I just installed Ubuntu Linux

I just installed Ubuntu Linux

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2005 Mar 20 • 6441
I couldn't get Windows Vista to work on my computer so I just installed Linux over it.

It seems pretty cool. I've only ever used command line Linux before. Anyone else using Linux as their home OS here? Just wondering.

We'll see if it pisses me off as I try to use it more...
2007 May 6 at 15:07 PDT
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2005 Mar 21 • 12861
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I use half xp and half ubuntu and i like it a lot. I try to only use xp to use stuff that isnt linux compatable. The interface i think is way cooler and it is way more user friendly.
2007 May 6 at 17:35 PDT
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2005 May 2 • 2066
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Do you also have that program where the wole desktop is on a cube and you can turn it around (you then have 4 desktops or something) and you can do funny stuff like weird effects like rain and stuff?
2007 May 7 at 03:19 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6441

Ok so the cube thing works and stuff but it is kind of silly.

I have 6 monitors on 3 gfx cards on my comp but Ubuntu didn't recognize them. It only sees the first one. I want to use all my screens.

I tried messing with the xorg.conf file to get all the screens entered in there but I can't get it to work. I was reading online and someone said to install SUSE, which generates the conf automatically, and then copy that to Ubuntu. So I was like, ok why not just use SUSE then?

So I tried to install SUSE (Internet Install version) and it couldn't download some files (????!!!) so it doesn't work. I'm trying the DVD version tonight.
2007 May 7 at 12:22 PDT
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2005 Mar 21 • 1531
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I want to install that for my old computer, maybe as a server... hmm...

How easy to use is it?
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2007 May 15 at 06:21 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6441
Ubuntu is really easy to use.

The other Linuxes I've been trying are pretty easy too.

It only gets hard if you have a weird configuration like me (6 monitors) :/
2007 May 15 at 21:49 PDT
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