Help with playing multiple audio devices.

Help with playing multiple audio devices.

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2014 Apr 2 • 33
Hey I was trying to figure out how to play sound through multiple headsets on my Windows 7 computer without using a splitter. Specifically a usb headset and an audio jack headset. When I plug them in it seems I can only select one at a time so if its a simple fix so if someone has an answer please let me know.
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2014 Dec 11 at 12:46 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6513
I don't think Windows can do that. But a program can. I think VLC for instance can output to multiple devices.

My guess is you would need to set your program to output to a virtual audio device (e.g. VLC) and then have VLC relay the audio to both real outputs.

It would be much easier to get a splitter if you can. Audio configuration in software sucks a lot.

Edit: it looks like VLC maybe can't do this. But there's no reason a program couldn't do it. I don't know of any made for this purpose and I'm not turning anything up in the first pass of my search.
2014 Dec 11 at 17:49 PST — Ed. 2014 Dec 11 at 17:52 PST
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