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2008 Jan 31 • 69
i downloaded a map named de_arkanos from .
i just wanted to ask how can you make columns like that whit a twisting circular shape ?

oh yeah and im playing 1 of superjers maps and it has a statue of a horse , thats awsome ! but is it just a model or can something like that be constructed out of brushes ????
Im taking grammar lessons , so i can explain my problems better :D
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2008 Mar 23 • 192
If your takling about a cylinder, then when your going to make a brush, in the bottom right corner change one of the options to Cylinder..

I'm not really good at explaining some things..
2008 May 24 at 20:36 PDT
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2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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the horse was constructed out of brushes

the column,well go and create a cylinder
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2007 Oct 24 • 990
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Omg have you seen de_arkanos before ? it has spiraling columns not just a simple cylinder ( just google image " de_arkanos " you'll see what im talking about )

to make more complex shapes use vertex tool .

for that column start with a shape that has edges ( number of edges = number of twists the column has ) . and then twist them to form a spiraling column . i would start with either a triangle or a block .

but make it in segments , not just 1 whole cause it will be either very hard or impossible .

be sure to make all complex shapes into entities like func_wall so the compliers won't have trouble with it

Oh yeah and don't make concave shapes out of single brushes
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