I have no name :(

I have no name :(

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2012 Sep 8 • 1
Missing '[' in texturedef (U)[/size] is the error which keeps on coming when i compile my map for the first time. Plz help me dudes.......!!
2012 Sep 8 at 07:34 PDT

2008 Jul 5 • 583
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Tried Google? It's your friend.

Using more than 8 wads for textures?

In Hammer, press Alt+P, does it warn for "invalid texture"?

"You have a space or some other illegal character in a texture name. Note that illegal characters also include 'ä', 'ö' and other similar letters used in some languages."

"There is no texture applied to a face of a brush. The editor will find them with the Check for problems tool."

Also, try searching first, there's been (atleast) one thread about this before.

Today's post brought to you by the letter: "heck".
2012 Sep 8 at 18:34 PDT — Ed. 2012 Sep 8 at 18:34 PDT
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