Leaks, I've tried everything... :(

Leaks, I've tried everything... :(

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2007 Jan 3 • 8
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before i start, i wanna say that i'm completely new to mapping (started yesterday) and was told that the tutorial here was the best one for absolute beginners. i followed it completely and got everything right up to the point where you run the .bat file to compile it. i got the .err file. but i opened the .log and it said the problem was a leak, and that the leak involved my info_player_deathmatch (t spawn) entity. i made sure it was within the 4 walls (i did the single room tutorial) and tried it again. same thing. i moved it to the dead center of the room where it would have no possible interference with anything, and the same message came up.

i originally had the room sealed off but with none of the brushes overlapping, and instead just sitting right on top of/next to each other, so i tried extending each one so that every one overlapped with whatever it was originally next to. i tried it again, and still got the same message about the info_player_deathmatch. i tried running the pointfile thing and followed the path, but the line that went from the outside to the inside just went straight through my solid ceiling brush and out through the middle of the solid wall brush. is that where my leak is? how do i fix this?! please help, im so new to this

thanks in advance to anyone who can help me here!
2007 Jan 3 at 14:46 PST
2006 Dec 28 • 9
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Make a big Hollow box around your map and use Sky texture to cover it.

How do make big Hollow box?
* Take Block Tool [Shift + B], Now cover your map with this box. Press Enter.
When you cant see any other brushes coming out of the just made box than right click on the box (In 2D view!) and seleckt Hollow, for the thickness but 2...

I hopt, that this help you someways... Even when my English is bad
Newb :(
2007 Jan 5 at 04:41 PST
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2005 Mar 21 • 1531
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Thats odd...

Have you looked in the 3D view to see if the box is really shut?

Is the info_deathmatch really inside the box? Check all of the views and if you still cant figure out whats wrong, post a screenshot of your window.
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2007 Jan 5 at 07:34 PST
2007 Jan 3 • 8
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nvm, i tried just running the map even when i said error and it seemed to work fine. thanks for the help anyways!
2007 Jan 18 at 19:55 PST
2007 Jan 18 • 2
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2007 Jan 18 at 22:43 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6441
"-WildBill-" said:
nvm, i tried just running the map even when i said error and it seemed to work fine. thanks for the help anyways!

Having an error doesn't mean your map won't LOAD in the game, but it probably is unstable. It may crash servers or cause lag, etc. so don't assume just because it loads that it's A-OK.
2007 Jan 19 at 00:40 PST
Tendrils McGee

2005 Mar 20 • 1375
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Usually a leak puts your map into "full bright" mode. This is where the lights are as bright as possible, and you can't see flashlights or other sorts of things.
2007 Jan 20 at 05:40 PST
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