Music Theory 101

Music Theory 101

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2005 Apr 30 • 315
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Music plays a major part in film and cinema, in fact, some have argued that the entire emotional context of the scene is established and held though music.

To test this theory for yourself, zip on over to this little site and give it a try:

The premise is simple, an endless loop from Star Wars: Episode 2 plays while you change the music for the scene by clicking on the bar below. Clicking on the short sentence brings up a play list.
Thus spoke Zarathustra.
2006 Oct 9 at 14:29 PDT
Metal does cocaine.

Frontline Heroism Medal
2005 Mar 21 • 1531
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I have to agree, it sounded drasticlly diffrent when you played "War" compared to "Requim Remix".
If you jump high enough you'll hurt your ankles when you land.
2006 Oct 10 at 15:46 PDT
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