it can't find the background

it can't find the background

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2008 Jan 31 • 4
so i made a map for half life 2 on the hammer editor and then i tried to play it, but there is an error,
"can't find background image'materials/console/background01.vtf'"
i checked this folder and the file is there and it's in vtf format.
is there some way to change the background or even fix this or am i really just screwed?
2008 Jan 31 at 17:03 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6441
Don't know much about HL2, but...

You are trying to use a console texture in your map? Why?

What is the exact path where that file is?
2008 Jan 31 at 17:08 PST
2008 Jan 31 • 4
it's in
c/program files/valve/steam/steamApps/source Materials/hl2/materials/console/background01.vft

why? i don't know how to chang it and it started out setup like that.
2008 Jan 31 at 17:12 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6441
I dunno.

Maybe copy it to here?
c:/program files/valve/steam/steamApps/YOURACCOUNT/Half-Life 2/hl2/materials/console/background01.vft

Can you play other maps in HL2? Or just not yours?
2008 Jan 31 at 17:23 PST — Ed. 2008 Jan 31 at 17:23 PST
2008 Jan 31 • 4
there is no materials folder in the hl 2 folder...

im not too sure how to try to play other maps than my own... but i expect that they would work.
2008 Jan 31 at 17:55 PST
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can you play a regular hl2 level.
2008 Jan 31 at 17:59 PST
2008 Jan 31 • 4
i copied the materials folder into the hl2 folder and that got rid of my problem so thanx a lot. i really don't want to be annoying but, it came up with yet another problem, maybe the same type of solution, i don't know...,
"unable to load manifest file 'scripts/surface properties_mainfest.txt'"

i think i tried a notmine file with this and i got the above error.

i can play the actual game but anything that i try to play using the hammer gives me that error.
2008 Jan 31 at 18:07 PST — Ed. 2008 Jan 31 at 18:34 PST
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Have you tried reinstalling your HL2 content? Or verifying? It sounds like some files might be badly misplaced. Also, have you downloaded any mods etc?

EDIT: You could try creating a folder with that name and the appropriate file; just a blank text file. If it doesn't ask any more, then you've solved it; if it complains about material settings or whatever, or crashes horribly you know there is something missing somewhere :D
2008 Jan 31 at 18:45 PST — Ed. 2008 Jan 31 at 18:48 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6441
It sounds like your HL2 installation is messed up.

Those errors have nothing to do with custom maps so far as I can tell.
2008 Jan 31 at 19:19 PST
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