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2005 Mar 20 • 6441
I just got an email from Dan the Man Roe saying he thinks the new McDiddy's ought to have more voice acting. Here is my response:

Hi Dan,

I am working on McDiddy's 3 (slowly) and unfortunately for you, it will not have a lot of voice acting. Since the drive-thru ordering scene in McDiddy's 1, I haven't been able to come up with anything as funny to do with voices. The main problem is the conflict between the DOYOOOOOO! and WaaaaAAAAHH! sounds the Ts & CTs make and them talking normally. I just don't think it works. It's awkward but not funny.

The drive-thru ordering scene worked for 2 reasons: First, the menu speaker did most of the talking. Since it's just a machine, it is funny and doesn't conflict with the characters' personalities. Second, the CT who orders just spurts out the whole order almost mindlessly, like it's some sort of instinctive reaction to being in a drive-thru. He doesn't even talk after that -- he just shoots the screen when it gets his order wrong. If he had vocally complained at this point it would have ruined everything.

McDiddy's 2 had a lot more talking than 1 and none of it was as good as the original drive thru stuff. McDiddy's 2 was MUCH less popular than 1 and I think this is a big reason why.

Non-egg characters like the menu-speaker are the only things that will be talking in McDiddy's 3. If I run into situations where the CTs/Ts can talk "instinctively" I may add it.

In related news, AaronJer and I are working on new cartoon with TONS of voice acting. Some day it will live at
Right now I just have a picture of one of the characters there...

2007 Jan 17 at 10:40 PST
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2005 May 2 • 2066
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A completly new cartoon?
2007 Jan 17 at 11:09 PST
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2005 Mar 21 • 4790
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Oh yeah, like it's ever gonna get finished... SoopyJams, do you have any idea how big the pile of "things people want me to do to help them with their stuff" is? If you're wondering why I haven't made you a pretty kitchen yet, it's because I have a backlog the size of Kansas. I spend 90% of my time playing games, 5% making them, and the last 5% is devoted to making something useful...

You're gonna have to do a LOT more bitching to get me on that. I have a hard enough time getting myself to make my OWN stuff in flash.
2007 Jan 17 at 12:50 PST
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2005 Mar 22 • 1871
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The secondary reason why McDiddy's 2 wasn't as popular being its distinct lack of AARONJER

Seriously, it was right there and you didn't take it.

And yeah, there's going to be more than enough voice acting in the new cartoon.
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2007 Jan 17 at 13:09 PST
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2005 Mar 21 • 1531
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5% making them

I never knew you made games!

What program do you use?

GM, Macromedia Fusion, or good ol' fashioned code?
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2007 Jan 18 at 07:49 PST
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2005 Mar 21 • 4790
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I have made games in VB. But they weren't so much games as they we're pure hilarity. I've mapped for more games than I can count, and lost most of those maps promptly after making them.

I made the only custom AoW map that didn't suck, but the site that was hosting it went down and I lost the original. I also made the StarCraft map Desert Duel, if anyone remembers it. It stayed popular for a good 2 weeks, which is damn good for SC. I made a single-player campaign for the Heroes 3 Expansion... but lost that too. I don't remember where I submitted it to or what it was called... it was teh roq though...

Most importantly though, I get my ZQuest on. Zelda Classic is all the rage in AtoJason town. I made an entire original style quest with a little new art and lots of crazy plans... but forgot the password so I can't finish it (which would take about 10 minutes.) NOW I'm working on an originalish style quest in which you play as a Wizzrobe. Yes, one of those orange guys that appears and fires magic and then disappears. It's very wacky, and EXTREMELY huge. The overmaps alone are already 3 times the size of the original game.

If anyone wants to play the first one I made (there's one or two bugs, and the ending screen is blank, but the game is mostly solid) I'll bother to post it.

I've never used GM, and I don't really plan to.
2007 Jan 18 at 14:40 PST
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2005 Mar 21 • 4790
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I just played through a bunch of the quest I lost the password to. (Which is called "Link: The Ganoning" by the way) as far as I can tell none of the bugs get you stuck... there were awkward ways out of all of them that just take a little doin'.

Other than that... DAMN it is hard. I'm not nearly as good at Zelda as I used to be, since I based it off how well I could do when I originally made it. I managed to beat the first dungeon straight through without dying on like my 6th try...
2007 Jan 18 at 17:36 PST

2006 Jun 28 • 56
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orcarina of time? best game ever! its just incredible :D
With a name like scal, it has to be good
2007 Jan 19 at 11:17 PST

2007 Jan 13 • 60
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"scalage" said:
orcarina of time? best game ever! its just incredible :D

dat video is hella long
2007 Feb 12 at 19:14 PST
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