Bad Surface At Position ERROR! OMFG! :O

Bad Surface At Position ERROR! OMFG! :O

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2009 Jul 25 • 2

What kind of error is this? Tell me if you can fix the problem and I'll send the map. Or maybe you can just TELL me how to fix it? :)

This Error comes up when I have compiled the map and are going to run it!

EDIT: I've found this string in the .err file:
hlrad: Error: Malformed face normal
Description: The texture alignment of a visible face is unusable
Howto Fix: If using Worldcraft, do a check for problems and fix any occurences of 'Texture axis perpindicular to face'

2009 Jul 25 at 05:59 PDT — Ed. 2009 Jul 25 at 06:02 PDT
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To check for errors, press ALT + P. This should help (I think it's dodgy geometry messing with the textures, possibly).
2009 Jul 25 at 07:36 PDT
2009 Jul 25 • 2
Ahh Thanks :)
2009 Jul 25 at 08:15 PDT
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