Another Laptop Keyboard Quesdshun

Another Laptop Keyboard Quesdshun

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So, you might remember my dead laptop keyboard issue from the days of yore. I now bought a USB keyboard which works just fine, but since the old keyboard isn't dead completely and got hurt by effing coffee all over it, "it likes to press buttons randomly". Like, sometimes you can't press R on the USB keyboard, because the broken keyboard "presses" CTRL all the time and this makes "CTRL+R" and opens the run window. And you get random windows popping up from time to time...

Now, my question, can I turn of the "original keyboard" somehow and only use the USB keyboard? Or would it hurt the computer itself if I ripped out all the -now useless- keys? (That would probably not change anything, since the keys (like CTRL) react without pressing, appearently because of the coffee.)
2009 Feb 22 at 03:18 PST
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The coffee remainders are either physically keeping the button pushed, or completing the electrical circuit and making the keyboard act as though it's being pushed.

Pop the keys off to see if the plastic under them is stuck down. If so, my guess is that you can pull the up with tweezers or something and experience no more annoyances. If the keys and the plastic thingy under them appear to be up, this means trouble.

Maybe you can just take it to a lab that will clean the keyboard out? Or is it not worth the money?

EDIT: Maybe you can tell us what the laptop model is, so we can help you look for a way to disable the keyboard. I'm sure the manufacturer's website has technical support.
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2009 Feb 22 at 04:08 PST — Ed. 2009 Feb 22 at 04:12 PST
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2009 Feb 22 at 06:14 PST
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First look for a disassembly guide on youtube or something then buy the keyboard for the model of your computer and from there put one and one together and it should be as easy as one, two, three.
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