Compilation error

Compilation error

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2006 Dec 4 • 50
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when i try to use ZHLT to compile my map i get an error.
i made the .bat file and all; in your HOWTO it says run the .bat file. But if i just 'run it' it opens in Notepad.
So i then thaught ill just grab the .bat file and drop it over one of the ZHLT.exe appz. (i droped it on hlbsp.exe) Which produced a .err file with the following inside: [code:1]hlbsp: Error: Can't open C:\zhlt\map1_basic.bat.p0[/code:1]

How can i make this compile a success?

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2006 Dec 4 at 16:05 PST

2006 Sep 11 • 115
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I realy dont know, if map is not large, try to compile it using zhlt in VHE
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2006 Dec 5 at 08:23 PST
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