flat map...

flat map...

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2006 Feb 24 • 4
23 ₧
So anyways im doing a map of my friends flat but... Ive got a problem
i dont have any normal textures all ive got is like only the cstrike and zhtl wads and believe me there aint nothing good in them for my map exept maybe the doors.. So what im asking is could someone give me some suitable wads
2006 Feb 26 at 03:59 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6507
You already have tons of wads, in the Steam gcf files.

Go get GCFScape:


It let's you open the steam GCFs in your SteamApps folder and retrieve the beautiful, delicious wads. You might have to exit Steam first.
2006 Feb 26 at 11:30 PST
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