Audiosurf? ...Anyone?

Audiosurf? ...Anyone?

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2005 Mar 20 • 6441
If anyone has Audiosurf, and you can't find a song with a fast enough track, try this:

SuperJer - Audioserf (Loud-Makes-Fast Edition).mp3

I produced it extra-specially just so it would be fast in Audiosurf.

Look how red it is!

2008 Apr 10 at 10:39 PDT — Ed. 2008 Apr 10 at 10:42 PDT
Down Rodeo
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2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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I saw this newspost and tried to remember to download it but FAIL. I might do it tonight, but then I might not. I definitely will though.
2008 Apr 10 at 15:38 PDT
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Find the Hole II Participation Medal
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2005 May 2 • 2066
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Yay, it's really cool. The song and the track. Good job.
2008 Apr 14 at 13:27 PDT
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