Cant compile .map to .bsp =\

Cant compile .map to .bsp =\

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2008 Apr 12 • 2
Ok, so i created very small map with respawnpoints, lights ect and no leaks.
I created mapname.bat file to convert .map file to .bsp, but this is the error i get from "mapname.err" file:

hlcsg: Error: Could not open wad file \games\cs 1.6\cstrike\cstrike.wad

hlcsg: Error: Could not find WAD file
Description: The compile tools could not locate a wad file that the map was referencing.
Howto Fix: Make sure the wad's listed in the level editor actually all exist

But the cstrike.wad is there!

Maybe because it says "Could not open wad file \games\cs 1.6\cstrike\cstrike.wad" and not "Could not open wad file C:\games\cs 1.6\cstrike\cstrike.wad"? and how could i fix thix :D


Counterstike game is on D drive
Hammer Editor is on C drive
2008 Apr 12 at 02:47 PDT — Ed. 2008 Apr 12 at 02:52 PDT
2008 Apr 12 • 2
Oh lol i just readed some of the other topics, and now i know, that everything has to be on the same drive! I love you all :* ;*

2008 Apr 12 at 02:55 PDT — Ed. 2008 Apr 12 at 02:56 PDT
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