How do I activate the console in half life!?

How do I activate the console in half life!?

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Le Tigre

2006 Sep 1 • 549
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I got the following info from planet half life...

First you must enable the developer's console via the advanced options in keyboard settings. To get to the keyboard settings click "Options" in the in-game menu, then "Keyboard" and finally click the "Advanced" button. Check the "Enable Developers Console" option and hit save.

But the thing is, there is no "Enable Developers Console" option.....

I WANNA CHEAT! It's my weekend and I want to play HL all weekend and cheat in it and what not.
2006 Nov 18 at 19:05 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6441
You need to add the launch options:

-dev -console

In steam you can do this by right clicking on the game in the games list and going to its properties or something. It might be called "Advanced Options" or something.
2006 Nov 22 at 13:50 PST
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