Having Problems when i run the map in Cs

Having Problems when i run the map in Cs

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2009 Jul 6 • 1
i created my first map and im having problems running it.

Counter strike 1.6

i choose the map and i run in counter strike new game.

its showing me a error and i dont know how to fix hit. Help me plzz

heres the error

Mod_LoadBrushModel: maps/my,map,name.bsp has wrong version number (571084155 should be 30).

i need help!!
2009 Jul 6 at 06:04 PDT — Ed. 2009 Jul 7 at 05:24 PDT
Homicidal Anatidae

2008 Mar 5 • 1169
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Counter-Strike 1.6 or Source?

Also, post the compile log.
2009 Jul 6 at 09:08 PDT — Ed. 2009 Jul 6 at 09:11 PDT

2007 Oct 20 • 186
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that's one fucked up name for a map i don't think you can have that name but that's my not be the problem i would just change the name and try going in to it can not hurt to try o and if it still tells the err post the log
2009 Jul 7 at 14:03 PDT
Half Irish, half NOT FUNNY

2007 May 27 • 1415
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Killer-Duck said:
Counter-Strike 1.6 or Source?

Also, post the compile log.

Look at his post carefully smartone.
2009 Jul 8 at 19:17 PDT
Down Rodeo
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2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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To be fair Killer Duck did ask him on Monday; the post was edited on Tuesday. Should I be asking you to look carefully?
2009 Jul 9 at 09:11 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6301
mugiwara#luffy said:
Mod_LoadBrushModel:[...].bsp has wrong version number ([...] should be 30).

Really need to see the compile log to answer this. There is almost certainly a compiler error or a bad warning.

But in case not...

Tommy said:
Here are a few of the problems that popped up under this situation:

1. You may have errors in your compile, if not then,
2. Your pak0pak.pak file may be corrupted?
3. Maybe the wrong game version?
4. Wrong WC/Hammer version? Earlier versions of WC were particularly prone to this. Use WC 3.3 or Hammer!
5. Maybe another compile will make it go away, or not? And make sure you have the most up-to-date version of zoner's compiling tools....
6. You may have a bad model - like one from another mod or game, or you once installed a custom one? Or you may have a corrupted sprite or model?
7. Have you installed a patch recently? It might be bad....

Source: http://www.slackiller.com/tommy14/errors.htm#wrongversion
2009 Jul 9 at 13:05 PDT — Ed. 2009 Jul 9 at 13:07 PDT
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