NEW richest man on the planet

NEW richest man on the planet

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2006 May 20 • 287
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I would never of guess he would of been from mexico...grats you rich bastard !

Garcia's Sentido Comun, which translates as "common sense," reckons Slim and his family own a fortune equivalent to 8 percent of Mexico's gross domestic product.

For Gates to be worth 8 percent of the U.S. economy, his fortune would have to grow to more than $13 trillion, 17 times his current wealth, according to Sentido Comun.
2007 Jul 4 at 02:57 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6303
He should start buying up cities in Mexico until he owns the whole country.
2007 Jul 4 at 08:33 PDT
Wingus (Part of the Wingus and Dingus set)

2005 Sep 28 • -2485
if you ask me thats ironic. mexicans do the jobs here in the us to make money and we pay em the minimum wage.

yet 1 mexican is the richest man. How long did he work here?????
2007 Jul 5 at 07:46 PDT
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