halp mah plox

halp mah plox

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Dog fucker (but in a good way now)

2009 Nov 13 • 2045
So... I got this little bluetooth adapter for my pc, so I could hook up a bluetooth headset. When I plugged it in, it said it installed the driver correctly, but now there's no icon in my tray for it. So I was all "ICON, Y U NO IN TRAY?!?!", and I decided to type 'bluetooth' into the search bar on my start menu, and that's when I noticed that all the regular bluetooth stuff that's in windows 7 is gone. The adapter works just fine on my laptop, cuz it has all the bluetooth stuff... but the thing is, I'm running the same version of windows 7 on my desktop and the blutooth stuff is gone.

So, any ideas as to why it's gone? And more importantly, is there any way to get it back (though, I have a feeling it was never there to begin with, so it wouldn't really be 'getting it back', but you know what I'm sayin')?
2012 Jan 10 at 14:24 PST
Dog fucker (but in a good way now)

2009 Nov 13 • 2045
That stuff is like, to add bluetooth devices. I can't use those programs, because windows doesn't think I have a bluetooth dongle, because windows is missing all of the built-in bluetooth stuff it usually has.
2012 Jan 10 at 15:49 PST

Chrome Whore
2009 Sep 6 • 2547
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What Is a Bluetooth Stack?

A Bluetooth stack is an application installed on your computer that interacts with your Bluetooth devices. Two Bluetooth stacks are widely in use today:

The Microsoft Bluetooth stack, which comes with Windows XP Service Pack 2
The Widcomm Bluetooth stack
Most Bluetooth adapters use the Widcomm Bluetooth stack driver. Widcomm (acquired by Broadcom, http://www.broadcom.com) licenses its software to most Bluetooth manufacturers. Consequently, the installation, configuration, and use of different Bluetooth devices on Windows have a nearly identical look and feel.
The problem with the Bluetooth stack built into Windows XP SP 2 is that it has limited support for profiles. In particular, it does not support the Headset profile required to connect with Bluetooth headsets, and hence your Bluetooth headsets will not be able to work with your Windows XP PC.

To overcome the limitations in the Windows Bluetooth stack, you can install the Widcomm Bluetooth stack drivers from the manufacturer of your Bluetooth device. You can download the latest drivers and support software from the adapter vendor's web site. Because each vendor customizes the Widcomm software slightly, you should not use drivers from a vendor other than the one that manufactured your Bluetooth adapters.
2012 Jan 10 at 16:57 PST
Dog fucker (but in a good way now)

2009 Nov 13 • 2045
I figured out what the problem is... it's the headset.
I paired with my PS3 controller no problem (wirless ps3 controller spoofed as a 360 controller on pc ftw?), but it still won't connect with the headset, so.... fuck the headset I guess.
2012 Jan 10 at 17:47 PST
fedex _

2009 Mar 23 • 908
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it should connect since there is a bluetooth on the pc and eveything

keep searching there is a way
melloyellow582 said:
I post sometimes, to make a point.
2012 Jan 11 at 17:54 PST
Dog fucker (but in a good way now)

2009 Nov 13 • 2045
Well, I'm just glad that you took the time to read past the first sentence in the thread fedex
2012 Jan 11 at 19:00 PST
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