A map that's similar to fun_allinone

A map that's similar to fun_allinone

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2008 Sep 23 • 80
Hey guys,

I need your help so bad with this.. I need to find the name of a cs 1.6 map that I played a while ago that's similar to fun_allinone..

The map has instead of 2 spawns (CT and T) it has one spawn where everybody (CTs + Ts) spawn together; with no knives and underwater.. (The spawn is a room filled with water).. Then people have to swim to the doors (similar to fun_allinone) and whoever gets there first will choose the arena that everybody will go to.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: The reason I am looking for that map because I need to try to convert it to map or something like that so I can see what the author did so I can base my map on that.. (I am currently facing a problem in my map that I am doing that I believe that finding this map will fix my issues in completing my map).
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I swear I answered this in 'general' but the lack of posts by me in that truck would suggest maybe not.

Try the Hammer section, KD might have ideas on how to do it in the first instance.
2008 Oct 30 at 10:14 PDT
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