Need Help on mapping

Need Help on mapping

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2008 Apr 8 • 9
i just created a simple map using the tut given by superjer.
now i want to move on and create various things to my map such as stairs, boxes (that explode wen the bomb detonates), using custom images on walls, holes in walls (like the one near site B in dust two wich overlooks the bombplanting location, will that be a leak !?! ), lighting adjustment etc. Also i would like to know how to make sure the camera works just like when i play on LAN at college wherein once anyone dies, they can select any camera angle to walkthrough the map.
How do i increase the number of entities for CT and T ?. the tut given uses onle one CT and one T.
Also the dust2 map has the sky above. is the sky the texture of the roof?
My basic idea is to create a map replica of my college to play with my friends on LAN in college.
Awaiting ur replies.
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Stairs are stairs. Make Lot's of small brushes piled diagonally. You can change the grid size with [ and ] keys. (Making it smaller twice would give you a good size for stairs).

Boxes that blow-up on explosion: Create your func_bomb_target. In it's properties (Alt + Enter) set target to "superjer". Now create your box, select it and press Ctrl + T. Select func_breakable from the list of entities. Go to func_breakable's properties and set name to "superjer", and check the "Trigger Only" flag (in the Flags tab).

About the view thingy: That can be controlled by server settings, not by the map itself.
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2008 Apr 8 at 04:19 PDT
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You can simply place more of the info_player_start entity and whatever if you want more than one spawnpoint. Make sure that they're quite spaced out. About the skybox... I can't remember. Try a Google search :) It is kinda like than but I can't remember exactly.
2008 Apr 8 at 04:27 PDT

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the sky in any map is a simple brush that has the " sky " texture on it ( found in zhtl.wad or halflife.wad )

and also by default the sky looks like in de_dust ( or whatever )

if you want to put a sky that looks different then you need to do the following :

click " map -> map properties -> environment map ( cl_skyname ) " and tipe the desired skys name

here is a list of a few ,but im gonna try to find a site that has illustrations


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