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create a point-based entity called "func_buyzone"- then put it somewhere in the map where no one can get to it, so that no one can buy anything on the map (since the default buyzones are the spawn points)

Then, I believe it's called the "armory_entity" entity (another point-based entity,) to get weapons, grenades, I think even kevlar can be picked up w/ these...
I can respect those who can take responsibility for themselves and the stupid actions they make, but unfortunately, most people in America seem to want to be "Dee Dee Dee's", and not take responsiblility for whatever stupid things they've done (Spill coffee on their lap and yet not know that it was "hot"). If the stupid people in this country weren't sue happy to gain a lot of money, it wouldn't have brought the economy to a line b/w self managing and dependent on other countries, have medical bills skyrocket, make taxes rise, shell out a lot of money for insurance, and lower the value of the dollar.

We brought this idiocracy within our government, yet we still cheer them onto become our representatives.
I'll try to replace your post for the duration, except I probably won't be as annoying
very awkward, went nowhere, bad analogy- makes for a bad point =/
Pretty intense.
"superjer" said:
2 days short of forever.

Hey, that reminds me...
Well, at least it'll be released before Duke Nukem Forever, or Starcraft: Ghost...