Big Tymers Cover)
The Devil Wears Prada - 4:55
Vote: 33%·Dj <Jiffy>

How Could I
Cynic - 5:24
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Badman Sound
Doctor P - 4:40
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Who's Bad (Intro)
Se7enSlot - 1:28
Vote: 43%·Dat Toaster
press enter when you make the shape you want.

this thread might interest me in the next week.
Down Rodeo said:
I had a dream a couple of nights ago where my mother and sister were playing minecraft. Odd.

went into a shack with a one of my best friends wanting tattoos but i was last to get one so i just sat down next to the operating chair. my friend went up and sat down in the chair and he said he wanted a sleeve. so the tattoo artist cut open his neck and started using his blood as a ink. i mean cut open from jaw to chest and everything was bloody. this dream seemed like it took fucking forever. eventually the tattoo was done but my friend was dead (dead about halfway though the tattoo). then i woke up.

just thought i would share.

shits happening.
my brother got a beta key and he has a extra for me.

when im finished DL this client he is gonna send it to me.

i was explorein shit and found a island

x: -994
Z: 44

you can also log in and see it too...
i made a megaman thing.
a half assed rubix cube
and a human holding cell.

what did yall make?
Warning: === LEAK in hull 1 ===
Entity info_player_start @ (-362, 309,-399)
Warning: === LEAK in hull 2 ===
Entity info_player_start @ (-362, 309,-399)
Warning: === LEAK in hull 3 ===
Entity info_player_start @ (-362, 309,-399)
2.68 seconds elapsed

move the info_player_start away from the floor.
oh thanks.
i am so confused.
it literally comes out THE day after school.
i use to be a fat ass like you, but then i took a vagina to my penis.

Diablo III Launching May 15 – Digital Pre-Sales NOW OPEN
seams interdasting

fool i can barely tie my shoe let alone toster the ashtray.

yeah here is this.
never going to be as big and awesome as SPARTOR
Sick vid

i like the pritty pictures. can go suck a fat donkey dick.
he masturbates vigorously to your comments.
you guys should play it.

Sick vid
by some sort of bird demon.
give him the title of "ups"
auto tune your voice.

SRAW said:
boobs are always funny

lost my ipod, so can't D:

hair is fake and so is the beeny.
all this shit could just be a plot to make a profit off the internet just like how lobbyists do with fast food companys

(turning a blind eye when money)
but in all honesty, things that are more important in the grand scheme of government get passed right under everyone's noses while people are off screaming about something that's more unlikely to get approved. plus, the unlikelihood that SOPA will get past the president is huge.

with the new election coming up it's doubtful obama will have as much involvement in it, and it's liable to become a major platform issue. candidates are going to get pelted with questions about things like that, and if they agree with it they're killing their own campaign.
take ndaa for example.
the_cloud_system said:
NatureJay said:
...policy...spouting...requisite appendages...memorable...imbuing...judicious
...rhetorical...appropriate fear of me.

big words

all you could of sead is

NatureJay said:
i post less cause i act as if my shit dont stink

Holy fuck how i have changed.

this has nothing to do with anything.
i only saw the first season.

the :I face was it didn't seam like there was alot romance and there were moments but they where short. i don't think i like horo as much as you do.

am i just missing the next season?
ALRIGHT just finished all of my list and to anybody concern i will say what i thought about it.

Lain- I Just got done with it and it was hard to follow at the beginning but i got interested in it around the 4th episode then everything kinda sorta made sense. it was a great point of view and i enjoyed it. the end left me kinda derp.

durarara- i liked the action, everybodys personality, and the story. that's it.

Black Lagoon- i hate the main character of the story. but i loved the action and the back story on the other people. duno if there is gonna be another season but i would watch it.

ergo proxy- dunno how to explain this, but it was interesting. the concept of the entire thing was amazing. hard as hell to follow half the time.


outlaw star- if i was to advertise this program i would say it is like gurren lagann but with none of the fun.

Spice and Wolf- :I
buq25 said:
SRAW said:
You fucking fagget

I love you too!

sum love in hurr
this thread is the bane of my existence.
bronze age ftw.
my laptop wont let me but this is badass.
fuckin dwarves.
sell it for crack.
Sick vid
phoenix_r said:
the_cloud_system said:
My favorite part was how much I had to scroll.

first world problems.
phoenix_r said:
Down Rodeo said:
the_cloud_system said:
Rockbomb said:
buq25 said:
Sloth said:









Oh God no.

sexy fun time?
Rockbomb said:
buq25 said:
Sloth said:









scrolling down hurt my head.
there are lots of Ks there man.
Sick vid
DUH, change the homepage.

i mean burn your computer.

what i actually meant was do not internet.
were any of them named Battlefield 3?


i got it because of this video.

Sick vid
Rockbomb said:
Afro Samurai
Death Note
Soul Eater


Spice and Wolf ill do that now.
Rockbomb said:
Did the puppy died?

i has a sad.
SRAW said:
but 2 girls can't fit into a bag

SRAW said:
can't fit into a bag

SRAW said:
can't fit

if i had a camera and two naked girls i would put them in that.
make a .txt file of your map


and put what you want in it.
NatureJay said:
.... is that a scrunchy?

nope it's bumpits
we need a bigger love ladder.
this may be relevant to your interests.
ugly ol bitch.
Excuse me while I apply for a personal toilet janitor position at a mexican restaurant.
YAY servers are back up!
hell yeah, regardless it was a good series.

had to go to the wiki for that episode with the chatroom group of people trying to kill themselves. other than that it was good.
just got done watching paranoia agent.

Edit: shit would go alot smoother if i can find a reliable internet source and torrent.
Sick vid

vid related, its me and my desert

Sick vid
your server doesn't make items activate pressure plates? D:

i had to screen cap it and shop it all together because asshole kept on deleting his posts.
NatureJay said:
You've probably already watched the Ghost in the Shell series, but if you haven't go do it.

shit confused me so much... but seeing how i have the option of torrenting it and watching it when i want to ill see if i can actually watch it in order.

NatureJay said:
Trigun is apparently one of the rare series where the show was better than the manga.

ACTUALLY after reading the wiki about it i would rather read the manga. but the anime was priceless
FLCL was my favorite until i watched elfen lied

Darker than Black reminded me of cowboy bebop so i watched the whole 6 volumes in 2 days.

i never watched all of samurai shamploo. it poped up on adult swim when i was little, and i remember i enjoyed the hell out of it.

and aaronjer, ill have to check them out.
go navy seal on his ass
so i watched a few the past month, anybody have more i can watch?

im thinking ergo proxy to watch next...

so far i watched
desert punk
elfen lied
full metal panic
highschool of the dead
there are others but that's just off the top of my head.

outlaw star
black lagoon
hellsing ultimate
rurouni kenshin
wolf's rain
paranoia agent
ergo proxy
samurai shamploo
socks killed me.
phoenix_r said:
You lose 50dkp for playing a DK with death in the name. You lose infinity dkp for still playing wow.

guys a warlock not playing a death knight.

still playing wow cause i can kick little kids asses.
Sick vid

then theres this shit

Sick vid

but we learned that in biology

i am badass.
thoes are not the same babblabbas.
when the fuck is this thread going to hit the 2ed page.
Sick vid
i built woodhinge once...
1.The O`Jays - Love Train
2.Slayer - Raining Blood
3.ARCH ENEMY - We Will Rise
4.Megadeth - Sweating Bullets
5.Powerglove - Tetris
6.Sonata Arctica - The boy who wanted to be a real puppet
7.stratovarius - forever is today
8.Swashbuckle - Jolly Roger
10.Children of Bodom - If You Want Peace... Prepare For War!
not a serious song just something to look at >:O
Sick vid
all over that like stink on shit.
i would sit the shit out of that.

just sayen.
NatureJay said:


kinda fitting because its a Hitchhikers book thing.
fuck, i would kill people for money.
Sick vid
SRAW said:
I know a dude who has 8 i7 cores, and needs 3 huge cooler fans, just sayin...

Rockbomb said:
the_cloud_system said:

That what you get paid monthly cloudy, not bi-monthly

@Sprinkles - lolwut... They better not pay me that low

2 part here.

i was on a school trip with my rotc group to a museum and some kids wanted to come with us to see if they really wanted to join or not. my friend brought his girl friend and she was taking things and breaking glass so our instructor told me to take her to the bus and calm her down. we got on the bus and i told her to sit down and stay here, before i could finish the sentence she spit in my face and i pulled a gun and put it to her chest. she hit the deck and i put the pistol to her head, she screamed and i shot her back and she bleed out. then the whole bus was full of my rotc group and my intructor told me to calm the fuck down and shot me.

lol wut?

next dream was like human centipede at school.
i got all the fat chicks ._.
i woke up from that shit right away.
if i would join the military it would be for
1 the money
2 the travel
3 respect
4 money money money

being payed roughly 1,600 bimonthly is a great deal.

edit: then there's Hazard pay for army and a whole lot of other things (free housing, no tax, blablablabla)
just being alpha as shit cause, wouldn't you want to get the most out of your birthday?
cause they are weak pussy fish!

and also they are low self esteem assholes that depend on people to do things for them
no one does aneything for them
them being homeless
hes doing this to get rich.
so i built a farm of some sorts west.

you all are welcome to take from it.

just replant the wheat.
phoenix_r said:
I bet you one internet you only have a gig's worth of sticks in there.

well you won an internet, cause there is only one gigs worth of ram in there.

now, i'm wondering why did i think i had 4 gigs o ram in there.

now lock this thread before people think i'm a retard.
ill take a pic some time.
i removed all the ram and it told me something like "not enough memory"
sprinkles said:
superjer said:


full metal jacket
i'm bored so i did this.

soooooooo they leaked minecraft 1.8 (a day before the actual update ._.) and i just went into freebuild mode and just...raped the land. here are the pictures (2) that i thought was cool

this one was cool cause it was just in the air.

this one looks like D2

and THERE ARE DUNGENZ with spiders n shit

and this is cool cause this chest had a diamond in it.

edit: just dig down and start from a dungeon, wayy easy just bring lots of wood. the door ways are MADE of wood!
never mind, i looked at the ram sticks and they are just quarter sticks, not gig sticks :\

i could of swore that i had 4 gigs...
you seem upset, bro?
i recently crashed my computer and it says i only have 1gig of ram.
i have 4 sticks inside of it.

any suggestions?

also i know there not working cause minecraft is being a laggy sum bitch,
Sick vid

i don't like showing people music i like.

bad quality cause im to lazy to look for a better one.
Sick vid
see what comes up.

and look and see if there is a light out in the void or penetrating the wall into the void.
Down Rodeo said:
Basically, man up.

Sick vid
sprinkles said:

sprinkles said:
Sick vid

Now that takes some balls.

no penetration.
i see what you did there.
and she fucking beat boxxes.
has google helped you?
Sick vid
this is now a creepy thread.

Sick vid
GAYY they removed it.
just...jizz...err where.
i have to buy another cs game?
my friend dylan wants to be white listed also, his minecraft name is "kaarnaqe"
well i didn't play it much and it frustrated me so bleh.
aaronjer said:

OneDude said:
I have another problem: 'Texture axis perpindicular to face'

texture axis perpendicular to face
one of your textures has not been set properly on a face. Either use the problemchecker to fix the error, or do it yourself by selecting the face or brush and then in the texture-application tool selecting 'align to face' or 'align to world'. if that doesn't work, your brush might be too broken to repair and you'll have to repair it manually...

quote found here

OneDude said:
Can you explain me how to work with the Go To Brush?

if you have a problem with hammer such as (bla bla bla is retarded) hold (alt+p) and press (go to error)

the selection tool should have already highlighted the problem entity or object. there it is up to you to fix it or delete it and do it over.
im hopeing there's a hud (im sure there is) and when you have 4 more people you wont care about that.

oh fuck i remember this game... it came on a cd with pc gamer mag.

fucking sucked.
Sick vid


yall just deal with this.
also, who destroyed half my railway to my batcave.

it took forever to half not Finnish it.

just so you know.
i torrented there whole disography...or how ever you spell it.

and i like all of there songs, but then it all melts together, and i just need to lisen to something else
phoenix_r said:
I also necroed the speed test truck just for kicks-n-jam.

i was about to do it anyway
maybe you could cut down on lights, are there Specific areas in the map that lag. what im trying to make you do is cut down on how much things you have in your map.

im assuming its a jail break map so there are alot of rooms and this explains how "hlvis" is taking forever.and also if you have a bad computer then rearranging your map is not going to help.
Sick vid

this bitch got drums n shit
hes kicking asss at the symbles
wasteing the people in the audience
sexin bitches left and right
and when you think hes done
then continues to waste people
rapes the drums
badass shit right hurr

to fix that problem you have, and also see if anything pops up.
post your compile log so i can get a hold of what you have.

related to your problems,13631-Lag-apears-when-the-map-is-filled-with-players
sprites as in entitys
thats about it.

you can but that's all you need.
phoenix_r said:
Rockbomb said:
Mate de Vita said:

is it big and open?

lights, sprites, objects. make less of them.

post your compile log.

i remember this :O!

i miss that show.
is it bad that i watched the whole thing?
just assume all boxes with checks in them are good.
he is trolling you.

your server sucks. <---- is the correct cancer.

and i googled better.
SRAW said:
an admin changed my post I had a picture of george bush going orly, but the LIBERAL ADMIN AARONJER deleted it

he didn't edit?

you remind me of the tough kids at school bug.

THIS IS ME! (cause last picture is a year old)

lil touch of green will fix this.
its a addon for chrome.

i wonder if he was drunk for most of this video.
it happens man.

:morecowbell: (video)

:openthedoor: (audio)
and i will be posting itt. for testing pourposes.


and it onley does 10 per post so you cant be over whelmed >:O


ok now that this test period is complete i bring you...

ill be using it and i will look weird.
but i don't give a fuck.
You can't make something out of nothing, so grab yourself a shiny new copy of the "Valve Hammer Editor" and also get the "ZHLT Compilers". These are absolutely required to make maps for HL games.

Stolen from:
shes a raptor :O!
Rockbomb said:
Maybe the frequencies are too low and you guys can't hear 'em?

post yerr compile log, just so we have a idea about your map.
ahha the nether...
SRAW said:
I don't wear glasses, cloud does

i got contacts irl
SRAW said:

stop that
3ds-emu-lova said:
i think 3ds roms just wont be as enjoyable as the classic gba ones!

world of warcraft got me in a vice as school just came back in.
the point of a sky box is to put a top on your map, because what players do is put a big box around it and its impracticable.

i laughed.
so like what, where aney of you sober?
needs more lava and chaos.
3 years >:o
i play wow cause i get money to pay for it ._.

if your gona play a mmorpg, you should just go and play guild wars.

but i never played runescape or guild wars so i cant say nuffin

no thanks. i play World of warcraft

the only photo that looks good ._.
i have a idea.

this comes from the zombey servers i used to play on.

just shape the words you want.
and apply right color to what you want.

and im shure you can make sparks happen too.

fucking robots man, you know how much times i die on the second level! shits insane.
awww shit sorry i didint see she was wherein armor >_>

i thought that color
dem knees
woah woah woah man, i just like that one song.

and your last post reminded me of something.

Sick vid
that is postcard worthey :o
base builder maps have lots of objects

try to make a copy of your map with out objects or less objects and see if thats the problem
i thought if you didn't add any lights at all it wouldn't compile
post compile log?

tell us whats up
save your map first just encase you don't mess stuff up.

alt + p (checks for problems)
fix all problems
see if it does
then do what you need to do to your map to what you want
alt + p
fix all possible problems (if there is any)
see what it does
it never hurts to post the compiler log. in fact. you might say. we.
do it.
ill just get my thumb drive of every licensed plate, made ever made by prisoners and do so.
i never use twitter, but i just have one for the people i meet.
Outcast said:
I'm jelly


just a quick note.

i do beleave that the admins deem objects as "movable" and not movable.

because hammer makes the map and there is no mod for that.

and you cant do much with hammer.
Sick vid
thread hyjacked.
aaronjer said:
Have you killed anybody yet?

and play with the vertex tool if you are looking to make something like a right triangle
EgyptBeast said:
The Only Way to Create anything is to Press the White cube (Block entity) And i Create a Cube sO do u knOw How to make a Circle Or any other thIng except Cube ? ^_^

you can not make a sphere
i got the idea to say inb4 sprinkels but... that might scare you away.

great to have you back!
snow is fuckn amazing.
that was fucking interesting.
i like it ahhahaha
oh noes all that blood
find a mod for minecraft
its about pistons
spend houers trying to get mod to work
then pistons are added in update?

well i used ccleaner and all that.

but it turns out my game has a cache folder thats 10 gigs big, right now im trying to decide whether or not to delete it or keep it. it may result in longer loading screens as the game needs to rebuilt a local game cache if i delete it at all.

i figured it out.
my old computer with my graphics card and 4 gig memory is low on space (45mb left) and i want to know what can i deleat to make more space so i can benefit. my game wants 2gig atleast to run optimal.

no i will not delete;system32,porn

nor get a external hard drive
check if there's any fingers or small body parts before you eat.
Mate de Vita said:
Rockbomb said:
the_cloud_system said:
would you get shot with a .22 knowing you have kevlar on?

That depends... Are you going to shoot me in the kevlar, or in the face?

What if you have kevlar IN your face?

we needed to go deeper.
damn >_>
Q: why is my map lagged
basically it depends on the "how much do i have" and the "how do i make Little of it"

how much objects do you have?
instead of LOTS boxes side by side (next to each other) just make one big rectangle and apply decals to the object!

to much complex models?

how big is the map?

is there a leak?

look at before you post.
would you get shot with a .22 knowing you have kevlar on?
keep that bbgun away from people.
i didn't know we where playing dr.mario.
they prob have that combo on steam.
well as you might of guessed this is your problem

Using Wadfile: \users\noora\desktop\catpee\cs_sc.wad
- Warning: Larger than expected texture (261932 bytes): '{BIG_MAPLE'
- Warning: Larger than expected texture (240172 bytes): 'TK_STONEWALLHI'
- Warning: Larger than expected texture (306812 bytes): 'TK_CLAYROOF'
- Warning: Larger than expected texture (272812 bytes): '{TK_PLANTLG'
- Warning: Larger than expected texture (327212 bytes): '{TK_PLANTSM'
- Warning: Larger than expected texture (235412 bytes): 'TK_TORNMAP'
- Warning: Larger than expected texture (348972 bytes): 'GRASSANDDIRTFUL'
- Warning: Larger than expected texture (348972 bytes): 'SPECIAL_THANKS'
- Warning: Larger than expected texture (348972 bytes): 'THANKS'
- Contains 74 used textures, 100.00 percent of map (5428 textures in wad)

did you make your own textures and if you did they are to big.
buq25 said:
Exept micro-transactions in the Man Company Store...

what is wrong with kicking peoples asses?
isint there a rateing system?
SRAW said:

meh too cartoony for me.
phoenix_r said:

buq your profile pic is giving me goosebumps.
who would hike in the rain?
open hammer, press alt+p and see if any problems show up, and fix em.
goxk said:
Warning: === LEAK in hull 0 ===
Entity light @ (-1811,-984,-362)
A LEAK is a hole in the map, where the inside of it is exposed to the
(unwanted) outside region. The entity listed in the error is just a helpful
indication of where the beginning of the leak pointfile starts, so the
beginning of the line can be quickly found and traced to until reaching the
outside. Unless this entity is accidentally on the outside of the map, it
probably should not be deleted. Some complex rotating objects entities need
their origins outside the map. To deal with these, just enclose the origin
brush with a solid world brush

Down Rodeo said:
Q: How do I plug a leak?

First of all, make sure you did not create any entities outside your map. An entity outside your map is just like a leak, if not worse.

If you can not find any entities outside your map:
Load the pointfile generated by the compile tools by selecting the "load pointfile" option in the Hammer menus. Then follow the red line in the viewport to the hole. DON'T delete entities quoted as causing the leak, as they are just mentioned as a reference point. DO use the grid to help avoid leaks in the first instance.

is it cause you have a box Around your map?
if so this picture will help you.
i JUST got garys mod.

for 10$
random buged map, just posting it for fun.

turns out the area around my spawn just didn't render water
Rami said:
Who said anything about textures?

Rami said:
but I need to change it's color to make some parts of it invisible. So, how can I change it's color?

SRAW said:
Make 2 pirate ships and when ct's press a button, a wall between them lifts up so the terrorists can start shooting at each other with cannons.

howa bout glocks it doesint do much damage.
will do

edit: holy shit this is confuseing

howabout this for your freebuild server so you dont have to check on the boxes?
SRAW said:
Why did you bother buying it if it sucks...

sadly developers dont give bad revews on there own products so no one knew.
bhop - fall off you die.
4 corners - ct randomly picks a corner from a square and the t on that corner dies.

just a few.
bah, nothing.

is this what your looking for?
are you admin on the server?
cloud_the_system said:
What are these strawberries doing on my nipples i need them for fruit salad

full moon out tonight!
NatureJay said:

Oh wait, that's Subadar. Sorry Subadar.

like...being a ninja is cool and all.

but with a pirate? rape AND pillage?

hands down pirate wins.
thank you for that read.
buq25 said:
13 CT 5 T?

how much they won.
yeah whats up with that.
SRAW said:
and the video makes no sense

Sick vid
i was being lazi
is it for counter strike? ingame?
if so

if not im just gona play the "google it your self, card."
i come to this thread to think im smart :D
all up to date.
UberJer said:
Vegas for editing

yeah but seeing how you got a new skin and that changed the cross hair, im thinking the skin over wrights the original crosshair.

there is no simple way.

and no there is no other way.
why do you want a new cross hair in the first place?

(proly has something to do with with half life model viewer 1-25)

it lays out the picture file skin on a flat surface, so you can edit the original file with Photo Shop and view it with model viewer.
im pretty pissed that i cant play shitty mw2 atall.

like... when i have a chance too and shit.
Down Rodeo said:
Cloud stole that internet from reddit! I've had that tab with those links open on my Windows partition since... uh... quite a while ago anyway.


oh well
click the camera button.
no one told me we are playing monopoly D:<?
i realey dont know what this means but, here
well ofc nobody cares.
good enough.
Rockbomb said:
Sick vid

i in the page. like that one song "scorpion"

some thing like this

<td align="right" valign="center"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="false" width="1" height="1"></embed></td>
osama bin laden is dead!

embed this in the page for me please?

this is all
nectar said:
.... thanks....

no problem man :D

ima download it and look into it.

not promising anything tho.

edit: didn't load for me so i just gave up
you can make a mine trap?

and trigger them by buttens.

i think.
Sick vid

just a troop of guys doing stuff. very funny catchy.
how old are you?
2 year old
sprinkles said:
the_cloud_system said:

That's what I'm doing tonight.

Crown Royal and Black and Milds.

Tab 1:
Tab 2:
Tab 3:

play them all

Sick vid

this is not related

2009 Jun 6

2010 Jan 21

2010 Jun 5

how much improvement?

EDIT: i should of took 5 tests and averaged them. every time.
Rockbomb said:
In my opinion, the i7 isn't worth what you pay for it. I think you'd be better off going for something like this: link

i approved
from youtube (you have to see if this is legit) said:
On the new minecraft update theres a generator seed. Type in there 'AWESOME' if you want a cool icy map. Type 'glacier' to get some floating land and stuff. Type '404' to get a gravelly area. Type 'Chuck Norris' to get a desert. Give this a thumbs up to help people find cool spawn points.
open internet explore or something better.
....recompile your map?

strip the textures? fuck, i don't know dude.
multi has wolfs?
Rockbomb said:
Cuz the half life engine blows dick.

it does, no lie. i tried to google something while in game and it froze every time.
hmmm i don't hear what you described, can you fraps it or demo it?
ill go check this out.
KooZ said:
The problem is that I can't see many blocks ingame in my map but i see them good in hammer

i had the same problem too, then i turned off trigger_hurt and put it back to making blocks.

i.e block tool, with a other texture your using.
i was shitting my pants.
seams legit to me. is the best and only site on the internet
iron maden sucks.
if you fuck a drunk chick, you have more morals than the guy who did not.

book of cloud,5:21
nah im building a underwater tunnal and i thought if i had the wood block about 2 blocks away it wouldn't get anything else on fire, i was wrong.
burned down house, is burnt down.

superjer said:
Man, could you have made the stairs any more dangerous to climb in there?!

yeah, it kinda doesn't help that there is a lava flow in the middle.
lol idk what else, be creative.
superjer said:
It doesn't end?!

i personly do not want migit porn on my computer, but we cant have what we want sometimes.

i just relised the lava ball needs to be bigger...
i used some wool and alot of stone.
and i might steal some glass.
like you have a flat plain, and the squares on the bord have trigger hurt, and your trying to get to the other side.

the squares are texured the same for the trigger hurt, like...
blue=15 damage

just some textures

the short path to the exit has higher trigger hurts
the long path has low trigger hurts
but it all hurts >:D
meh, because your a fan of it it might give it to you. or not (you never know)
i dont have it . you have to ask somebody who originally made it.

i call upon thee jer!

he probably has it, sense he hosts the download.
uhhh howa bout

a dart bord where you have to get trigger pushed into the center but your flying past random trigger hurts?

a chess table with colors representing the trigger hurt damage to get to the other side?

thank you xzec for suggesting improvements to awp_snowsk337, but it's unfortunate that the original mappers are rather dead or lazy. (given its a old map in the first place)

if your willing you may:
1. remake the map
2. tell somebody who actually gives a damn
3. do something about it, take choice 1, present it to us, and have us respectively deny it.

best regards, the_cloud_system.
my face when i see the iron

inception, a thread inside a thread.
i am 7 and what is this?
superjer said:
Where do you want it?

next to spawn, just so we can get started.

im collecting sand to make a glass sun, then all of a sudden there is a mass sink hole then a cave opens up. but its just a side cave thing. THE END!

(on the free build server.)
superjer said:
If you ask nicely, an admin might even come in and spawn stuff for you.

a chest full of iron and/or diamond ore.

to make picaxes and Rail Roads
Sick vid

goodbye song.
specifically black ops but aj might like the starcraft.
SRAW said:
Dude didn't that only happen in nazi germany?
If you endorse Nazi Germany, YOU ENDORSE HITLER.

sprinkles said:
SolidKAYOS said:
Rockbomb said:
Mate de Vita said:
NatureJay said:
Rockbomb said:
NatureJay said:
aaronjer said:
If this turns into a quote chain everyone is banned. Everyone.

Well, I hate everyone here so that sounds like a challenge.

Hey, don't make quote chains, I don't feel like being banned again.

I might feel like getting banned and getting everyone else here banned. What do you say to that?!?

I'm speechless.

Don't quote chain man, ffs...


Fuck Direct Tv! My bill on the 23 was $46, now (the 31) its $194. Bastards.

Let's say you went to Mexico and someone robbed you. you see him that night walking alone and he doesn't see you. No one is around would you stab him if you knew you could get away with it? And how would you do it?
Sick vid
Stranger: hey
You: Hello, I’m doing a completely anonymous survey. First off can I please have your name?
Stranger: Lots O'huggin Bear
You: It took you nearly a minute to type that out, Sir. Is this a bad time?
Stranger: this is a time when i have one hand on my penis in hope rather than expectation
You: Sounds like you could use some good news. Unfortuntely, I have none. You have failed the survey, Mr. Bear.
Stranger: well who's the real failure here, you've failed to make me climax
You: Our agreement was an unspoken one. Your expectations were not my reality. Failure is your only option.
You have disconnected.
You: Hello, I’m doing a completely anonymous survey. First off can I please have your name?
Stranger: Raychel
You: Raychel, you have failed the survey.
Stranger: ok?
You: Please seek further education.
You: Good day.
You: Hello, I’m doing a completely anonymous survey. First of can I please have your name?
Stranger: stranger
Stranger: fuck you
Stranger: you suck at surveys
Stranger: fuck off
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: Hello, I’m doing a completely anonymous survey. First off can I please have your name?
Stranger: Gerard.
You: Sorry Gerard, you've failed the survey
Stranger: Darn...
You: Have a nice night
Stranger: Frank says I win.
Stranger: Suck it.
You: Frank fails too
Stranger: YOU FAIL!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: one thing every hero must have
You: A large penis.
You: Like, huge.
You: Fight crime one cum at a time.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
You: Hello, I’m doing a completely anonymous survey. First off can I please have your name?
Stranger: gordan freeman
You: Sorry Gordan Freeman, you've failed the survey
You: Get back to the test chamber
You: you're late
Stranger: de cake is teh lie
You: Hello, I’m doing a completely anonymous survey. First off can I please have your name?
Stranger: no
You: Congrats!
Stranger: if its anonymous
You: you passed the survey
Stranger: then whyd i give you my name
Stranger: oh
Stranger: cool
You: now eat a bowl of dicks
You: are you eating?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
sprinkles said:
I like how they attack things for you.

your a lil late there
this should get your started. (read the description in the video)
just colors man.
Down Rodeo said:
Hit up Google for some wonderful tutorials and software.

yes half life model viewer 1.5
nb4 rape
take out that box around it before you do anything else. or you will have problems later
on a side note
Sick vid

look at them fuckers attack the cows
sorry to burst your bubble man but that post was over a year ago. guys probably long gone.
melloyellow582 said:

the_cloud_system said:
i dont see your server on the big ass list of servers...

he typed it in.
Sick vid

sprinkles said:
So wait, why are you making a mod for a game that's 10+(?) years old now?

so he can sell it for drugs.
yah, the ones that are free to play
nah im just thinking of a public server, just to put out there in the server list
face looks awesome.
SRAW said:

WOOOOPS im not helping >_>
my friend and I can't find a server thats dedicated to being online, and the servers we do find, have asshole admins.

my friend hasn't bought minecraft and just plays random public servers.
could you host a public minecraft server? just for fun building?

or is it too much to host just the one?
Sick vid

not on her
SRAW said:
How'd you know sprinkles?!

cause hes got topings and sprinkels but no nuts
Sick vid
what is this, i dont even...
Sick vid


lol just kidding its shitty skull i made.

(replace it with something none shitty??)
lulz are to be had ITT
Rockbomb said:
superjer said:

If they only knew how much radioactive material there was just hanging around in nature (and food!) they'd probably shit a rhinoceros.

That's not funny man, that could cause some serious damage to your large intestine. Not to mention, if you actually managed to force the rhinoceros out, it would surely cause your sphincter to be stretched to quite an extent... just imagine all the people laughing at you every time you fart, because it sounds like a cool breeze blowing through a wide valley... that could cause some serious mental issues man. Not cool.

its middle school allover again.
superseder is getting stoned :O
this day on...superjamz forums

in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, a nuclear reactor was fractured and radioactive material has been leaking into the atmosphere. Author Harvey Wasserman believes the radiation spewing into the air from the Japanese nuclear power plant could blow deep across western Asia and might even lead to the apocalypse.

this was there plan all along. damn japs
buq25 said:
He's using 35 WADs

lol you counted?
does it make a difference that im using chrome?
in my noob experience im suggesting this

Down Rodeo said:
Error: More than eight wadfiles are in use

Like the damn thing says, more than eight wadfiles are being used. Since the compilers store the directory locations in a fixed amount of memory using too many wads can cause a lovely buffer overflow! So while it might say in the log "this may be harmless" it doesn't necessarily mean it. In fact if it warns you of this and your map has failed to compile consider this as suspect. Remove them and try again. Seriously, the number of times we've all seen this error. If you have, say, nine wads and are using one texture from each of them, you will need to merge wads.

Q: How do I merge wads?
1. Download and install Wally (yes, it's the same program you are told to install for making your own wads).

2. Open Wally and from the drop-down menus on the top, go to Wizard-> WAD Merge.

3. You can use either the Add WAD or the Quick Add, depending on your needs. (You can open the Add WAD to see what it has to offer)

4. Set all the other options to suit your needs (WAD type should be WAD3) and hit Go.

oh hai

im gona stop at the island i hit. and just make step stones.

superjer said:
Since the beginning.

of time!

urgh bullshit my house is coverd with trees D:<

who is wcx?

they tell me to build the bridge to suthlands...
someone lock this fucking truck and tow this to the shitty truck Dump.
you open the door
get on the floor
and walk like a dinosaur
did you type in your account correctly?
superjer said:
I built an 8-floor tower of dark rooms to spawn monsters for my trap.

i want to make one D:

how big are the rooms?
im thinking about making a trap near my cave thing.

first, i have a flat plain, one block deep with the sides covered with a fence, excluding the spider (so that mobs can jump in but cant get out).

next, im thinking of putting a water source on the left and right forcing the mobs to get into the middle.

then having them in the center i would put Pressure Plates (idk where yet) every so far so when a creeper steps on it my Dispenser will fire arrows at it.

so how do Pressure Plates and Dispensers work and would this plan work?
Sick vid
fucking awesome
i learned something today.
ITT: bean sex
superjer said:
I can't remember if I've posted this before, and I know some of you have seen this.

But here it is.

McDiddy's 3 Intro Video

This does NOT mean McDiddy's 3 is coming. This video was made years ago. Enjoy!

it almost seams that, that was Mcdiddy's 3
Mate de Vita said:
Gentlemen, that... was a fart.

i got your reference
buq25 said:


how much ram do you have?
what texture did you make it?
put a texture to it.

(just my gess)
Curz- said:
Wait for someone smarter to anwser, like Rockbomb, Superjer,Down Rodeo,SRAW,Killer-Duck,sprinkles,eDan Co. and those guys..


but aneyway that is not cs at all

actualey that game is point blank

psh fuck that im playing minecraft.
cloud_the_system said:
wow!@!!!!1 what a coincidence!! personaly im surporrting the steelers, cuz they have a cooler badass name!! a green bay fan...
SRAW said:

time to do

Stranger: hey
Stranger: whatsup
You: are your nipples raw too?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
You: no
Stranger: hi
Stranger: m/f
You: im not a nigger
You: ;)
Stranger: wat no
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: Hiiii... :)
You: urgh
You: not a nother girl
Stranger: I am female. 20 years old. Where are you from?
You: what your gona talk dirty now?
Stranger: I am from California... very sexy and honey... :). Do you have naked photos?? to be honest I am very hornyyyy :(
You: jesus hates me today
Stranger: If you promise to send yours I can send you mine
You: i have the claps
Stranger: give me your email or I can give you the link where you can see my photos. Do you have account in adultfriendfidner???
You: hahahah no
You: /dc/
You have disconnected.
Stranger: hey
You: my aids itches
You: scrach em o.o
Stranger: aww
Stranger: get a stick!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
time to rev up this shit
Stranger: Gay?
You: no thank you
You have disconnected.
Stranger: hey
You: hi
You: ._.
Stranger: asl?
You: im like 109 male somthing
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: hey asl
You: hmmmmm
You: if i told you then id have to talk to you
You: quite a dilemma
Stranger: and im pretty interesting
You: how so?
Stranger: ul see if u tell me
You: ehhhhh
You: i knew it
You have disconnected.
You: yah
Stranger: hi
You: thats hot
Stranger: what
You: wana come down to my celler for some popcicles?
You: *slurp*
Stranger: no
You: howa bout you grab that pillow
Stranger: but why
You: because im coming in dry!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
You: NO
You: NO!
You have disconnected.
You: if you could sleep with aney man/woman on the earth but you had to watch your parents have sex first, that will eventualey end up creating you, would you?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: I am the Oracle, you may ask one question
You: oh god
You: my frend had one of you
You: hmmm
You: well shit
You: im good
You have disconnected.
You: my chick at the time was blowing me in the middle of me fucking her
i came in her mouth
then cried for 2 hours straight
shit was mildly cash?
Stranger: hi
Stranger: fuck
Stranger: fuck
Stranger: you
Stranger: shut
Stranger: up
Stranger: ^^
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
story of my life.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: Hey babe why go out with that Cullen when you can go out with me Jacob lack or I may have to KILL YOU AND OUR UNBORN CHILD!
You: hmm
You: good plot line
You have disconnected.
Stranger: hey
Stranger: what?! lol
You: on a boat
You have disconnected.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: Hi
Stranger: War
Stranger: Wao
Stranger: Fuk urself
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: hey yo.
You: do you have a moment to talk about jesus?
Stranger: Jesus who?
Stranger: I know no Jesus.
You: our great savoir
You: the king of kings.
Stranger: Isn't God the king of the kings?
Stranger: Duh.
You: god is his father
Stranger: I wonder how the sex felt.
Stranger: It must have been glorious.
Stranger: Don't you think?
You: i haven't the slightest idea.
Stranger: Of course you don't.
You: do you know about Jesus?
Stranger: I do.
You: and all his great wonders?
Stranger: What wonders? He was just a little prick who felt sorry for himself all the time.
You have disconnected.
Stranger: ey as;l
You: QUE?!
You have disconnected.
is the monitor plugged in all the way?
are the little pins bent?
oh god not free dental care and a stock plan that helps you invest!

god help us.
sprinkles said:
the_cloud_system said:
20 kills 2 deaths?

magic's all up in this bitch.
20 kills 2 deaths?
Omegle are lying.
Stranger: sup
You: nm
You: just bord
Stranger: no kiddin
You: lol
Stranger: take it your a dude? haha
You: yup
Stranger: awkward
Stranger: lol
You: nahh
You: no such thing as woman on the internet
Stranger: this is true
You: take my advice and disconnect and spread the word
Stranger: yessir
Stranger: haha late.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
but i like that game...
Sick vid
NatureJay said:

* If you never played the Earthworm Jim games, do so,

throw dogs out the window and use a big ass marshmello to move them across to the dog house
Sick vid

sprinkles said:
sprinkles said:
SolidKAYOS said:
FL studio

Rockbomb said:

the only time i help in hammer mapping and im called crazy...

cloud_the_system said:
that was funny man

it blows cock
blame the internets

photoshop for a young girl
Sick vid

ill beat sally up,it hurts me more that it hurts her face.
Sick vid

300$ (almost a ipad but i wanted the money)
ps3 headset
dont remember the rest!
Sick vid

idk i think im just a suker for paino
i dont wana ipad

seams like a waste of time

"I’m very little. You cheat very big. Dr Jones, you cheat. You pay money. You owe me 10 cents!"
open eye surgery
yo on cocaine bro?
its not a folder dude its a file
i found you
that is all
sprinkles said:
I like how your long, annoying title fucked up RB's signature.

and just a couple more months and i came about
I came. And now im sloth.
i didn't think your aj.
well how else would it work?
Fucking magnets, how do they work?
no life?
Sick vid

dexter said:
THNX clous system

1) Click the Game Configurations tab
2) Click the Edit button
3) Click the Add button in the dialog that pops up
4) Type "cstrike" in the textbox
5) Click the OK button
6) Click Close
7) Now click the Add button on the big Configure window
8) Add the file called "halflife-cs.fgd" (help me!)
9) Click the Textures tab
10) Click the Add WAD button
11) Add the file called "halflife.wad" (help me!)
12) All done -- click OK to close the big Configure window
nice backround
Da Fleegsta said:

your .wad goes in your zhilt folder...

and no its not out dated its just not retard proof
start balling tears?
just a fuckn' encyclopedia
Rockbomb said:
Down Rodeo said:
Rockbomb said:
Down Rodeo said:
It needs a few more months of constant shavin' I think.

That sure was something I said.

It sure was.

the meny signatures i have on the internets said:
Another misspelled rhyme
written in the book of time
In one page I've spent all my life
mello is a certified rapist preacher
make a program that loops constentley?

Sick vid

not onley it IS a great song but the guys got skill
Sick vid

‎"Oh SHIT! .... I have a bag of Milky Ways!"
NatureJay said:

everey asian ARE underage
By: me

internet, books, road maps, the news and even the bible. It all has one thing in common; you cannot flip a page or look at something that has not been in discussion on “censoring”. The world is in on it, we know about it, we do not like it. So why do we let “them” do this. The examination of censorship in America suggests that censorship protects children but also it violates the 1st amendment. censorship protects children even if the first amendment is contradicted. People protest that the first amendment is what the United States of America is founded on and what makes us free. Other people explain that censorship will corrupt our kids if we do not stop things as things are with violent video games. What I think is that when I go on the internet I want to see the truth, things that I want to see and not lines of black on my texts not a white page that says “your organization has blocked this website”. Simple things such as going to cnn has “adult content” or going to other sites and have them misrepresented as such Foolery. Go to your nearest Safeway get on the internet and go to a website with some violence. The chances are that it will be Censored. The children need to know most of this IS on the internet and on TV. Not all at one time but if we keep them in the dark, children will not know what to do.

-“wanting censorship”
Freedom of speech is one of the most basic of human rights and yet there are some boundaries that need to be drawn with particular respect to sensitive issues. Ways that are common in censorship are enforced including bleeping words, blocking images, false info. Such particular issues can be language that is obscene. Movies, music, and news has most of this and it is censored for the sake of children. The government knows that and so they
do , bleep, block and insert new and “clean” information to them. “Children are our future”
should be the motivational thought when censorship comes to mind in the television companies.
Some reasons to be “for” censorship are for the children. The FCC is a company that is the main
hub of censorship in news, TV, and radio. They depict how they do not want the news to show
violence as much as possible. They cannot have nudity violence without the proper rating for that
movie. They tell troublemaker, rogue, bad robot DreamWorks, thx, pixar, that they cannot have
nudity violence without the proper rating for that movie. They do the same thing with everything
you can think of. There is a “FCC” for every country you can name/ all this is a good thing cause
if our children found out about the nudity and the violence it would corrupt there little minds
there are G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 that depict what movies will display in there theaters

-Reasons to not want
censorship are the kind of reasons that you want to know some information. I want to Google something about the columbine shooting. I do not want see a clean version of it was all cream and peaches, I would actually want to know the exact details of the town, day, time, how long. Blocking information should be a crime in the united states cause it is one of the things Americans embrace Such things as editing this game called “left for dead 2” the austilalians copy. compared to the usa copy it is cleaner but the hard core generic “shoot dead things” just does not fit with the graphics things as.
No gore: when you shoot a infected you see a small splash of blood, no parts will fly off
No blood splatter: you will not see blood spattering on the screen
No dismemberment: you cannot shoot or melee any limbs, and expect them to fall off
No corpses: as soon the infected hot the ground, the game renders them gone.
No burning: infected will not catch fire.
I expect somebody to say “well the game is cleaner and better with out all that killing and bad intentions“. the game or most things have a intention either to be clean or not. I ask you do you expect a game with one gun to be with good intentions? If you buy a expensive game you expect it to have the most of what the general it is and what you paid for. It would be a waste if it did not have the most gore as possible. What they are doing is denying great ideas that make great things games, books, and television. People who make this violence are not bad people , but creative ones.

-The bad things about censorship
is the over abuse of it. every body has heard of Alice In Wonderland and it is is most definitely not about drug use but over the years people have come to conclusions that it is because of parts of the book such as the one where Alice eats a mushroom. Certain people say that the reason that Alice becomes really tall and then really small in the book is because she is “high on magic mushrooms.” Alice In Wonderland is a great story for kids. It is about a young girl named Alice. Alice herself in a magical place called wonderland. This book was actually banned in China back in 1931 for another reason. Someone did not agree with animals being able to talk the way humans do. They thought that the book was “portraying animals and humans on the same level”
Catcher in the Rye is a book about violence and it makes more sense to ban the Alice in Wonderland. “Catcher in the Rye is the story of teenager Holden Caulfield's turbulent last few days before his Christmas vacation. During these days, Holden leaves Pencey Prep, a boys' school he's been kicked out of, and takes off for a few nights alone in New York City. Holden tells the story from some sort of a mental facility where he's recovering from the stress of the experiences he retells.” This book does have numerous scenes of violence but it is an overall good book. Should students stop leaning about the Second World War because we are afraid to teach them about violence? The answer is no, violence is all around us, and Catcher In the Rye is a healthy way of explaining that to kids. In 1991 Concerned Citizens of Florida challenged Catcher in the Rye. They believed the book was anti-Christian. They did not agree with the profanity, vulgarity, or the references to suicide. The review committee for this book voted that the book should stay in the library.
On September 11, 2001 the world witnessed the worst disaster in the history of North America if not the world since Pearl Harbor. The twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed due to a terrorist attack on America. This event affected everyone very deeply, but that does not justify talking songs off the air by artists such as Creed, Savage Garden, Led Zeppelin, at one time, hit song Ironic was taken off the airwaves of many radio stations in United States and Canada because the song makes reference to a plane crash. Creed’s hit song, Higher, received the same fate when some angry people heard reference to flying or to be more specific “Can you take me higher?” in the lyrics. This song is about being brought to a place where everything is better and about creating that place here. It does not make sense for people to object to a song with such a deep and spiritual meaning. Both of these songs have no coarse language, sexual or rude remarks, or even any reference to fighting of any sort. It is unbelievable what they do to religions also.

-The good things about censorship are things that protect our children cause The beeps has become increasingly used in our society, so much that whenever we hear it. Every time we hear the beeps, we immediately wonder what word was just removed. Do not tell me you do not ponder it, however quickly, because I am absolutely positive you do. You can not help but wonder what word was just missing in action from that last sentence you just heard! In your head you know what word was It probably goes without saying that we’ve all been conditioned to accept that something naughty has been said when you hear the beep. Censorship can protect out troops it can provide safe for rape victims, relocated people, and most importantly it will keep the moral being of family together.

-In conclusion, censorship in music, TV, maps is wrong in my opinion. Artists in both music and art should be allowed to say/paint whatever they want. That is what our founding fathers based this country upon: freedom. The government is doing an excellent job in making the First Amendment suitable for all. If parents have a problem with it, it is because they did not properly supervise their children.

Have a mini-internet for kids, such that it is accessible to anyone on the Internet, while those on the mini-net cannot access the "real" Internet.

Have a completely separate computer network for children.

Parallel chat network for children and ONLY children.

Internet servers for children that restrict potentially obscene newsgroups.

It's the nature of internet that most simple protections can be defeated and parents should know that!!!

It's the nature of internet that most simple protections can be defeated and parents should know that!!!

10 Things the Chinese Government Ignores About Web Censorship
internet nov. 12 2010 <>

-censorship- due Nov 30
internet nov/17/2010

Banned Books - Censorship
internet nov 12 2010 <>

Book Censorship
internet nov 12 2010 <>

Book Censorship and Banning of Children's Books
internet nov 12 2010 <>

Censorship From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
internet nov. 12 2010 <>

Censorship - Right or Wrong?
internet nov 12 2010 <>

reasons for media censorship
internet nov 30 2010 <>

Quotes on freedom of speech and censorship
internet nov 12 2010 <>

"Internet Censorship Essay - Censorship and the Internet." 30 Nov 2010
sorry i had to abc order it
10 Things the Chinese Government Ignores About Web Censorship
internet nov. 12 2010 <>

-censorship- due Nov 30
internet nov/17/2010

Banned Books - Censorship
internet nov 12 2010 <>

Book Censorship
internet nov 12 2010 <>

Book Censorship and Banning of Children's Books
internet nov 12 2010 <>

Censorship From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
internet nov. 12 2010 <>

Censorship - Right or Wrong?
internet nov 12 2010 <>

reasons for media censorship
internet nov 30 2010 <>

Quotes on freedom of speech and censorship
internet nov 12 2010 <>

"Internet Censorship Essay - Censorship and the Internet." 30 Nov 2010

i dont get the main purpose

im looking at all this insanely moreover expensive gear. i have the keybord its awsom but there are like...50$+ for gaming mouse pads
"There's a post that deserves deletion. I kid, I kid." said Down Rodeo "My dog ate this resurrected truck, so he could re-resurrect this truck with his bare toes that are quite very cold because of snowball-fights."

"Stay frosty." I want to have hot sex with AaronJer because he won the rape

"There's a post that deserves deletion. I kid, I kid." said Down Rodeo "My dog ate this resurrected truck, so he could re-resurrect this truck with his bare toes that are quite very cold because of snowball-fights."

"Stay frosty." I want to have
"There's a post that deserves deletion. I kid, I kid." said Down Rodeo. My dog ate this resurrected truck. So he could re-resurrect this truck. With his bare toes that are quite very cold
"There's a post that deserves deletion. I kid, I kid." said Down Rodeo. My dog ate this resurrected truck. So he could
sprinkles said:
Now quit whining and learn how to use a computer...

1. nice dog
2. i cant find the monster
i want to go to Russia and get killed by some guns
whats so bad with cs.s?
thats cool
this one is regular
system cloud the is when im at school or on another computer
those are the only ones i have
some troll made the cloud the system

i have 2 cause if i log on to superjer i dont read the posts and when i get on later it marks them all as read. and im confused
i open them in new tabs as i go through the bullitons, and it does it.
aaronjer said:
I prefer to just sit around and wait to die.


im thinking about that one just cause there is "No tuition". theres probably a catch or something like actually joining air force, but...air force does nothing but sit. so i think its a good job.
by sitting i mean sitting jobs like being on the computer
thats not a nipple
point was to edit the nipple out
do what i did

it does look badass

i have a question, if i make my labtop the master and my desktop,slave.
can i use the desktops ram, graphics,and other stuff for my labtop?
hes on fire
i thought the motorcycle where 2 people ._.
i got mad at my desktop computer. i only have 40 gigs to it and i had 4 free gigs left.
i wanted to play steam on there and there was simple no space left on the disk so... i just wrecked my desktop, moved pictures to my laptop and a shit tone of stuff but, yah... i cleaned 30 gigs out
i didn't wanna crash it and do all the updates
thought you would wana know that >_>

is it healthy for the computer to lose that much and stuff?

edit: i am not asking for help i am just posting it so i can work on this any where i am, from any kind of computer.

my internet sucks so i cant dont play often
IGN the_cloud_system

look at the period on my signature

dead pixls
level 4, ps3
take off Rocket Man put on "forum troll"

to bad there is no or else it would say

edit: actually thats wrong, safeways has a WiFi user agreement
fuck my pets.
self dialog
goddamn man
nothing >_>
damnit why did you say something about that D:<
goddammit D:<
i should of changed my picture after the CS >_>
Sick vid
Rockbomb said:
I just spent quite a while trying to either find a picture or think of some words to describe how awesome that was, and I just wasn't able to. That is easily the most win I've ever witnessed... ever.

Sick vid

id have sex to this song
remeber when they took your points away cause you posted it?

i got smart
i also thought you would say that
and if you look closely you can see the superjer water mark of authenticity

SRAW said:
Hey mello you have something like 9 posts a day

noooo he orignaley had

12345 posts

he has 300 more
point being
LIES!!!!!!!!! ALL LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
melloyellow582 said:
What are you talking about?

(i knew something like that would happen)
yay me~
this means every year i made 1000 posts

that means 2.73 posts a day!
for actualey rather get the console to play the game (but i would realey like to play twilight princes on the computer...)
thats even better!
goddamnit D:<
gata train your woman early
oh how sraw faped that night...
i beat it again now im gona do it with the step by step walkthrew
im sorry DR i guess i was to hasty D:
oh god no...
Down Rodeo said:
China is government are NOT COOL.

ill get right down to when that yes semitrance!
so said the mute man to the def dog
If a man born blind, and able to distinguish by touch between a cube and a globe, were made to see, could he now tell by sight which was the cube and which the globe, before he touched them?

you learn it in a school like normal children
ok dota came on game-informer.
tell me what i need to do to play it online[/sarcasm]
i already have the Warcraft expansions
is it fap Worthy?
it works on killing your post after i type mine...

im gona go to the dream time truck and kill shit there :D

that work ._.?
i apparently killed bug... sorreys
phoenix_r said:
That was a fun weekend.

i remember my first beer...
thanks man
fuck awp you tmp that shit[/sarcasm]
the prop lost.
ahhaha dont think theres gona be a video,but i like to know what the programs are called for next time i feel inspired

all it was is i was at my frends house and we got VEREY bord then we watched this
Sick vid

and we wanted to put something like that on you tube, then we hooked up codMW on the internet and played games and got unbord :D!
uhh i mean...ITS A FUCKN BALE O HAY!

if you guys are ACTUALEY arguing about a bale of hay and the matter of "taking one straw, is it considered, bale?"

what i am saying is a "bale" is irrelevant. you just feed your retarded animals with them

there are somethings that you cannot stick numbers too
aaronjer said:
all that

like what shigidy does in most of his vids

(thinking of making a counter strike vid)
bale - a large bundle bound for storage or transport
it is mouth?

what is censorship
what type of censorship is there
when do people censorship
who censors things things
what are the good things coming out of censorship
what are the bad things
why should we let censorship go
why shouldent we
why is Google maps censored
why is the pictures censored

Tharks (Cpt.)
lol jake?!
i fuckn love it...
that made me lol...

did not make
SRAW said:
I decided to try it out, and I sat away from my webcam, and what I saw was horrible... half of it was guys masturbating

No girls

there are such things as girls on teh interwebs, dumbass
OK so for my semester final I have to make a...
8 page long
typed out
12 font
Microsoft word thingey.

its about censorship. I will post my findings anywhere i am with internet access. Post it on this site and put it on the doc. at school. i have 3 books about censorship with valuable quotes and data. And whats more i have fools like you, that erage about censorship and are quite smart. So having some books and a forum full of people getting to the point and exhaling there points/views towards this...shit. i think i will get a 78%

it does not matter if you help me, or not. Just do not kill the thread.
cept me....
havvic is back!
go to the other room with the spikes on the roof and wate for him, then step on the plate and crouch, killing him.
i dont like them cause theres s much hate

but people around me like them so meh
can i make a yellow sun in the east then?
fat kid = friends step brother = a down syndrom kid with limited vocabulari based around the words fuck and tits
aaronjer said:
I wish I was cool...


your cool in my mind AJ
i was drunk
i use this acccount so i could be at my frends house and this fat kid could not be on my account for doing shit, so. like... you should thank me :D
i wana photoshop shit now...
true that obbrey!
Sick vid
wana pimp up your stile?

badass game dude lol

i dedacate this truck for maken meme's

superjer said:

reminded me of maddox
now this

Sick vid
Sick vid

its not hacking just use the proxey sites
there was to meney dicks in that vid
Sick vid
ballroom blits
dont fear the reaper
veteren psychic wars
Down Rodeo said:
I see your music list and among its names there are artists that make me wonder what is wrong with the music industry today. Of course, I can quickly answer that question - there is nothing wrong as diversity is in fact the best thing and more music is always good - but seriously, some of it is shit.

most of it is just for one song

sprinkles said:
Did you use whiteout on your monitor?

the white out is eather repeats of albums or music the computer came with
dude your like...stuck in 1998

get some better music

i dont like music that tells there opinions like soad
soad said:
They're trying to build a prison,
They're trying to build a prison,
They're trying to build a prison, (for you and me to live in)
Another prison system,
Another prison system,
Another prison system. (for you and me to live in)

Minor drug offenders fill your prisons
You don't even flinch
All our taxes paying for your wars
Against the new non-rich,
Minor drug offenders fill your prisons
You don't even flinch
All our taxes paying for your wars
Against the new non-rich,

all you need to do is
SRAW said:
Superjer said:
lolfag, straw just put up with it?
aaronjer said:
You have to buy the game to play it period.

well fuck

icantfuckn find his server D:<
i just saw minethingey in "game informer"

good review i laughed
so it is to condense to make another big bang?
a black hole is sead to suck things up.

hawking brought up the discussion of "where does it go"

sense matter can not get destroyed or created, only converted.

your opinion?
please dont be seral
mostly for music like mediamonkey
i fucking hate it with my life

somebody give me a alternative music player



Sound Card:

bigass widescreen living room tv

Graphics Card:
gx7600 the one with a hdmi hook up
i thought i commented on this :O
i dont see your server on the big ass list of servers...
cannot connect to server, probably down.

i think i just axeadentley chrome

fuck it ill be back in 6 houers
the game looked interesting in the vid. how do i connect

your post was verey vague

Sick vid
fuckn mexacans
my avast blocks me from using the site, i Imagen i turn it off i could go there.
class work said:
how do i change my bicycle tire.

This is how I change my bike tire
You will need
Putty knife or screw driver
A bought inner tube and tread
Crescent wrench
Butter knife

Use the crescent wrench to Unscrew the bolt attached to the tire, to the frame
Pull the rim out of the bike frame
Take the rim and place it on your lap (you must be sitting down for this)
Take a screw driver or putty knife and place it underneath the rim in-between the rubber tire (a.) don’t pinch the inner tube with the screw driver
“jimmy” the tread out of the frame making sure you don’t pinch the tube
When you have one side of the tread out pull the whole thing with your hands (a.) don’t pinch the tires inner tube

By now you should have just the tire frame and separately,

Now put air in to the inner tube just enough to have the O shape to stand up by itself
Put the inner tube into the bike tread evenly with the tire aired up
Now jimmy one side if the tire tread onto the rim
Align the air valve to the rims designated hole
When you have one side of the tread aligned to the rim
Use your fingers to pop the tread into the rim
When all thats done pump the tires up to 60 psi
hes back?
Rockbomb said:

it gets a bit off topic but i have the same prob as you

my pain >:O
leif said:
How do I get the spectator cameras to work?

How can 16+ player spawn from 10 player_start/deathmatch?
I saw on de_nuke and there it was only 10 player on each team. So how can 16+ players spawn out of 10? And how many player_start/deathmatch should I have on each team?

16 spawn entity points
YOU, are personalty worshiping superjer

i just visit the site
you would like this

SRAW said:
melloyellow582 said:
You think you're so cool.

begining 2 secs
ending 1sec
total actual movie time = 8-2-1=5
the whole damn hemisphere knows my grammar is not up to par
i think its in the best interest to lock this b4 it gets outa hand

if no one gets it, I understand
Outcast said:
sprinkles said:
So who's going to be the first one to stop acting like a fucking 3 year-old?

That's me

is your quote butten different than your post color?
aaronjer said:
I'd do him.

if you look at other forums they kinda have the same thing

i asked for mine
knifes like a bitch too

edit: dont ban me D:
sprinkles said:
Can I have admin?

thats like asking for death

and also you have to be born with the privlages
im moving all my things to my laptop with the more space and im gona run all my games off to my desktop with the graphics card
stickey your face!
nah i got it but just for humor

its connected threw my wifi router

my laptop(vista) to my desktop (xp)
...thanks? lol
pros: i got my desktop connected to my laptop, AND i can run the program off the laptop unto my desktop

cons: the cable is blocking the way to connect it to the net...

i got it

i set up a folder in my public folder and stuff :D
i has 16 gigs of files i want to move.

i dont want to burn 4 dvds

i dont want it to do with internet

idk about this the whole point of this is not using the internet...

edit: yah i read it but still says i dont have permision
yah but

the labtop cant find the desktop
the desktop cant open the labtop, says i dont have permision
i love it
so is somilia but there 1 in 4, 16 yearolds has aids
sweedish hooker
i had a dream last night

i was in a big city, reminded me of Gotham from batman. it was about 9:00 as i was going to go to this party. People where having drinks and having fun, some guy with a psp costume stumbled over to me and pulls out a knife and stabs me. i stab him back but the psp costume was so crapley made i might as well stabbed the air. i go down and there is this girl that walks up to me and lifts me up and says "go with them".

so now im in this big-ass apartment complex some guy says its 9:30
theres a skinny guy a big guy(seth rogen) and a girl that told me to go with them. we are at the edge of the complex, just 3 storeys up. We knock on the door and this guy opens it, sees us, closes it, and we can hear massive locks being closed. so we all try knocking the door down and there is no use. we see cop lights in the distant buildings, we bail out.

i find a metal arm holding a retractable 1/4 wire with a metal loop and a ball at the end of it(like those work out machines) just hovering above a metal grate with hinges that face the other way, I grab the loop and kick the grate and fall down to the alleyway. i start running towards the open street and stopped just as i got into the open and saw a cop and started walking casually after running, i got everybody's attention, and i just walked right by them all.

then this guy with yellow shades looked at me and said "hi there little boy" and i started running towards the ocean. lots of people where following me and the mobs of people i passed where following me also. I eventually got to the cost and ran left up it. there was a rail across it that shined in the moon light. i looked up, the moon had turned into a big ass spotlight and i was running in it the people i passed i dogged them by jumping over them and running along the rail, then Finley. i was running towards a corner that just went out for 6 feet then continued on. going striate. i got to the rail running full sprint and jumped on the rail and landed in the ocean diving head on, i got into the water and hit my head and rolled down the depths.

i guess i died.