huge problem with Hammer

huge problem with Hammer

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2011 Jan 21 • 1
Hello everyone !

First of all, I'm french so please excuse my language mistakes ;-)

here I map a rather large catre hamer on and since yesterday and I compile numerous changes and plant!

but no small obligation to reboot beug

this is what it is

I spend 8 hours at the latest changes and I wanted to avoid repeat

I do not know nobody tested yet

what if AC tent that a veiled form as will hammer you if I said his pass

Have you any idea?
2011 Jan 21 at 00:27 PST
Mate de Vita

2008 Oct 4 • 2453
159 ₧
What... the fuck?
...and that's the bottom line because Mate de Vita said so.
2011 Jan 21 at 01:13 PST

2010 Dec 16 • 239
This page specialises ONLY on CS 1.6
2011 Jan 23 at 05:35 PST
2010 Oct 28 • 59
Okay, could you mebbe deliver that in French? I know both English and French, yet i dont really understand you.
If this problem is in CS 1.5 or 1.6 i might be able to help you, but idk anything about Steam or Scource.
Apologies, but i was not able to look at your pictures, since im loading this from DSi :P
Rune, and Tribe. Really not much to it.
I game, i saw, i conquered
2011 Feb 16 at 22:04 PST
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