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2006 Feb 20 • 34
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when dealing with entities and solids your dealing with two different points of view.

You can have a lightbulb in real life, but without the "light" it gives off, it will jsut be stagnant.

you can have a solid crate, but it's jsut a block with a texture, however if you wanted it to do something more than sit still, much like the light example, you assign it a property that will do what you want.

solid crate + no added properties = solid crate
solid crate + func_breakable = a breakable crate
solid crate + func_ladder = a crate that you can climb up like a ladder [func_ladder creates an invisible 'zone' where you can climb as long as you are inside it]
solid crate + func_rotating = a spinning crate

much like functions, 3rd party entities like ligh, game_player_equip, ect... don't affect solids or are not tied to solids ,but function alone and change the way the player sees something, or the way the game works.
2006 Jun 14 at 04:55 PDT
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