Is it worth to post here?

Is it worth to post here?

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2017 May 20 • 4
Hey guys :) I was visiting this site from time to time for help/tutorials for mapping...and ofc i found some superjer's maps, which we will put on the server for 2-3 days...

but i was interested in making a map with changing spawns on every round...just like on awp_snowsk337, awp_l337sk337....

i found a thread when one guy asked how to make that method (it was ~2010) ... and SuperJer said like, he doesnt remember but there is the .rmf/.map so we can check and hopefully undestand how everything is (after 2-3 days of looking/learning from the .rmf) i think i solved is it worth to post that explained method to the forum? cuz i dont know if anyone is interested (still) ? is this forum even alive? just wanted to know that, so ill see what im gonna do..thanks in advance :)
2017 May 20 at 03:23 PDT
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We come here still.

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2017 May 20 at 14:24 PDT — Ed. 2017 May 20 at 14:24 PDT
2017 May 20 • 4
i found a 'way'...but it sometimes spawns enemies (tryed with only one bot) on the same place...maybe i should add game_counter and game_counter_set ... even i dont know if it will change anything...or maybe its bcuz BOTS
2017 May 21 at 14:54 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6233
I never got it to work *completely* either. Often times I would get one player on the wrong side.

I never tried with bots, so that could be even worse.

If you would like to post what works & doesn't work I would appreciate it. Sometimes I still make throwaway maps for LAN parties and just goofing around.
2017 May 22 at 11:41 PDT
2017 May 20 • 4
o hello man :) i didnt expect your glad you are here, big respect for what you did with these maps
so how it seems (by your words also) with bots, its really different thing...for me its weird (cuz they use also info_player_deathmatch and player_start...) need to test with my friends

just to let you know, i also decompiled your awp_snowsk to see how is it done (we use that map on our server, it works fine, except first round...sometimes bugged => giving awp to some knife-team (but after 1. round, everything is good)) saying it, cuz i guess decompiling is not 100% legal, how i undestand in my little experience at mapping...
but unfortunately, that 'new'' map goes with the same method as previously wasnt that worth decompiling :D

i will make like a turorial with images on this forum (new thread), for like 5-6 days..or when i catch free time, cuz of studies...and we will see if we can accomplish something better heh

*we play on our server "awp_skok" i guess its yours, but someone changed the name...maybe some serbian cuz skok has a meaning to our language..dunno
2017 May 22 at 14:27 PDT — Ed. 2017 May 22 at 14:29 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6233
Hey thanks!

Yeah bots don't move exactly like human players and they don't quite follow the same rules. I think the game code takes some shortcuts that mess things up.

I don't think decompiling is a map is illegal. It shouldn't be anyway. It doesn't bother me if people decompile my maps.

I don't know why people rename my maps so much, but yeah I've seen it a lot. It's OK though -- I'm just happy people are still playing them. :)

I look forward to your posts!
2017 May 22 at 14:49 PDT
2017 May 20 • 4
haha i hope bots are the reason why your method doesnt work on my map :)

okay, ill make new thread for some days with my view of these spawns
2017 May 22 at 15:27 PDT
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