Batch compiler wont compile?????

Batch compiler wont compile?????

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2006 Mar 1 • 74
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ok i worked on my map for a looooong time and compiled in valvehammer that worked. but when i compile it in batch compiler it just wont work. there are a lot of teleports in it and when i delete them it compiles perfectly but i need the teleports and i dont want em deleted!!!

What can i do to fix this???????


Description: The maximum number of switchable light entities has been reached
Howto Fix: self explanitory
2006 Mar 1 at 01:31 PST
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2005 Mar 21 • 1531
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Duh. Just remove some light entities till it works.

I dont even know how to use hammer, and I know what that error means
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2006 Mar 1 at 06:28 PST
2006 Mar 1 • 74
22 ₧
duh thats not right i dont even have any light enteties in the map so no thats not the problem
2006 Mar 1 at 06:47 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6507

means you have lights that can be switched on and off, and more than 3 (or 4?) shine on the same surface. This makes it too complex to be stored in a BSP.

If you DON'T have that many switchable lights, then there is something else wrong with your map.

I think certain TEXTURES act as switchable lights so that may be the problem too.
2006 Mar 2 at 13:59 PST
2006 Mar 1 • 74
22 ₧
i tried making spawnpoints that switch every time like in l33tsk33t. and thats where the problems began? why, did you have the same problem
2006 Mar 2 at 14:11 PST
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