need textures

need textures

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2008 Jun 13 • 17
ok...i haven't fixed my latest problem but i need some custom textures in my map.were can i get them or how can i creat them?
2008 Jun 16 at 08:49 PDT
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2008 Mar 5 • 1169
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If you want custom textures check out Wadfather:

If you want to make your own textures you'll need an image editor and Wally:
2008 Jun 16 at 09:50 PDT
2008 Jun 13 • 17
ok.i looked into the wadfinnder textures and i find nothing that looked like what i wanted.them i download wally but i didn't understand nothing o that what do i do now?i have a idea...since the map i'm making is my high school i could take a picture of the wall i need real close in order to see the texture and them i send it to the e mail of someone that knows how to make textures...any voluntiers?no one?...oh crap...i'm doomed...
2008 Jun 20 at 04:38 PDT
eDan Co.
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2007 Sep 24 • 2921
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A tutorial I wrote said:
Making custom textures

First, you
May contain traces of invisible text.
2008 Jun 20 at 05:04 PDT
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