CS bots

CS bots

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Mate de Vita

2008 Oct 4 • 2453
159 ₧
I need a bot for cs that can be used in multiplayer games. Anyone know of any good ones?
Is podbot any good?
...and that's the bottom line because Mate de Vita said so.
2011 Jun 23 at 13:29 PDT — Ed. 2011 Jun 23 at 13:32 PDT
Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
601 ₧
Use zbot (the one from cs cz)

And rename the dll file to mp.dll, so that you can use it with metamod

and podbot sucks, I tried to use podbot with zombie swarm, and they just stand there and get hit, so my vision of a l4d on cs 1.6 failed
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2011 Jun 23 at 19:02 PDT
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