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2005 Sep 28 • -2485
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Release Date
Guide History
Main Facts
FAQ1 (What Is Animal Crossing?)
FAQ2 (General Information)
About Routers/Other Online Info
RPGdaemon's Online FAQ
Sonic01864's "How to set up a router"
Dual Screen Usage
More Customization
HRA Information
Feng Shui Help
Traveling Visitors Items
K.K. Songs
Redd's Inventory
Official Information


The release dates are 12/05/05 NA, 11/23/05 JP, 03/31/06 EU.


-Added More Main Facts
-Added "What's AC" Section
-Added "About Routers" Section
-Added more links in the "Official info" section
-Added More Main Facts
-Added RPGdaemon's Online FAQ
-Added links to "Customization section"
-Added more questions to "Others" section (About cars and 4 people living in
a house)
-Added a Fragment of Sonic01864's online FAQ to "Online" Section
-Added a link to Animal Crossing Ahead in the Official Info Section
-Added to the Main Facts section
-Added to the FAQ
-Added a Characters section, which is huge
-Updated the Release Date section
-Updated the Online/WiFi section
-Added comments to RPGdaemon's Online FAQ
-Redid entire setup of guide
-Updated nearly every section


These are the main differences between Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing
Wild World.

-There is a multi-cart multiplayer mode where you can easily visit another
person's town.
-There's a wi-fi mode that works just like the multi-cart multiplayer mode except
over large distances.
-Now 4 people can live in the same house.
-The upper screen shows the sky in it, as well as constellations and items you
can shoot down.
- No acres/divisions between areas.
- Only 4 people in each town at one time in WiFi mode, so only 3 guests.
- New characters.
- There are tons of returning characters.
- There is a hairdresser who works at the salon. You can access the salon
when Nook's shop is fully upgraded.
- You can create constellations that are visible at night.
- The tailor shop, the Able Sisters, sell accessories as well as clothes.
- You arrive in your town by car.
- There are no NES games.
- You can move using the stylus.
- As things sink into the horizon they "roll", making the world look like it is some
kind of tube.
- Nook's store uses a point system. Earning points allow you to get discounts.
- K. K. Slider plays music at the same time, however he nows plays in "The
Roost", a Cafe's underneath the museum, run by Brewster.
- The game does not have pictochat, but instead has it's own chat feature.
2006 Sep 10 at 07:31 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485

The act of one person dropping an item, another person picking up that item,
and then that person dropping the item, and the first person picking it up. This
allows the person who picks up the item to "catalogue" it, so that they can buy
it from their catalogue in their game.

Complete Checklist
Refers to having all of the bugs/fish caught for the specific month you're
talking about.

The act of planting to flowers in such a way that there is a single space in
between them. This usually causes a hybrid of the two flowers to sprout up
in that empty space.

Nintendo Items
Refers to items that reference other Nintendo games, but are not mentioned
at all in the official player's guide. These include the Metroid, the Master
Sword, the Arwing, the Blue Falcon, the Pikmin, and the Triforce.

Refers to the current day's Turnip Prices at your town.

TT/Time Traveling
Refers to setting the clock on your DS forwards/backwards in order to gain
an unfair advantage.

Stands for "Want To Buy".

Stands for "Want To Catalogue".

Stands for "Want To Sell".

Stands for "Want To Trade".

FAQ1 (What Is Animal Crossing?)

1)Animal Crossing?
Animal Crossing is the Nintendo GameCube game released in September
15th of 2002 in North America. It was based off of Doubutsu no Mori
(translated as "Animal Forest", an N64 game, which was later ported to
the GameCube in late 2001 in Japan as Doubutsu no Mori Plus. The
graphics on the GameCube version may seem lacking due to the fact that it
is basically a ported N64 title. This game is not a port of the N64/GameCube
game. It is entirely new.

2)What's the story of this game?
Well, the game has no story meaning it has no end. Basically you're moving
to a new town, to start a new life. If you have played Harvest Moon, or
maybe even The Sims, you'll know what I'm talking about. From the start you
get a house, and it gets wherever you want it to go. You can either start
putting furniture in your house, go fishing, catch bugs, and many other

3)Wait.. you're telling me this game is about a life and that's it?
Haven't played Harvest Moon, right? It's about farming and as addictive as
crack (just as this game). There are just tons of things to do.

4)What differences will this game have?
Well, it will be one of the first online titles for the DS, it won't
have NES games, there will be more customization for your character, the
train is gone, replaced by something gate-looking, alot of new items, and
much more additions. Check the Main Facts section for a large list of

5)So is this a MMORPG?
No, according to interviews, you will be able to have only 3 buddies
visiting your time at the same time, so I don't see any Massive in there p

6)Can I use my Dial-up connection?
Many people claim that they can, however it requires patching your
hardware, which is risky and likely to break your modem. Also, the
connection would lag horribly, so it is generally accepted that you
cannot do it.
2006 Sep 10 at 07:32 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485
7)What exactly does the top screen do?
The top screen shows the sky. At night you can see the moon and the
stars, and you can also see constellations that you've drawn with Celeste.
Also, occasionally you will see a balloon or a UFO, which you can shoot
down with the slingshot. More information in the Dual Screen Usage

Is your face determined by how you answer things at the
beginning just like in the last game?
Yes, your face depends on how you answer three question to Kapp'n,
the Taxi Driver, at the beginning of the game.

9)How many neighbors can I have at once in my town?
You can have 8 neighbors total. You begin the game with 3.

10)Are there cars in this game?
Cars are not used to travel, other then when you arrive in Kapp'ns
taxi at the beginning of the game. When you leave your town you walk

11)Are there two versions of this game (dead rumor)?
No. It's just a rumor.

FAQ2 (General Information)

Q How do you get the Golden Shovel?
A Plant a normal shovel (you will need to shovels, one to plant and
one to dig the other one up). Wait 24 hours (I generally recommend
waiting a little bit longer, just to be sure). Dig it up. Tada!

Q What does the Golden Shovel do?
A It lets you plant and grow money trees (more in this section).

Q How do you get the Golden Axe?
A You have to complete a long trading quest. First buy a red turnip
(from Joan on Sundays). Then give the Red Turnip to Wendell the
next time you see him. He will give you either the Turban or the
Country Guitar. Give the Turban to Sahara the next time you see
her. She will give you either the Massage Chair or the Red Vase.
Give the Massage Chair to Tortimer the next time you see him (on
a holiday or during a Fishing Tourny/Bug Catching Contest). He
will give you the Scallop. Lastly, trade Pascal the Scallop for the
Golden Axe the next time you see him (he walks around your
beach at a random time on a weekday each week). Lots of people
auction off Massage Chairs on the online board, so if you want
to bypass most of the steps you can easily get one there.

Q What other things can I get in the Trading Quest?
A You can get pictures of K.K. Slider, Tom Nook, and
Pascal. When you give the Scallop to Pascal he may give you his
picture instead of the Golden Axe. Wendell might give you the
Country Guitar instead of the Turban, which will get you K.K.'s
picture if you give it to him. Saharah might give you the Red Vase,
which you give to Redd to get the Safe, which you give to Tom
Nook to get his pic.

Q What does the Golden Axe do?
A It never breaks.

Q How do you get the Golden Fishing Rod?
A You must catch every kind of fish.

Q What does the Golden Fishing Rod do?
A It attracts fish better, so they always come to you.

Q How do you get the Golden Slingshot?
A Shoot down 15 items with a normal Slingshot. The next present
you shoot down will be the Golden Slingshot.

Q What does the Golden Slingshot do?
A It fires three pellets instead of one, so it's easier to hit things.

Q How do you get the Golden Bug Catching Net?
A You must catch every kind of bug.

Q What does the Golden Bug Catching Net do?
A It's twice as big as the regular bug catching net.

Q How do you get the Golden Watering Can?
A You must do whatever Pelly tells you to do when you talk to
her about the environment, until she thinks it's fine. Keep that up
for 15 days and she'll give you the Golden Watering Can.
2006 Sep 10 at 07:33 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485
Q What does the Golden Watering Can do?
A According to Nintendo Power #200, it has no special
properties. However, according to tests done by people
who have it we have found that it turns dying black flowers
into golden flowers.

Q When do Balloons come?
A "...A balloon present wil only appear between the
times of 10 am and 4 pm, and it will randomly appear at
a time where the minutes have a 4 or 5 in the last digit.
Once a balloon appears, another one will appear either
10 minutes after, 20 minutes after or 30 minutes after,
no sooner and no later.

Note Gulliver does not follow this paatern, he appears
between the times of 6 am and Noon on a random
wekday, his appearance i have not figured out yet."
~Special thanks to BIGBEAK on the Nintendo WiFi
Message Boards for discovering this information.

Q How do I keep my White Turnips from spoiling?
A First get a table and put it in your house. Then
surround yourself with items you can walk over, like
wallpapers (make sure you're standing on one as
well). Then look at the table and "drop" your
White Turnip. You should drop it on your table.
The turnips you put on a table will never spoil, even
past the Saturday after you buy them.

Another way is to figure out what day Redd comes.
The day before he comes put nine white turnip
packets on the spot where his tent should appear
the next day. Wait until he comes the next day, and
then go talk to Booker. Your turnips will then be in
the lost & found. White Turnips don't spoil in the
Lost & Found, so you can leave them there as long
as you want.

Q What do shooting stars do?
A If you see a shooting star, and you are looking up
towards the top of your town, you can press A (you
shouldn't be holding down L/R/B or anything). If you
do it right when the shooting star appears then your
character will look like (s)he's praying, and then the
next day you will get a letter from Wishy the star. The
letter will have a lucky item in it (like the Lucky Gold

Q What is the purpose of the Boondox?
A When you donate to the Boondox you can get
special items. You must donate large amounts of
money all at once. 10k will get you the Green
Feather, 200k will get you the Blue Feather,
500k will get you the Yellow Feather, 800k will
get you the Red Feather, 1,100k will get you the
Purple Feather, 1,400k will get you the White
Feather, and the grand finale, 6,400k, will get you
the Rainbow Feather. The feathers have no real
purpose, other than brag value.

SIDE NOTE You can wear the feathers in your

Q What do Snowmen do?
A If you make a "good" snowman then he will
send you snowman furniture in the mail the next

Q How do I make a good snowman?
A The body should be about as big as your head,
and the head should be rolled until you can start
to hold onto it and control it. Once you can control
it you should immediately put it on top of the body.

Q What is the point of becoming friends with
A We don't really know. Many people claim it
increases your luck, but we don't know for sure.

Q What do pitfall seeds do?
A If you plant them and someone walks over them
then they fall into a pitfall, just like you do if you
accidentally walk over one.
2006 Sep 10 at 07:33 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485
Q How does Nook's point system work?
A When you buy things you earn points. When you
reach certain points you get bonuses. 300 points
earns you a membership, which doesn't really mean
anything, but it also gets you a model. You get Nook
store models every time you reach a new "level", and
these occur at 5k points (5% discount), 10k points
(10% discount), and 20k points (20% discount).

Q Does buying from the catalogue count towards
A Yes, it does.

Q Does paying your mortgage count as points?
A No.

Q How do I tell if a traveling universal character
(like Wendell or Saharah) is in my town?
A Talk to Booker and ask him what's new. He
should tell you who's in your town at the current

Q I've made topics to advertise that I have [insert
some universal traveling character here] in my
town, and I'm allowing people to come in and talk
to them, but I always get shot down by people who
say I'm stupid. I don't get it.
A When people enter your town all the travelers
vanish (like Joan, Pascal, Gracie, etc). That would
be why you are so dumb (just kidding).


Character Pictures
Agent S through Copper

Cube through Limberg

Lobo through Rocco

Rod through Yuka

Here is a list of the universal characters, or characters that appear in
every game.

Also, when I say you can find someone in "The Roost", I do not mean
everyday. It seems to be random, every other day, or something like that,
depending on your game.

A white cat with on odd face. She appears occasionally if you access the
WiFi features of the game, and she will ask you to design her face for her.
It works just like making a pattern, and she can take your face pattern to
other towns and show people. You can request that she not come to
your town by accessing the options menu via your phone.
A dark brown owl. Runs the museum. He appraises fossils and takes
donations for the museum.
A light brown fat dog, one of the town guards who stays at the town gate.
Talk to him to find items in the Lost-And-Found box, which you can then
A gray pigeon. He runs "The Roost", the Cafe' underneath the museum.
He sells coffee for 200 bells. He will begin to talk to you more if you buy
coffee daily.
A red owl. Supposedly Blather's sister. She operates the telescope at
the top of the museum. Talk to her to make constellations.
A skinny light brown dog, supposedly Booker's brother. He is the second
town guard. Talk to him to leave town or open your gates.
-Dr. Shrunk
A pinkish salamander who comes to your town randomly. When he visits
he will give you the power to use an emoticon, which allow you to display
your emotions like the animal's do.
A yellow Giraffe. She comes to your town on a random day, and stays
outside town hall with her car. She will quiz you on fashion and then gives
you a shirt depending on how well you do.
2006 Sep 10 at 07:34 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485
A white pelican. He flies in a UFO, which you can shoot down between
6AM and 12PM on weekdays. When you do he gives you an item. He
is currently the only way we know of to get the Metroid legally.
A pink poodle who runs the beauty shop at Nookingtons. Can be found
at "The Roost" at 11PM. If you become good friends with her (by talking
to her a lot) then she will allow you to get all of the haircuts, not just
your gender's haircuts (so girls can get boy haircuts and boys can get
girl haircuts).
A dark brown boar who sells White and Red turnips every Sunday in
the morning.
-K. K. Slider
A white dog, generally accepted as the mascot of Animal Crossing. He
carries a guitar, and appears every saturday night, starting at 730, at
the Cafe' under the museum. Between 8 and 12 PM he will play you a
song, and at the end he will give you a bootleg copy of it.
A small skinny yellow kitten who comes to your town if you commonly
use WiFi. She says she's from the town of someone on your friend list
who's added you, and she wants you to take her back to that town.
A green cabdriver who takes you to town. It would appear he is a
Kappa, a creature from Japanese mythology that usually appeared
as a turtle-like humanoid beast who lived underwater.
Same as Katilin, except she's rather plump. It is random which one
comes to your town.
Comes to your town at a random time and offers to tell your fortune
for 100 bells. The fortune heavily effects you for the day, and it can
be good or bad. You can have your fortune "cleansed" for 10k.
Lyle is a gray-blue otter. He is an insurance salesman. He
appears outside your home on the first Saturday after you move
in. He sells 3,000 Accident Insurance. I you buy it then he will
send you 100 bells in the mail when you get stung by a bee.
He returns the following Saturday, selling Damage Insurance.
If bought he will pay you a certain amount of money when you
buy fake paintings from Redd. He also makes you take a
questionnaire. One of the questions is when Redd comes.
The day you give him is the day Redd will appear in your town
from then on.
A dark blue porcupine who runs the Able Sister's clothing shop
with her sister.
-Mr. Resetti
Mr. Resetti is a brown mole who appears when you turn off your
game without saving (aka reseting). Every time you reset he comes
and yells at you. Eventually he will make you type out things, or use
a meter to show how sorry you are.
A beaver who appears on your shoreline at a random time each
week. He gives you a random item when you talk to him, and then
dives into the ocean.
2006 Sep 10 at 07:37 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485
A white pelican who works at the Town Hall. She offers all the
services that the Town Hall has to offer, most importantly mail.
She works from 8AM to 10PM. You can find her at "The Roost"
at 6AM.
Pete is a white pelican who acts as the mailman. You can shoot
him out of the sky, however he does not give you anything.
A pink pelican who works the nightshift at the town hall. She
works from 10PM to 8AM. You can find her at "The Roost" under
the museum at 9 PM on week days. She is usually
very mad because she is so tired.
Redd is an orange fox who appears soon after you come to
your town. He will come on a specific day, after you talk to
Lyle. He sells three items each time he comes, and they are
generally rare. He also is the one who sells you paintings,
however his paintings are sometimes fake, and if they are then
you will pay full price for them, however you cannot donate
them to the museum and you can only sell them for 10 bells.
A blue and white cat. Has walks you through tag mode.
A very light brown porcupine who runs the Able Sister's
clothing shop with her sister Mable. She is shy and will
not talk to you initially, however if you come by and talk to
her daily then she will begin to warm up to you.
A tan camel who comes to your town randomly and asks
you to do deliveries for her. Doing so earns you points with
town members who you deliver to.
A snowman made by rolling up to good sized snowballs
and then pushing one on top of the other. If you make his
head and body in proportion then he will send you mail with
a present in it.
A light brown raccoon. Runs the upstairs of Nookington's with his
brother Tommy. Nook's nephew.
-Tom Nook
A dark brown raccoon, also kind of a mascot for Animal Crossing.
He upgrades your house for you, and then charges you mortgage.
If you avoid his payments then he comes and breaks your legs.
He also owns Nook's Cranny, which becomes Nook 'n' Go,
which becomes Nookway, which becomes Nookingtons.
Timmy's brother. Nook's nephew.
A yellow-tannish turtle who acts as the town mayor.
A light blue walrus. Comes to your town and asks for food. If you
give him food he will give you a design. If you give him a Red
Turnip he will give you a Turban or the Country Guitar.

Non-Universal characters (aka residents, or characters that do not appear
in every game) are listed below.

Name - Animal Kind

Agent S - Squirrel
Alfonso - Alligator
Alice - Koalla
Alli - Alligator
Amelia - Eagle
Anabelle - Anteater
Anchovy - Bird
Angus - Bull
Antonio - Anteater
Apollo - Eagle
Aurora - Penguin
Baabara - Sheep
Bella - Mouse
Benedict - Rooster
Big Top - Elephant
Bill - Duck
Biskit - Dog
Blaire - Squirrel
Bluebear - Bear
Bob - Cat
Bones - Dog
Boone - Ape
Bree - Mouse
Buck - Donkey
Bud - Lion
Bunnie - Rabbit
Butch - Dog
Camofrog - Frog
Caroline - Squirrel
Cesar - Ape
Chevre - Goat
Chief - Wolf
Chow - Bear
Coco - Rabbit
Cube - Penguin
Curly - Pig
Curt - Bear
Cyrano - Anteater
Daisy - Dog
Deena - Duck
Derwin - Duck
Dizzy - Elephant
Dora - Mouse
Dotty - Rabbit
Drake - Duck
2006 Sep 10 at 07:38 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485
Drift - Frog
Egbert - Rooster
Elmer - Donkey
Eloise - Elephant
Filbert - Squirrel
Freckles - Duck
Friga - Penguin
Frobert - Frog
Gabi - Rabbit
Gaston - Rabbit
Genji - Rabbit
Gladys - Emu
Goldie - Dog
Goose - Goose (looks like a rooster)
Gwen - Penguin
Hopper - Penguin (rock hopper)
Hugh - Pig
Jay - Blue Bird
Jeremiah - Frog
Jitters - Bird
Joey - Duck
Kabuki - Cat
Kid Cat - Cat
Kiki - Cat
Kitt - Kangaroo
Kody - Bear
Lily - Frog
Limberg - Mouse
Lobo - Wolf
Lucky - Dog
Lucy - Pig
Maelle - Duck
Mallary - Duck
Maple - Bear
Margle - Elephant
Marina - Octopus
Mathilda - Kangaroo
Melba - Koala
Mint - Squirrel
Mitzi - Cat
Moe - Cat
Monique - Cat
Nan - Goat
Nibbles - Squirrel
Octavian - Octopus
Olivia - Cat
Opal - Elephant
Pango - Anteater
Pate - Duck
Patty - Cow
Peanut - Squirrel
Pecan - Squirrel
Peewee - Ape
Pierce - Eagle
Pinky - Bear
Pippy - Rabbit
Pompom - Duck
Poncho - Bear
Portia - Dog
Puddles - Frog
Pudge - Bear
Punchy - Cat
Purri - Cat
Queenie - Emu
Rasher - Pig
Rhonda - Unknown
Ribbot - Frog (robot)
Roald - Penguin
Robin - Bird
Rocco - Hippo
Rod - Mouse
Rodeo - Bull
Rolf - Tiger
Roscoe - Donkey
Rosie - Cat
Rowan - Tiger
Ruby - Rabbit
Sally - Squirrel
Samson - Mouse
Savannah - Donkey (Zebra)
Snake - Rabbit
Static - Squirrel
Stitches - Bear
Tabby - Cat
Tangy - Cat
Tank - Rhino
Teddy - Bear
Tiffany - Cat
Tipper - Cow
Truffles - Pig
Twiggy - Bird
Vesta - Sheep
Victoria - Unknown
Walker - Dog
War Jr. - Frog
Whitney - Wolf
Wolfgang - Wolf
Yuka - Koala


Animal Crossing Wild World (or ACDS, as it has come to be known) is online,
using WiFi. In order to access the WiFi features of the DS you need to be at a
"hotspot" or have a wireless router that is compatible with the DS.

Hotspots include places like Starbucks, however they generally charge money
in order to use their services. McDonalds is Nintendo's official hotspot partner,
and most McDonalds locations offer free working WiFi for the DS.

Nintendo also makes a USB Adaptor for use with the DS, however it works
with Windows XP only, so Mac/Linux/Pre XP users will not be able to use it.

Using a wireless router with the DS requires fast connection, so you need DSL
or Cable, not Dial-Up. You also need a DS compatible wireless router. A list of
these can be found at http//

It should be mentioned that despite what Nintendo has said, most Belkin router's
are not compatible with the Nintendo DS for reasons that are mostly unknown. If
you have Belkin router then you should check the forums,
because many people have created patches that you can use to get your DS
working with certain kinds of Belkin's, however there are some that cannot be
fixed, so they just don't work. If you are trying to purchase a router then the
highest recommended one is the Linksys WRT54G, or the Linksys
Wireless - G Broadband Router. Setup is easier than with most other routers,
and it has no problems with the Nintendo DS.

The actual way that this game is "online" is rather simple. You can go to other
people's towns and they can come to yours. You can do things like have
fishing contests, and bug catching contests, and in the Spring/Summer there
is apparently a soccer minigame. The main draw to online, though, is the
chat feature. Coming to other people's towns in real time also makes it
very easy to trade items, plus you can talk to other people's neighbors and
shop at their stores, and things like that
2006 Sep 10 at 07:39 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485

So you're not really sure how this technology works, eh? Well, this section
will be also useful if you're planning to buy any other online games, such
as the next Bomberman, Mario Kart, Harvest Moon and many other online

"Wi-Fi actually means 802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g. If you have a
wireless router, take a look at it and you should see 802.11 somewhere on
it. Mine says 802.11b right under the model number. So, as far as I know
that means that I could be playing my DS online upstairs in my room
connected wirelessly to my router to my broadband internet. Also, only the g
standard is backwards compatible. 802.11a operates on a different frequency
to the b and g standards and as such is not compatible with either the b or
g standards. 802.11b was the initial standard that is used for wireless
internet access. It provides speeds of up to 11 Mbps (Megabits per second)
for wireless data transfers and is the standard that the DS will use.
802.11g can be compatible with both b and g, but can also be set to only
broadcast the g standard which is 54 Mbps. In the case that a router was set
to g only then b devices such as the DS wouldn't be able to connect to
it.- Taken from

Also, I find a popular question is "If I am 'hosting' a game and I disconnect/
go out of range what happens?" The answer is that the other person gets a
message that says there is "lag" and it will disconnect in 15 seconds if the
signal does not reconnect. In 15 seconds the people who were in your town
will load their last save.


1)What will I need to get online?
From what we've heard you will need atleast an 802.11B router and a
high-speed (no dial up) internet connection. Other things may be required.

2)What if I don't have a wireless router?
Get one. The cheapest ones are only $25.00 USD.
Appended The most recommended router for the DS is the Linksys WRT54G,
which sells for $75. Many companies (like Best Buy) are offering mail in rebates
and things like that for this specific router, however.
~V Jasper

3)I'm worried about neighbors stealing my connection. what do i do?
Encrypt it. For instructions on how to do this, see your router manual.
Appended The Nintendo DS is equipped to handle a WEP secured signal.
This means that you can set up your router to use WEP encryption (a rather
old form of encryption), and then anything that uses your router will need a
WEP key. This will keep other people from stealing your connection, because
they won't have that key.
~V Jasper

4)How far will the signal reach?
Depends. On the 802.11 B and G (which operates on the same frequency as B
but offers higher transfer speeds) you can get up to 300 ft if your
connection is really good. 802.11 A is fairly expensive (i'm not sure if
nintendo will have support for this) but opperates on a higher frequency.
Expect 150 ft at most from A but you also get a much more stable connection.
Appended Most routers will connect to your entire home, especially if you
have your router set up in the middle of your home. I live in a one story house,
and my router is set up at one corner of the house. I can get reception everyone
in my house except at the very opposite corner.
~V Jasper

5)Can I play regular games online?
No. they don't even have the software for router connections.

6)What if I have dial-up?
Well it could work. But expect extremely laggy gameplay (due to over the top
latency). It's better to have highspeed anyway.
2006 Sep 10 at 07:39 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485
7)What if i have highspeed dial-up?
Doesn't do crap. It only takes commonly accessed data and stores it on their
servers so it doesn't take as long.

Can I browse the web with my DS?
As of yet, no.

Sonic01864's "How To Set Up A Router"

To set-up the router for use
You need to set a SSID, WEP encrytion to (keep leechers away),
Probably a channel, and type of network. Windows has a set-up wizard
to help you with this but you still need to input the information.

Todo this you access its set-up page by going to 192.168.xx.xx. Fill in
teh xx's with the address given to you in your instruction booklet.

A SSID identifies your network. Its recoomended not to set it as
something obvious but most wireless cards can be set to "ANY"
and will just find it.

WEP encrytion is a set of numbers and letters that is used as
athurization for use of the network.

Channnel is simply what channel it is broadcasted on. 1-12

Type of network is ad-hock or infastructure. You want infastructure.
Adhock is for direct communication between 2 devices.


During normal situations the top screen shows the sky and the bottom
screen shows the world. Things, like floating presents and UFOs, can
appear on the top screen. You can use the Slingshot to shoot a rock
straight up and try to hit whatever is up there down.

When your character goes inside a building the top screen goes dark.

When you open your set of menus they take up the entire bottom
screen, and the top screen shows what would have been displayed on
the bottom screen. This allows you to drag items onto your character
using the bottom screen, and then look at what your character looks
like on the top screen, and is rather useful.


After you complete your errands for Tom Nook (which basically means you can
really start playing) you are then able to use a free Shirt, Hat, and Umbrella.
You do so by dragging patterns onto the Shirt, Hat, and Umbrella icons. You
can also buy clothes, hats, umbrellas and glasses for yourself. You can also
make patterns to put on your generic cloths, hat, and umbrella.

Your generic hat that you drag patterns on has horns, however the other hats
do not.

Once Tom Nook upgrades his shop into a Nookingtons there will be a salon in
it. In that salon you can get your hair changed (both the style and the color),
based on how you answer a number of questions.

Info here...

The Able Sisters sell eight patterns, three shirt, one umbrella, and two
special head items a day.
2006 Sep 10 at 07:40 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485

HRA, or Happy Room Academy, rates your room every sunday. If you get
150,000+ HRA points then they will reward you with the Mansion Model.
100,000 will get you the Two-Story Model. 70,000 will get you the One-
Story Model

Base Points
1,All furniture of a series (complete series) 48,000
2,Wall matches the aforementioned series 4,800
3,Floor matches the aforementioned series 4,800
4,Wall & Floor both match aforementioned series 400 (total is 10,000)
5,"Complete necessities of life" (bed/chair/table/wardrobe/dresser)
that does not match aforementioned series 4,800
6,"Complete necessities of life" that does match aforementioned
series 16,000
7,Furniture of a certain theme ( (# of items) * 7,000 ) + 15,000
8,Wall and floor that match 10,000 (stacks with 2)
9,Complete furniture set (ie all the Econo Chairs) (# of items) * 3,000

Random Stuff* +3
Trophies +800
Downloaded Furniture (stuff that Nintendo sent you) +210
Flowers +5
Gulliver Items (stuff that Gulliver gives you) 412
Gyroids +828
Models +1,111
Lost Kitten Gifts +1,280
Fossils (skeletons only) +1,000
Stuff your neighbors give you (furniture) +1,000
Fossils (not skeletons) +300
Stuff Pascal gives you +1,543
Box of Tissue/Piggy Bank +912
Animal Picture +3,200
Painting +151
Redd Exclusive Item +412
"Festive" Items +151
Snowman Furniture +888
Mushroom Furniture +412
Nook's Spotlight Item +151

Mixing Series -4,000
Leaving Junk Around (turnips/trash) -?
Placing stuff (like gyroids) in weird directions -?

* = Accessories, Clothes (any kind, including hats & stuff), Fish, Bugs,
Umbrellas (yes, those would kinda be clothes), Shells, that kinda stuff.


Like the original Animal Crossing, Wild World also has a form of Feng
Shui. Anything that relies on random values will yield a more benefit
outcome if you increase your Feng Shui. Basically, if you increase
your Feng Shui then the RNG in the game gets points added to it, so
better stuff happens to you.

Feng Shui works almost exactly the same, except there is no Orange.
Granted that "up" is North, and "down" is South, then you should place
Yellow items in the West, Red items in the East, and Green items in the
South. Certain items have double colors, and certain items carry universal
Feng Shui, which means they will increase your luck no matter where you
put them. These items include items with the word "festive" in their name,
and items with the word "lucky" in their name.

Here is how Fen Shui works in different houses.

yy = Yellow
rr = Red
gg = Green
yg = Yellow/Green
rg = Red/Green
nn = Nothing


yy . yy ... rr . rr
yy . yy ... rr . rr
yg .. yg . rg .. rg
yg .. yg . rg .. rg


yy .. yy . nn . nn .. rr . rr
yy .. yy . nn . nn .. rr . rr
yy .. yy . nn . nn .. rr . rr
yy .. yy . nn . nn .. rr . rr
yg .. yg . gg . gg . rg .. rg
yg .. yg . gg . gg . rg .. rg


yy .. yy . nn . nn . nn . nn .. rr . rr
yy .. yy . nn . nn . nn . nn .. rr . rr
yy .. yy . nn . nn . nn . nn .. rr . rr
yy .. yy . nn . nn . nn . nn .. rr . rr
yy .. yy . nn . nn . nn . nn .. rr . rr
yy .. yy . nn . nn . nn . nn .. rr . rr
yg .. yg . gg . gg . gg . gg . rg .. rg
yg .. yg . gg . gg . gg . gg . rg .. rg
2006 Sep 10 at 07:41 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485
Yellow Items

Blue Bed
Blue Table
Classic Sofa
Snowman TV
Flying Saucer
Lunar Lander
Striped Cone
Steam Roller
Cement Mixer
Judge's Bell
Picnic Table
Elephant Slide
Oil Drum
Mama Bear
Samurai Suit
Cash Register
Jasmine Bonsai
Lucky Gold Cat
Lefty Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat
Tea Vase
Flowery Painting
Rare Painting
Common Painting
Gold Stereo
Hi-Fi Stereo
Gold Econo-Chair
Mountain Bike
Bug Trophy
Fish Trophy
Flower Trophy
Mummy's Casket
Alarm Clock
Odd Clock
Basic Yellow Bed
Pineapple Bed
Clothes Closet
Diver Dan

Green Items
Green Bed
Green Bench
Green Chair
Green Counter
Green Desk
Green Dresser
Green Lamp
Green Pantry
Green Table
Green Wardrobe
Ranch Armchair
Ranch Couch
Ranch Tea Table
Desert Cactus
Tall Cactus
Round Cactus
Bird Bath
Train Set
Ship Cannon
Green Drum
Baby Panda
Deer Scare
Green Golf Bag
Green Lava Lamp
Hospital Bed
Pear Wardrobe
Pear Dresser
Grapefruit Table
Lime Chair
Azalea Bonsai
Hawthorn Bonsai
Holly Bonsai
Mugho Bonsai
Ponderosa Bonsai
Pine Bonsai
Iris Chair
Iris Table
Froggy Chair
Lily-Pad Table
Mugho Bonsai
Rock Guitar
Coconut Palm
Corn Plant
Weeping Fig
Lady Palm
Fan Palm
Rubber Tree
Snake Plant
Retro Fridge
Jade Econo-Chair
Billiard Table
Mahjong Table
Tennis Table
Festive Tree
Big Festive Tree
Sleeping Bag
Basic Green Bed
Book's Cranny
Museum Model
Table Lamp
Clothesline Pole

Red Items
Mush Bed
Mush Stand
Mush Table
Mush TV
Iron Frame
Orange Cone
Traffic Cone
Detour Arrow
Saw Horse
Red Corner
Tiki Torch
Lawn Mower
Garden Gnome
Red Drum
Haz-Mat Barrel
Giant Dharma
White Golf Bag
Clear Model
Red Armchair
Red Sofa
Apple TV
Maple Bonsai
Quince Bonsai
Red Vase
Metal Guitar
Nice Painting
Trash Bin
Red Boom Box
Red Clock
Basic Red Bed
Life Ring
Fire Hydrant
Candy Machine
Gas Pump
Miniature Car
Executive Toy
Vacuum Cleaner

Yellow/Green Items
Melon Chair
Lemon Table
Daffodil Chair
Daffodil Table
Glow Clock
Treasure Chest
Tea Set

Yellow/Red Items
Apple Clock
Music Box

Green/Red Items
Watermelon Chair
Watermelon Table
Tulip Chair
Tulip Table
One-Story Model
Two-Story Model
Mansion Model

Universal Items
Big Festive Tree
Birthday Cake
Bug Trophy
Festive Tree
Fish Trophy
Flower Trophy
Garden Gnome
Ivory Piano
Lefty Lucky Cat
Lovely Phone
Lucky Black Cat
Lucky Cat
Lucky Gold Cat
Music Box
Piggy Bank
Racoon Figurine
Samurai Suit
Treasure Chest

Universal items do not count as all three. They simply increase your
Feng Shui no matter where they are in the room, even if they are in an
"nn" spot.
2006 Sep 10 at 07:42 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485

Lots of universal traveling characters give you items when you do things
for them. Here are the lists of items they can give you.

Barber Shirt . . . Butterfly Shirt . . . Caterpillar Shirt . . . Citrus Shirt
Cool Shirt . . . Coral Shirt . . . Cow Shirt . . . Crossing Shirt . . . Fiendish Shirt
Flan Shirt . . . Giraffe Shirt . . . Grape Shirt . . . Grass Shirt . . . Gracie's Top
Groovy Shirt . . . Hot Dog Shirt . . . Kiwi Shirt . . . Ladybug Shirt
Melon Shirt . . . Orange Pinstripe . . . Sandwich Shirt . . . Snow Shirt
Strawberry Shirt . . . Tiger Shirt . . . Tin Shirt . . . Watermelon Shirt
Zebra Shirt

Arc de Triomphe . . . Chocolates . . . Compass . . . Manekin Pis
Matryoshka . . . Merlion . . . Mermaid Statue . . . Metroid
Moai Statue . . . Mouth of Truth . . . Pagoda . . . Plate Armor
Tower of Pisa . . . Tribal Mask

Apple TV . . . Kaitlin & Katie's Pic . . . Lily-Pad Table . . . Lovely Phone
Music Box . . . Papa Bear . . . Papa Panda . . . Portrait

Anchor . . . Barrel . . . Helm . . . Keg . . . Sea Deck . . . Sea View
Ship Cannon . . . Ship Compass

Ancient Tile . . . Ancient Wall . . . Blue Tarp . . . Boxing Ring Mat
Closed Road . . . Concrete Floor . . . Daisy Meadow . . . Desert Vista
Industrial Wall . . . Lunar Horizon . . . Lunar Surface
Meadow Vista . . . Music Room Floor . . . Music Room Wall
Ringside Seating . . . Saharah's Desert . . . Sandlot . . . Shoji Screen
Tatami Floor . . . Tropical Floor . . . Tropical Vista . . . Western Desert
Western Vista

Snowman . . . Snowman Bed . . . Snowman Chair . . . Snowman Clock
Snowman Dresser . . . Snowman Fridge . . . Snowman Lamp
Snowman Sofa . . . Snowman Table . . . Snowman TV
Snowman Wall . . . Snowman Wardrobe

Mush Bed . . . Mush Closet . . . Mush Chair . . . Mush Dresser
Mush End Table . . . Mush Lamp . . . Mush Stand . . . Mush Stool
Mush Table . . . Mush TV

K.K. Songs

PLEASE NOTE The song Cafe K.K. includes an accent over the e,
represented by an "`". The song Senor K.K. includes a tilde over the
n, represented by an "~". If you want to request a song you must
include these accents, and the song's must be typed case sensitive.

Agent K.K.
Aloha K.K.
Cafe` K.K.
Comrade K.K.
Forest Life
Go K.K. Rider
I Love You
Imperial K.K.
K.K. Aria
K.K. Ballad
K.K. Blues
K.K. Bossa
K.K. Calypso
K.K. Casbah
K.K. Chorale
K.K. Condor
K.K. Country
K.K. Cruisin' (NOT AN ACCENT)
K.K. D & B
K.K. Dirge
K.K. Dixie
K.K. Etude
K.K. Faire
K.K. Folk
K.K. Fusion
K.K. Gumbo
K.K. Jazz
K.K. Lament
K.K. Love Song
K.K. Lullaby
K.K. Mambo
K.K. Marathon
K.K. March
K.K. Metal
K.K. Ragtime
K.K. Rally
K.K. Reggae
K.K. Rock
K.K. Rockabilly
K.K. Safari
K.K. Salsa
K.K. Samba
K.K. Ska
K.K. Song
K.K. Soul
K.K. Steppe
K.K. Swing
K.K. Tango
K.K. Technopop
K.K. Waltz
K.K. Western
King K.K.
Lucky K.K.
Marine Song 2001
Mountain Song
Mr. K.K.
My Place
Only Me
Rockin' K.K. (NOT AN ACCENT)
Sen~or K.K.
Soulful K.K.
Steep Hill
Surfin' K.K. (NOT AN ACCENT)
The K. Funk
To the Edge
Two Days Ago
2006 Sep 10 at 07:43 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485

Normal Items;
Amazing Machine
Baby Bed
Backyard Pool
Basketball Hoop
Black Katana
Black Knight
Black Rook
Blue Bed
Blue Table
Cabana Bed
Cabana Chair
Cabin Chair
Cabin Dresser
Classic Vanity
Classic Wardrobe
Clear Model
Deer Scare
Dice Stereo
Exotic Bed
Exotic Table
Frog Woman Pole
Green Dresser
Green Wardrobe
High-End Stereo
Hospital Bed
Judg'e Bell
Kiddie Bed
Kiddie Clock
Lawn Mower
Lefty Lucky Cat
Lovely Armoire
Lovely End Table
Lucky Black Cat
Mama Panda
Medicine Chest
Modern End Table
Modern Wardrobe
Pantheon Post
Raccoon Figurine
Ranch Chair
Ranch Dresser
Red Corner
Regal Bed
Regal Chair
Saddle Fence
Saw Horse
Snake Plant
Space Shuttle
Steam Roller
Super Toilet
Tabletop Game
Timpano Drum
Train Set
White Katana
White Knight
White Rook
Wide-Screen TV

The TRIFORCE is also available from Redd. It is a Redd "exclusive" item,
meaning that you cannot buy it from anyone else.

Paintings (exclusive);
Amazing Painting
Calm Painting
Common Painting
Dainty Painting
Famous Painting
Flowery Painting
Lovely Painting
Moving Painting
Nice Painting
Opulent Painting
Perfect Painting
Quaint Painting
Rare Painting
Scary Painting
Solemn Painting
Strange Painting
Warm Painting
Worthy Painting


Clans are, quite simply, groups of people who join together in order to create
a group. Clans generally defeat the purpose of Animal Crossing, since the
entire idea of the WiFi is to create friends, not clans.

Most clans do not make it in the world of ACWW because the game is not
centered around competition. Consequently, most clans get bored and


Gamespot's ACWW Page

IGN Interview

Some Screenshots

Animal Crossing Online Forums (fansite)

Animal Crossing Ahead (fansite)


SHADULN - Original topic creator
Fireblend - Continued and updated the topic
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The_DS_Master - Contributed immensely to information concerning the HRA.

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