Configuring a DHCP Connection to my PS2

Configuring a DHCP Connection to my PS2

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2005 Mar 21 • 1531
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Ok I git a problem. What I want to do is that I need to hook my PS2 up to an internet connection. Problem is I got a D-Link DI-614+ Wireless Router, which is hooked up to a cable modem. Also, I need to find out what my DHCP configureation, whatever the hell that is. Now remember, your speaking to a complete idiot about this, and I gotta get that ps2 working, or else other people are gonna bite my head off. Can anyone help me out PLEASE!!!!
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2006 Feb 19 at 15:36 PST
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2005 Mar 21 • 4868
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DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is used if you want to have a dynamic IP... do you have a dynamic IP? (IP address that is different every time you connect to the interweb.) My guess is "no" since you IP seems to be the same most of the time you post here.

I've never hooked a console to the neterweb so I don't really know what the ins and outs are, does the ps2 just connect to the router with a regular ol' cat 5 or do you have to use some adapter thingy? What happens when you plug it in, and do you have other computers on the network than the one you post with? I'll go see if I can't look up how to do this...

...and I found this:

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2006 Feb 21 at 17:20 PST
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