Changing Map after Door Closed

Changing Map after Door Closed

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2008 Feb 26 • 227
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How can You Change Map after The Doors are closed?
Here's The Scenario : First You go Trough a Door and the The door closed and then You change map
Note : This Is For HL
I Love Army Men Sarge's War
2008 Aug 28 at 01:07 PDT

2008 Mar 23 • 192
change map...??? u mean like the server changes maps when somebody walks through the door?

i say impossible
2008 Aug 28 at 08:38 PDT
Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
601 ₧
he meant like a single player

ok make ur change level

when u change level, teleport the player to another part of a map that looks the same

when he reaches there, he triggers something and closes the door:)

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2008 Aug 28 at 18:42 PDT
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