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Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
601 ₧

IT'S EPIC! But cost $20, so inevitably there are retards on the youtube videos saying that the graphics sucks, but nazi dinosaurs > graphics, who else agrees?
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2011 Apr 16 at 07:45 PDT

2008 Jul 5 • 583
295 ₧
It's based on the source engine so I suppose that the graphics are about as good as Counter Strike: Source and since this is a forum dedicated to Counter Strike 1 I don't really think that people here cares that much.

Heh, Most people here own Minecraft .
Today's post brought to you by the letter: "heck".
2011 Apr 16 at 13:47 PDT
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Comrade General 5-Star
2005 Mar 21 • 4789
1,227 ₧
Source looked dated to me when it came out and I still play source games. Regardless, I almost never play FPSs anymore, so chances are low that I will play this.
2011 Apr 16 at 17:18 PDT
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