I have no name :(

I have no name :(

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2007 May 27 • 1415
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This a remake of Counter Strike in Korean so yea it's also by nexon(or by the creators of maple story)

if you ever do want to download it then log in ur nexon account and click download.

so good luck with that

EDIT: i recommend you use firefox so u can translate the website to english
2008 Apr 11 at 21:01 PDT — Ed. 2008 Apr 11 at 21:02 PDT
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Counter Strole Online? Finally the singleplayer game gets a multiplayer add on or what?
2008 Apr 12 at 02:45 PDT

2007 Oct 24 • 990
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i really don't get whats the difference
i mean its exactly the same like playing on a server in normal cs
i mean like a respawn server ( i played on those ) and its the same thing as what i saw in the vid ( or at least thats what it looked like )
the only thing that bothered me is that Ct s killed Ct s and Ts killed T s ... ( thats the only major difference )

an open respawn server .. that has a long round time , and Team killing is allowed .....
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