Edit Mapp?

Edit Mapp?

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Svett Bengt
2008 Jan 13 • 15
Hi, me again. I got a question, if I wanna edit a mapp, ex dd2, how can I edit it? If even possible?

//Svett Bengt
The mapper God forgot
2008 Jan 26 at 08:38 PST

2007 Oct 24 • 990
13 ₧
well u can't really edit a map that u don't have the map file of ... u can convert a .bsp into a .map file http://www.superjer.com/forum/converting_a_bsp_into_map.php

The name of the program is bsptwomap ( google it)

but i don't suggest that you decomply a map because it comes out very complicated . the program is designed only to make the map viewable in hammer ( so you can see how some things are made ) not editable .... i suggest that you make the map by yourself
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2008 Jan 26 at 10:17 PST
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