How to give players health regeneration if you didnt know

How to give players health regeneration if you didnt know

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2010 Dec 23 • 7
Experienced mappers will know this but I didn't so in case anyone else can make good use of this ill post. Just set a trigger_hurt that covers the entire area you want the regen to occur, then set the damage to a negative number like "-chickennuggets". I think I used -40 to heal players to full hp in somewhere around 3 seconds. It's cool but I couldn't figure out how to give players 100+ hp I think some kind of mod is needed. Also, you will still die if someone does 100 damage to you near instantly like an awp shot to the dome or some quick deagle headshots. This is pretty fun to play around with though and players can last a lot longer during rounds this way.
2010 Dec 27 at 14:56 PST
2010 Oct 28 • 59
Might wanna post it on the FAQ's, its a good tip :)
Rune, and Tribe. Really not much to it.
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funk_doors slamming on people with negative damage for whatever reason will make them powaful

or maybe it's because chickennuggets is NaN
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2011 Jul 2 • 9
If you tie object to func_breakable , there is a opinion 'Spawn on break' and you can choose healtkit !
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