Join -AL Anti-lag

Join -AL Anti-lag

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2005 Jun 2 • 17
31 ₧
Heya all!

Well i want u all to join -AL, its not a clan but a comunity! I dont care if ur a noob, a cheater, a tker or whatever! But never NEVER lag! If u wanna join -AL make a screenshot of your ping! If u joined -AL u can make members urself! Ask, look at the ping, tell him to change his nick! (Nemesis, Nemesis-AL) the 2 rules are
1. Kick all laggers (or vote)
2. if not possible kill them!

Greetz finder of -AL Nemesis

MC diddy's im lovin'it! BUDABUDABAA!
2005 Jun 3 at 11:31 PDT
2009 Nov 27 • 11
Truck revived.
Reviving old trucks is my profession.
2009 Nov 27 at 23:59 PST
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