How to make base builder map?

How to make base builder map?

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2010 Oct 2 • 20
Okay, i need to know how to make base builder map. What func i need to use for movable objects and what func i need to use for barrier, which is for ZM (when building mode stops, it dissapears (i don't know how to explain that). I have searched google for that, found nothing.
2011 Jul 10 at 04:18 PDT
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2008 Aug 1 • 3075
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i do beleave that the admins deem objects as "movable" and not movable.

because hammer makes the map and there is no mod for that.

and you cant do much with hammer.
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2011 Jul 10 at 05:47 PDT

2010 Oct 2 • 20
No, admins don't deem what should be movable or not, at least what i know. I converted Base Builder map. Movable objects was just func_wall and barricade was another func_wall named barricade. I will try to do it also.
2011 Jul 10 at 06:55 PDT — Ed. 2011 Jul 10 at 07:02 PDT
2010 Mar 8 • 232
i can help u out, contact me, since those are many stuff lol,
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2011 Jul 13 at 16:57 PDT
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