Decompiling maps with included textures.

Decompiling maps with included textures.

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2006 Sep 11 • 115
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hey again. Im trying to decompile de_inferno, and it has included textures in it, try to use winbsp but it gives me an error. I tried to open it useing Quark but it cant save *.map only bsp again, I wish to make de_inferno A or B bomb site, a small map.

(p.s. I grabbed all textures from the map, and i created a wad file with it.)
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2007 Aug 23 at 23:45 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6441
Your best bet is to just build it yourself.

Even if you get it to decompile it will still be chunky and buggy.

You can also try bspTWOmap if you want. Google for it.
2007 Aug 24 at 16:06 PDT
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