looking for a wad

looking for a wad

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2008 Mar 16 • 175
Has anyone ever found a Mirror Wad. like the one in my bathroom. or is't there any.
God I Suck At This.
2008 Mar 30 at 21:09 PDT

2008 Feb 26 • 227
36 ₧
i've ask that for my previous firetruck
You can't make any!
I Love Army Men Sarge's War
2008 Mar 31 at 01:19 PDT

2008 Mar 2 • 155
I know one guys... fy_pool_fay got one... look after if its one like that your are lookign for. Hoep it helped
I'm mapping my maps, and rest of you are naps.
2008 Apr 1 at 12:23 PDT

2007 Oct 24 • 990
13 ₧
i think its pretty much impossible to make a mirror that actually behaves like a normal mirror .
because the hole thing with reflection isn't included in the game ( maybe it is in source , not sure )
Wtf is that ? its a bird ! no its a plane ! amm maybe its a plastic bag . NO ! its SUPERJER ! the greatest super hero ever!
2008 Apr 2 at 01:43 PDT
Down Rodeo
Cap'n Moth of the Firehouse

Find the Hole II Participation Medal
2007 Oct 19 • 5486
57,583 ₧
Source does reflection. Source does lovely reflection. It even has reflective water :)
The thing is reflection is really difficult using rasterised graphics (the kind wot are used everywhere). Raytracing, however, can do reflection really easily. SuperJer wrote a raytracer with reflection in only 1,000 lines of code; and not even all of that was the raytrace() function. The issue is that it is "computationally expensive", i.e. it takes a hell of a lot of processor cycles.
2008 Apr 2 at 06:49 PDT
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